Thursday, December 26, 2013

Determination and Motivation for Attaining Your New Year's Resolution

Determination and Motivation for Attaining Your New Year's Resolution

Hey Everyone Rafael here and it's time to start talking about the New Year coming. Anyone can set a New Year's Resolution but only a small percentage of people actually achieve them. This can boil down to your determination and your motivation to achieve your resolutions. Before setting any type of New Year's resolution this year you should sit down and really determine what you want to achieve. Look forward to the end of the year and think where you want to be. Reflect on both your personal and your business life goals. You may decide that by the end of the year you have completed a specific training course to further your career. You may make a commitment to that special person or you may want to kick a certain habit. Then start plotting a course backwards from your end goal. What do you need to do to achieve this? Write down all the steps, big or small, that you need to take to achieve your goal. If you want to do a training course your steps could include things like saving the money for the course, applying for it and figuring out how to make the time to take the course. As you plot each step you will easily discover if there are any gaps or things missing in your plan. If so, instead of using these things as an excuse to not go move forwards, you can look for ways to work around them. By planning ahead you can really define your New Year's resolution more easily. Once you see the steps planned out you can determine if you truly want to put in the effort to attain them. When you commit to this new plan you will already be more determined and motivated. When approaching your resolutions in this manner you may find that what you thought you wanted is not your actual goal after all. As you go through the planning steps a clearer goal may emerge. This can be quite an eye opener and allows you to get on the right path immediately. It can be really hard to tackle more than one resolution at a time. If you are a Resolution Setter, but fail to follow through, thinking through the tasks to get to the final goal may reveal your heart really isn’t in that game plan. Instead, resolve to get to something that sets you on fire with desire to accomplish it. Write out all of your resolutions and then prioritize your list so that your main goal is at the top of the list. All of your resolutions may be intertwined, which in a way is good, as you can do one goal at a time. Your New Year's resolutions may be to lose weight and exercise more. Instead of defining these things as two separate items combine them into one. As you increase your exercise you are going to be losing weight. If your resolutions are totally unrelated then select your top choice as your first resolution and tackle that. As you become comfortable or complete this resolution then you can then add your second choice into the mix. Continue on in this way until all of your resolutions are fulfilled. You are still only focusing on one thing at a time and this allows you to stay motivated and on track to reach it. While it can help to set deadlines for completing each resolution, remember that this is a form of motivation. Certain resolutions may take much longer than anticipated, and this is perfectly acceptable. Just readjust the rest of the timings. Always remember that you are bettering your life in some way and these things are not always done overnight. While life may get in the way always keep your resolution in mind and get back on track as soon as possible.   THE RESOLUTION REVOLUTION IS COMING! Resolution revolution LEAVE US YOUR THOUGHTS and COMMENTS!!!

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3 Safe Tips For Abdominal Exercises For The Obese

Hey Everyone

Rafael here with 3 Safe Tips For Abdominal Exercises For The Obese.

One of the things that we do at our Bootcamp is provide you with as much information as we can. We want to make sure you are not only get in shape we want to make sure we educate.

Everyone wants the tight ab look that we see on movie stars and athletes.  When people think of how to get tight abs they almost always think of sit ups or crunches.  That is only half of the equation though.

The truth is that no matter how strong your abdominal muscles are, if they're covered by a layer of fat no one will see them.  To get great abs you need to combine exercises that will tone your abdominal muscles as well as help you increase your heart rate and lose fat.  If your are obese you will have added challenges, but there are some abdominal exercises for obese people that can help.

It's important to keep in mind that your abdominal area consists of several different muscle groups.  You have lower muscles, upper muscles, and oblique (side) muscles.  To get a really hot midsection you'll need to do different exercises so that you are targeting all these areas.

If you are really overweight it may be difficult to get down on the floor and work your abs.  Not to worry, though, there are easy ab workouts that you can do standing up, you won't lose any effectiveness but you will save a lot of wear and tear on your back and knees.

Here are some ideas of standing ab exercises that you can try today, just make sure you talk to your doctor first to make sure it's ok:

1. The first standing ab exercise you can try is to stand with your feet shoulder width apart, raise your arms straight above your head, slowly lower your arms while simultaneously raising one of your knees, keep your leg and arms at a 90 degree angle, put that leg down while raising your arms back up and alternate the same thing with the other leg.  Do at least 30 sets on each side.

2. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, take a step forward with one leg, carefully lift the leg that is forward a few inches off the floor, slowly make circles using just your foot -  try to keep the leg still and straight, make 20 circles in one direction then (using the same foot) circle 20 times in the other direction, than alternate with the other leg.

3. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, hold a 10 to 20 pound dumbbell in each hand, slowly lean to one side keeping your legs straight - this move should only involve your obliques (side abdominal) muscles, after you've completed 20 reps on one side, do the other side.

It's not that easy to learn how to do an exercise just by reading an article, but these standing abdominal exercises I've listed above will give you an idea of where to start.  Just remember that even if you are very overweight, there are still abdominal exercises for obese people that can help you tone those all important ab muscles.

Talk to your doctor before you start any exercise plan and if possible find yourself a personal trainer so that they can watch you and make sure you are using the proper form, otherwise you may injure yourself and that will only slow down your weight loss efforts.

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Master Trainer Rafael

15-minute fat blasting workout (NOT for beginners, sorry)

Stop looking at this.
That's right, stop worrying about what "it" says.
I'm talking about the scale. Your weight doesn't matter. Only YOU know it.
No one else does.
What matters is how you look, right? Focus on that.
Build muscle, get lean, and burn fat with this 15-minute advanced workout.

Sample 15-Minute Complex Challenge from Shawna Kaminski, CTT
  • Choose a conservative weight.
  • I recommend a weight that you can Push Press for 12 repetitions.
  • Do 6 reps per exercise. 
  • Try not to put the bar down throughout the set. 
  • Rest up to one minute between circuits.
  • Keep going for 15 minutes.
  • If you are hard-to-the-core, go for 20 minutes.
1) Barbell Bent-over Row
2) Barbell RDL
3) Barbell High Pull
4) Barbell Front Squat
5) Barbell Push Press
6) Burpee with Push-up
(Ha, of course it wouldn't be a Shawna workout without burpees! She's the Burpee Queen. I'm surprised there is no jump rope in there. She's full of surprises. That's what makes her a top Trainer.)
Shawna's looking amazing at 50, right? Because she uses these types of short, burst workouts to get amazing results without cardio.

Shawna has abs that guys in their 20's would love to have, and she can do more pullups and pushups than 95% of men that I know. Her secrets WORK,

Shawna is a long time fitness enthusiast having competed nationally in three sports. She is a 50-year-old mother of two, who continues to stay lean, healthy and fit while maintaining a healthy and balanced life. You won't find her training for hours a day or starving herself. She has a busy career helping others transform their bodies and achieve better health. Kaminski also owns and operates Calgary NW Fit Boot Camp.

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