Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fitness bootcamp still onsale this weekend, till cyber Monday

Hi Everyone,

I've been getting alot of questions about our 10 day detox promo...

Here is some more info:

One major purpose of the colon is to extract residue coming down from the small intestine, taking any remaining nutritional factors and reabsorbing them through the lining of the colon back into the blood stream.Another major purpose of the colon is to eliminate waste. However, due to the stress of modern living, pollution, poor diet, dehydration, and lack of exercise, your body--including your colon--does not operate correctly.When your colon works correctly, the transit of food through your body would be less than 24 hours. In some people, this "stool transit time" is 60 to 70 hours, sometimes longer.When functioning correctly, your body should enjoy incredible energy, sound sleep and ease of awakening. Your memory should be good, and your mind vigorous and precise.When the colon does not operate correctly, due to stress factors, poor diet, and/or dehydration, full and complete elimination of waste becomes impaired.This leads to impacted feces and the creation of a putrefied, fermented, encrusted colon lining, which creates toxemia, as we reabsorb BOTH nutrients and vile toxins from the encrustation of the colon lining.

The 10 Day Detox Program has a Weird Side Effect...You can drop about 10 lbs during the 10 days you are on it...

I normally take new people for $175 for the 10 Days...but we have it for half the price this weekend


If you Need to fit into that nice Dress or Suit in like 10 days or less?
The 10 Day Detox is $175...get it here NOW for $87.50

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my Black Friday Promo is still going ON...

Get A Jumpstart on Your 2010 New Year Fitness Resolutions NOW!

Join any of our Boot Camps for the rest of 2009 for just $175...

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That's right! Sign Up Now and get the rest of the Year for Just $175 and You will be secured into that special Rate for 2010..

Come January You Will Have a Secure Spot in our Camps and You will Be locked in to that special Price...meaning it won;t ever go up

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You are free to cancel our 4 week bootcamp anytime you want, but as long as you stay you will be secure your rate won't go up...

Get a jump start on 2010 and don't gain those 10 lbs this holiday season

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TAKE ADVANTAGE...You can still make it now

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

PS...You can Start MONDAY Nov 30th at any location...:
CAMPS for 2009 are 3 times per week for 4 weeks and are Normally $249. The NEXT BOOT CAMP STARTS MONDAY for YOU!!!!!! In Miami David Kennedy Park 6:15am Tues-ThurIn Miami Lakes at Royal Oaks Park 7:45pm M-W-ThIn Pembroke Pines 6:30pm at Brian Picollo Park M-W-Th
Join Bootcamp for the rest of 2009 for jusy $175!!! <==

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gratitude, Thanksgiving and Breakfast tomorrow

Happy Thanksgiving

It's been a great year here at Results4Sure and All The South Florida Fitness bootcamps. And I'm very grateful for you being a part of that success. TODAY being Thanksgiving I want to make sure I'm showing you how grateful I am.

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” — William Arthur Ward

But before I do...
Let's get serious for a moment. You're going to eat a LOT of food this Today.

You know it.
I know it.

And that's ok. I'm sure you've been working out just a little bit harder to prepare for it, right? ;-) And I know you're going to get a good workout in on Thursday before you chow down, right? or at least at some point :-)

Now, besides that, I also want to remind you one thing you do NOT want to do on Today is skip meals so you can stuff yourself with one big one. That's a no-no.
You still need to start your day right by boosting your metabolism with a solid breakfast but ALSO

Tomorrow...I know alot of you are going shopping and are getting up early to do so...Starting the day with a good breakfast is going to be KEY

So to help you out with that I've got a gift for you from me and my buddies over at Prograde Nutrition. It's a delicious Protein Pancakes recipe.
Thanks to the protein in the recipe your blood sugar won't go crazy like it can just by eating a huge stack of pancakes with sugary syrup. Nope, this recipe will fill you up, nourish your body and give your metabolism just the boost it needs.

AND it will get you ready to do battle at all the malls and shopping centers..

You can get the Protein Pancakes recipe

Be sure to let me know how you like it.

Happy Thanksgiving id you are here in the USA and Happy Thursday All over the World!

YES YES We will be having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale all be on the lookout in your inBox

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” — Albert Einstein

PS - Seriously, have a nutritious breakfast this Friday morning and your body will thank your for it All day. ;-) --

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt http://www.Results4Sure.com

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Omega 6 Fatty Acids May Increase Your Risk of Inflammatory Diseases

Many of us know about about the benefit of Omega 3 fatty acids and EPA and DHA. Thousands of scientific studies have shown us the multiple ways Omega 3 fatty acids benefit us not only in our cardiovascular health, but improving our metabolism, boosting our immune system and reducing the risk of certain diseases.

What research also shows us is that we don’t get nearly enough Omega 3 fatty acids in our diets. Food manufacturers tend to remove this from food because Omega 3 fats are susceptible to spoiling and they want to keep their foods fresh for as long as possible.

Read the rest here:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The worst day of my life

Hi Everyone..

Sad title but true...

Nov 10, will go down as the WORST day ever!

I won't go into to many details about the events but, I will tell you what came out of it.

A NEW found sense of Appreciation and Gratitude!

“Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can - there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.”

Sarah Caldwell quotes

I honestly believe that we take our all it's ways (mentally,physically and spiritually) for granted sometimes..if not most of the time.

All material things can be taken from you or lost...but YOUR health...has to be valued more

Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.

Ashley Smith quotes

We are changing things at South Florida Fitness Boot Camps and Results4Sure...ALL for the BEST and right away!!!

Our NEW Bootcamp site is almost done and while I usually don't put links out until sites are done...go take a look

Things will continue to be added to our site as our focus changes from Fat Loss and Fitness to Overall Wellness...

Let's start Feeling better and stop just trying to look better

“I would rather be able to appreciate things I can not have than to have things I am not able to appreciate.” Elbert Hubbard

The 12 Days of Fitness Program is Back and I will be talking about it more soon...

All Bootcamps will be back in Action this week...With One Major Goal in Mind!


Blogs will have all new Info... , ,

The Bootcamp Challenge is coming too!

Every second you spend training at bootcamp will now be focused entirely on one goal: To make you as full of lean muscle as possible while burning the most amount of FAT... in the shortest time...To make you a Better and Healthier YOU!
Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Join Boot Camp Now

The Next Boot Camp Starts NOW!!!!, you can still JOIN!!!
=>Now if None of the Boot Camp Times Work for You
Try Private Boot Camp...
You can have the Same Workout, at Home or Close to you, when You Want It
Now Private Boot Camp are $65 for 1 Session

here are you 2 BOOTCAMP options....but before you read them remember: Miami Lakes always sell out first and Only 5 more people can do the 28 day Extreme Fat Loss
So here You Go...


CAMPS for 2008 are 3 times per week for 4 weeks and are $249.

In Miami David Kennedy Park 6:15, 7am( 2160 S Bayshore Dr)

In Miami Lakes at Royal Oaks Park 7:45pm Mon-Wed-Thur 7:45pm
In Pembroke Pines 6:30pm at Brian Piccolo Park..
In Aventura At Highland Oaks Park 11:15am Mon-Wed-Thur

click here:

#2 28 Day Extreme Fat Loss Program
Once again here are the links for all the details:
You Can Get $799 worth of Boot Camp Training and Meal Planning For Only $347

1 Month of Boot Camp
28 Individual Days of Custom Meals Pre Planned for You!
With 5-6 Meals on Each Day
The Secret Cardio Formula

This is almost $800 worth of Time, Meal Planning and Training and you get it all for just $347
PS...Some of the people doing this one have lost 3lbs of Fat in only One week...You would need to burn off 3,500 calories just to Burn off 1...FYI!

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One on One Fitness Coaching

Hi Everyone...

Really quick I've been getting a lot of request for 1 on 1 coaching...but my schedule has been very tight lately..

However..I have good news...and bad news..

I am working on a new fat loss system, and I need to test it...

I want to see if eating properly and only exercising 2 times per week over 4 weeks will results in significant Fat Loss

So this is what I am offering...

4 One on One sessions (1 time per week).. a $350 value..
Our 10 Day Detox Plan ...$175 Value
20 Follow up Meal Plan...$200 Value
for just $227... =>Get it Here<=

Why am I discounting this? I need proof that my theory Works

So everything will be documented...

What's in it for You? $725 worth of Fitness Know How..

We can work one on one on YOUR specific fitness goals..and since I want this to will get RESULTS in just 4 weeks
working out 2 x per week..

Why only 4 people? Because I teach all over South Florida now...and cant take on any more..

Can't be combined with boot camp...if you go to boot camp now and want to..we can make adjustments

We can start NEXT week!!!

Why should you?
Get a 4 week jump start on getting in shape for the Holiday parties..
Get one on one coaching at a fraction of the cost
Be part of something NEW
Don't need think, Just Eat and Train
Again...I am ONLY taking the first 4 people...We can Start When you need of Next week..and I am sending this to everyone..

If you have been thinking about it for a long time...Here is your chance

Click here...and get it all for just $227..

Your Fitness Coach


PS: If you are not in Florida and would like to Participate...I have an online version as an option as well.
Same here to get it

-- Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt