Saturday, January 26, 2013

20 days to FAST and permanent weight loss

Hey Everyone

Rafael here with some NEWS:

You don’t have to be a sitting duck for toxins to
continue ravaging your body!
With the increasing rate of toxic chemicals being
poured into our world (currently more than 80,000
different ones), it's time you consider the
protection you need for your health - now and
into the future
If you are at all concerned about your health
(and that of your family's)... about the
poisoning of our planet and its impact on your
health… and the factors that make North Americans
(and Westerners) the fattest and sickest people
in the world, then now is the time to act.
Although I don't know you personally, I do
understand something about you.
I understand that you care about your health. You
don't want to be sick. You don't want to be fat.
And you sure as heck don't want to struggle to
live a long and healthy life.
And that's why I've been recommending Yuri
Elkaim's Total Wellness Cleanse program to you
this week.
This is the only 100% food-powered cleansing
program on the market. Everything else is based
on supplements, powders, and pills that will
never improve your eating habits…that don't
remove the source of the problem…and that don't
lead to lasting change.
The Total Wellness Cleanse is different. And
that's why I'm suggesting you grab a copy of it
Listen - I want to see you succeed. I would love
for nothing more than to hear that you look and
feel better than ever in just a few weeks from
...But that's NOT going to happen if you continue
doing what you've been doing up until now.
And even if you do eat clean already, you can
always reach a new level of health and vitality.

The TWC will help you do that as it gives you 3
"cleansing levels" to choose from - based on
where you are right now.
Here are few more reasons to grab the program
1. You get daily meal-by-meal plans and recipes
(67 in total) during the actual 14-day cleanse
phase, showing exactly what to eat each step of
the way.
2. You get an additional 8 weeks of meal plans
and another 60 recipes to keep you healthy and on
track after the cleanse.
3. You get daily coaching emails from Yuri
himself to keep you motivated, focused, and
accountable each day.
4. You get tracking journals to record the
improvements you're making through each day of
the cleanse.
5. You get a cleanse "starter kit" which gives
you more knowledge about cleansing and healing
than any doctor will ever know about. This
starter kit also includes a Guide to Assessing
Your Own Health which tells you what specific
signs and symptoms throughout your body mean to
your health - and how to correct them.
6. You get 13 information-packed pre-recorded
teleclasses on ALL aspects of health and
detoxification. You'll be blown away by what you
But there's more…
You also get…
1. Access to the "invite-only" Total Wellness
Cleanse members group on Facebook where you can
connect with Yuri and the worldwide community of
people doing the cleanse just like you. You'll
love the social support that this group provides.
2. The NEW Accelerated Weight Loss Strategy Guide
This specially designed 20-day plan to normalize
your hormones, reset your metabolism, and
accelerate your fat loss is valued at $47 but
it's yours FREE when you grab the Total Wellness
Cleanse before tonight.
All of these components have been designed to
complement one another and work synergistically.
And this is the FIRST time ever that Yuri's given
away all of these amazing cleansing resources and
the $100 DISCOUNT in this fashion.
So get started now, while you're thinking of it.
It will only take a few moments for you to make
the best decision of 2013.
And rest assured that Yuri's got your back with a
full 60-day money back guarantee.
What do you have to lose?
Rafael Moret
PS. Imagine that it's the beginning of February
and you've already reached your New Year's health
That's a darn good possibility if you get started
with the Total Wellness Cleanse right now…


Sunday, January 20, 2013


I had a pretty unique situation happen over the weekend that you might like

Here's the deal:

On Friday I opened up our 4 week Carb Cycling Weight Loss program which normally sells for $297
and I told our web designer to discount the program to $97 for you....

and he messed up :-(


He forgot to change the price....

Now before we get ahead of ourselves...I have used this same program for a lot of different situations
and it has worked 100% of the time

Now the reason I wanted to discount it, is because during the survey 50% of you said you needed help with your meal planning.

And since I make it my goals to help as many of you as I can....I said I would like to help 100 people in the next 4 weeks!!

Anyway the web guy screwed up and now I feel silly.

But I still want to help 100 people....YES I DO...I personally want to help 100 of you lose weight in the next 4 weeks

and now I feel like the ONLY way to do this is to give you the 4 week weight loss meal plan for FREE!

Anyway, I'd like to walk you through how the whole
approach is going to work ...and exactly how I am going to give it to you, free.

More on that in a minute but first ...out of
respect for your time, let me tell you ...


The approach I'm sharing with you is specifically for
people who:

1. Anyone Male or female that would like to lose 5-20 pounds in the next 4 weeks

2. Anyone male or female who has tried dieting and not seen results

3. A man or woman that is tired of not seeing and getting results

4. A man or woman that can follow simple instructions

This approach is NOT for people who:

1. People who want to lose weight over the weekend

2. People that only want to change the way they eat one day per week

3. People who refuse to exercise

4. People that believe that starving yourself is the only way to lose weight


In the last 18 years I have created several meal planning programs for different people and situations

1. You will get the exact 4 week weight loss meal plan that will work BEST for you (FREE)

2. All the meals pre planned for you based on your day and life style (FREE)

3. A how-to-eat-out guide and understanding. I know you like to eat out and I know you will eat out, so lets plan for it (FREE)

4. A meal plan that works according to your current exercise and goals. (FREE)
    (Not every diet works the same for every BODY)

5.The #1 Secret to Weight Loss Success. The 1 thing most people can not offer: SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE (FREE)

..And much, much more!

The meal plans will be delivered to you via email, so you can do this any where in the world. 
You will get it all mapped out for you, and you will have the same results all of my students that have gone through this had had

Now some of my Meal Plans start at $197 and go up to $500 depending on the persons situation.

100 People will get this for FREE!

Now how do I know which plan to send you? Well simple we need a 30 minute coaching call.
We can do this on the phone, Via skype, IM, or in person at my studio. All we need is about 30 minutes

Now the coaching call requires me book some time and I want to make sure you are serious

Normally a coaching call is $197....but I have made it a personal goal to help 100 people

So I am knocking off $100 of the coaching get it for ONLY $97 (per person) by clicking here

100 people will get one of my now very famous and very effective meal plans for free

Book it, I will contact you via email to see what time will work best for the call

Again, anywhere in the world. You will get one of my 4 week meal plan, the one I think will  work best for you for FREE

I am only taking 100 people for the unique OPPORTUNITY, so do it now

The Boot Camp Rebel

P.S. Here's the "ADHD" version of this email for all you "skimmers":
My web guy messed up, I'm giving you a 4 week meal plan for free
all you need to do is get on the phone with me to see which one will work best for you
I'm only charging 50% of what I normally charge for a call...$97

ONLY 100 Spots OPEN


Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Jungle Cup Miami 2013

What an AWESOME way to start your day...not only a run, but some strength training as well...The Drive into Miami was great! Early enough where there was no traffic, sun was coming up and driving over the bridge at 8am I noticed the HUGE population of people running and biking...if you are a fan of fitness then that sight was really cool too see.   Ok...So  the  race must have been designed by Goldilocks herself because it was ‘just right’. Now don’t get me wrong. It was by no means easy. In fact, they saved the toughest obstacles for last – and a few of them popped up after you thought things couldn’t get any worse. It's tough to train for a run in an in even environment, over rocks and through sand, in very tight spaces, in and out of trees but that is part of the "ADVENTURE". I thought some of just the natural obstacles were a lot tougher than the ones they set up...running downhill over rocks and sand can be risky and for sure makes you work if you go slow, the LONG and NEVER ending run on...well actually in the beach cause the truth is you had to be in the water...then you had to cross a small gap in chest level COLD ocean water, THEN the 3 story Jump... definitely a highlight....the people 2nd guessing if they were going to jump or not... I jumped really high in the air first, adding height to my plunge. I don’t know how deep the water was, but I didn’t touch the bottom. BOOM! then the adrenaline started pumping. and then after all that...the combo obstacle with a wall/rope climb, tarzan swing, bamboo walk and another wall....OVER ALL I had a great time! I for sure need to train in better shoes for the next one, and I should not wait till the last minute to train for it. I have done a few and I go in with a lets have a good time and finish...for the next one I am going in with a lets beat my time mindset   HERE ARE SOME PICS:     Now do I think you should do one? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!! Why? because it different and you should try new things, because if you are reading this you are either in my class, have been in my class or enjoy working out in some way shape or form. It will challenge you, and you will feel GREAT finishing it Now here’s one of the best tips that I can give you for doing an Adventure Race: Sign-up  EARLY period and try to sign up for an early Start. Here’s why. First, you get to be one of the first people to run the course before it gets sloppy. Second it gives you a GOAL DATE or DEADLINE. Third, you don’t have to wait at any obstacles. Fourth, you finish so early that you still will have a full day to enjoy doing other stuff. And fifth and more importantly it gives you time to train and get ready for it


Over 50% of the people doing an Adventure Race are NOT prepared for it. The hill climbs are murder, the events require decent upper body strength, and when you get tired you are  going to have too much dead weight for a lot of obstacles. If you are not prepared, it’s going to take you a long time and you’re going to be hurting a LOT the next day. The Wrap-up As I write this, it’s Sunday morning and I’m a little stiff, but not even half as stiff as I was after the last race I did   Which brings me to my next Idea...if you have been to our facility you have seen the poster for the KING OF THE HILL  March 24th another 5k Adventure Race and the Down and Dirty Mud Run May 5th (Cinco de Mayo...oh goodness)   So I am designing The RATDE "R" Adventure Race Training Workout Here's a look at what you'll find in this unique fat burning workout program: •  The “Rated "R"  1000”, a brutal 10-exercise, all out fat burning bodyweight challenge designed to increase your strength and endurance. •  A  hill sprint "fiesta"  that gets more difficult with each passing week (if you have been to my Adventure Class at the park You know) – FAT BLASTING. •  A cool metabolic resistance training circuit  Bootcamp style– •  Two total body workouts that you will only need a band and a kettlebell for. •  Plus an 8-week plan to prep your body for the 5k Adventure. Now this will be a program that you will be able to download and FOLLOW... You can pre-order it by clicking below for just $17
(The program should be finished by Friday January 18th and will sell for $37)   IALSO wanted to take this chance and ANNOUNCE our first ADVENTURE WORKOUT of 2013 BACK TO THE BEACH.....more details to come....but this is a 90 Fat Blasting Workout! Rated "R" style on the BEACH! Look for more details   HAVE A GREAT DAY PEOPLE Rafael The Boot Camp Rebel    

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Afternoon Motivation 1-11-13


People Friday is here and that means we need to kick it up this weekend!!

I always say the weekend is my favorite time to workout...Couple things before I get you PUMPED

I would like to know what kind of "CHEAT" meals you have planned this weekend
Post them on our Facebook pages: might lose your mind when you see my rundown later

HAVE YOU GOTTEN THE FREE Report I created on the 5 Exercises You Can Use to Firm and Tighten you Glutes?

Again I have a FREE Report I created on the 5 Exercises You Can Use to Firm and Tighten you Glutes?

"I love the fitness lifestyle so much and I have always wanted to dominate in this sport. In everything I do I always give it my absolute 100%. To be the best you have to train like the best."
Andreia Brazier
Nadine Du Toit and Andreia Brazier


The Boot Camp Rebel