Sunday, November 28, 2010

(Get in shape for the Holidays) *Fat Blasting*

The Girl in the little black dress...
Remember the girl at the New Years Party last year?
The one with the little black dress? And the body that everyone was talking about ? The one that every other woman at the party referred to as "b*tch..." ?
She trained and dieted HARD for weeks before that party.... and it totally paid off...

This year - instead of HER being the center of attention - why don't YOU be the main attraction?

I know a lot of you have Holiday Parties coming up and you want to LOOK GREAT..and you should. So I am reopening today ONLY the Black Friday Sale we had..


But how does this help you?

Well In my opinion the Most Impressive thing on the page is going to be the 10 Day Coaching Program..I will coach you for 10 Days in a row with NO breaks..this will kick start your Body and light your metabolism on Fire

The other option: Our 21 Day Fat Blasting Bootcamp..Start tomorrow Nov 29th and train for 21 days until Dec 17th I'm throwing in a Free Meal Plan and then the Long term commitment one...this one just flat out is a great deal

So go ahead and take a look it's only up Today:

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

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