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10 Year Transformation



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Tight Arms, Hard Legs, Firm Glutes and Abs


Hello Everyone

Here we are EVERYONE....the 1st WBFF Show of the Season starts tomorrow with Registration Night and the Show is Saturday Night in Orlando and as you can see below the 1st on many shows this season and the 1st of so many shows we will be attending
Tight Arms, Hard Legs, Firm Glutes and Abs
There will be a lot of that this weekend
But how do you get there?
Not to the show?
To the shape?
How do you get the Arms, and Legs, and Glutes and Abs?
I remember when Lais ask me if I thought she could do it
What would she need to do?
Hours of Cardio?
Low weights and high reps?
Zero Salt?
Zero Carbs?
Boiled Chicken?
She said "Cause I'm Willing To Do All Of That"
I said Great!....You need to be willing to do the work...but you don't need to do any of that...
We need to train hard, you need to make sure you are eating enough food for your goal, you need to be consistent and you need to be compliant...Do Exactly What I Tell You, You Should Do....Like A GPS, and you will get there
And so began her 1st 6 Month Prep, where she ate more rice than she ever had, she had Pop tarts every night, and simply went to 1 of our Bootcamp Workouts 5-6 times per week (PS...we will be back in Miami next week for 3 Days of Bootcamp)
And she lifted weights, heavy weights, she trained hard and fast...Kettlebells and Dumbbells...Bands and More fancy gym equipment...we trained exclusively in our 2500 SQF Facility and there were NO special workouts for her...she participated in the workouts we held everyday
So that shows's not a specific's continuous exercise, from different angles and different tempos and consistency
Don't skip this, she trained her a$$ off...don't think you will get there with a mediocre attempt at it...hard, tight muscles are a response to hard training.
What Else Did She Do?
Why didn't everyone get the same result?
Well...The Food...She was in Proper Energy Balance EVERYDAY
She ate the right amount of food everyday without exceptions
And no...not egg whites and brown rice and fish (even though there is nothing wrong with that if you like that)
But she ate all the things she enjoyed...we ate out, she had pop-tarts, wine, white rice everyday, she ate at 9pm...never fasted, never did extra cardio, never said no to going out to dinner
But it was the correct amount of EVERYTHING for her and her Goal...not what her Mom ate, not what her sister ate, not what the girl at the hair salon or nail salon ate...
The correct amount for her, and she had to be patient to let it happen, and she had the let the process play out...
Yes, she would wake up and think "This isn't going to work" or
"This isn't going to happen" or "I should cut this or that or so more of this and that"
and so many more things...
But she didn't...she didn't really have a good reason other than lack of patience, she could not articulate a valid she was left with no choice other than trusting the process, trusting her Coach (me)'s not easy...I'm sure she trusted my ability, and knew deep down I knew what I was doing, but like most of you wanted Results yesterday and thought (based on nothing) it should happen faster
In the END...she did the work...she stayed on the path...she trusted the process
And The Results
And since then, we have done it OVER and OVER and OVER again for lots of people
You have seen it all over our IG and Facebook pages...
However...Lot's of people (a lot more than you think) start but don't finish...
They stop for a number of reasons...this is not the approach for everyone
But the biggest reason people, stop is because it's not fast enough 
Well...sorry to tell you Tight Arms, Hard Legs, Firm Glutes and Abs don't happen Fast
You don't get it from juicing or cleansing, or creams or surgery or anything other than DOING THE WORK
I Love Fitness...and Fitness Based Results...You Can't Buy Them...There Are No Shortcuts
There is Only The Work...
The Workout +
The Process
will give you the Results
I hope that makes sense...and I hope this answers some questions for you
YES...I 100% Believe For Every Vision Exists Results (TEAM4EVER)
What ever YOUR Goal is can happen
You have to show up for YOU everyday
You have to want to do it more than you want something else
You have to want to change, to get the changes you want
You Have To Be Willing
Wish you all a GREAT Day
Coach may want to turn the volume up for this one: