Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bootcamp Daily Deal


So I have the Wednesday Daily Deal here today...and Lucky for you I have 2 of them.

And Yes I will Be having Some New Stuff For Black Friday (want a hint? Looks like my 10 Day Coaching is in there)

So here they Are:


Get Custom Workouts and Meal Plans right on your

Custom workouts sent to your phone when you want them
Work out when it’s good for you—you choose the time
No gym or fitness membership needed
Don't try to figure out what you should eat anymore
Your pre planned meals are delivered to your phone daily
No software to download or phone application to install

The Fitness on your phone Services helps you have me as your Personal

Trainer On Your Phone EVERYDAY

An individual plan in Fitness on your Phone

costs only $22 a week.

Motivation—a change in workout helps you avoid burnout
Accountability—your personal plan helps you track progress
Convenience—work out when you want, no gym membership required
Knowledge—a program designed by a certified personal trainer helps
you avoid plateaus


Fitness on your phone customizes your workout plans to your goals and
individual needs.
Whether your goal is to get back in shape, get bigger for football, jump
higher for volleyball or to stay active in your retirement years... We can
tailor your workout to meet your needs. We also take into consideration
your personal situation, including:

Activity level
Fitness level
Injuries or limitations
If Equipment is available
Full service gym
Small home gym
Or No equipment at all

Monday thru Friday You will get a daily text with your workout for the day
and you Eating plan for the next day..why for the next day? So that you
can plan for the next day.

**We are Only taking the 1st 5 people and I am giving away our Recipe Book with 197 Fat Blasting Meals

So Today's Daily Bootcamp Deal If Offering 3 Months of UNLIMMITED Bootcamp for Just $497

Normally Our Bootcamps are 3 times per week for 4 weeks and Go for $257 for the 4 weeks. You can Join TODAY and Get 3 month for Just $497.

Even if you didn't want to start until January 2011, Even if you want to get a Jum Start on your New Years Resolutions..Even if you join because your are getting each month for just $165. Join Today and You can start your 3 month as soon as you want or hold on to it until the New Year and lock your spot on one of our camps for the New Year

Have a Safe Thanksgiving if you celebrate it...Have an awesome Thursday otherwise...and Be on the lookout for New things to Come.


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