Saturday, October 30, 2021

10-31-21 Halloween Circuit Workout (FREE TO PRINT)



Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Here is a recap from what you missed this weekend


Hello Everyone and Happy Hump Day

What a cool weekend...
We went to Misha's, got cafecito at some of my spots, dinner at Dr. Limon
and most important we got to connect with our Fitness Family
1st Posing with Lais...we have a lot of Athletes getting ready for the WBFF Miami show in a few weeks....November 13th...
So getting to work on their posing in person is super Important
Lais and I are already putting together the Team events, and experiences for 2022, so if you are interested in getting on stage in 2022 or ever and would like more info about the WBFF or our TEAM...we have a NEW Webinar that we will be hosting...if you would like to be on the list for that webinar, let me know.
Next...The Workout
Just look at some of the videos we captured and how Bam Multimedia created the story for us (@bam.multimedia)
I am happy I got to chat with all of you, I'm glad so many of you came to workout with us
Gives me a much better idea of what we need to work on to help you reach your goals
I'm also glad so many of you got to try and taste the Level 1 Bars and the new 1st Phorm Protein Sticks
You can order
Level 1 Bars here 👉
*you have to order 2 boxes, can be different flavors, works our to $2.66 per bar
Protein Sticks here 👉
*you have to order 2 boxes, can be different flavors, works our to $2.66 per stick
The Final Workout of the weekend
in the 12pm Miami Sun 
8 Stations
8 Runs
They trained hard....We are all going to Wisconsin in December for the last Hyrox event of 2021
Some of you are still missing some bigger goals to work toward
so you lose think you are losing motivation, but that's not it
You are just not clear on the goal, you may not have a timeline or doing the day in and day out task can become monotonous.
A lot of you are curious about the stage or competing...but you don't say anything because you think you can't or say something like I can never do that...
Well I hate to give you the bad news....You just have to make that the goal...
It's ok not to want that to be the goal, but it's not because you can't
Maybe you need a performance based goal, like Hyrox...same thing...if you say you can' won't
A few weeks ago, we hosted a photo shoot here in our home...we plan on doing more of those...maybe we make that the goal.
Truth is a Clear Goal, with a timeline will take you far.
We just have to pick one

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Great Food, Better Service


I know everyone has a busy schedule.  Chances are if you are on the go like me, your nutrition often suffers.  Fast-food isn't good for you, and more than likely whatever is available at the office isn't much better.  I started looking everywhere for an alternative and the closest thing to a quick, ready-made meal was loaded with preservatives.  That is, until I found ICON Meals.  ICON has a variety of chef-prepared favorites already cooked with the cleanest local ingredients they can find.  The best part about these guys is they ship nationwide right to your door!

ICON's food tastes great and their service is even better.  I decided to custom order some of my meals and right on the label was my name!  How cool is that?  From my taste buds to yours, you should look into doing your meal prep with ICON Meals.  

Click on the link below to check them out!

Your Friend in Health,

Rafael Moret

Affiliate of ICON Meals, Inc.

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