Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm Opening a McDonalds

TGIF Everyone,

I bet everyone reading this has had a hamburger that tastes better than anything on the McDonalds menu. So it's fair to say that McDonalds may not have the best hamburgers in the world right?

So why then do people invest several million dollars in a McDonalds franchise?

I'll tell you ..... It's not the hamburgers. It's not the fries. And it's not the special sauce.

It's the SYSTEM.

The word system is essentially an acronym for


You see McDonalds has developed an absolutely perfect turn-key business SYSTEM. You don't have to know how to make a hamburger, how long to cook the fries for, how much salt to add -- you just need to follow the system. It's done for you.

Now sure - you can invest your efforts, time, energy and money and maybe -- maybe - several years from now you'll have come up with a better method.

Or you could learn their system now and save yourself years of frustration

Why am I talking about McDondalds?

Because just like them...I have a SYSTEM

A System that when Implemented 100% Delivers RESULTS 100% of the time..

Full Body Timed Circuit Training..Exercises that are put in place to make sure your body work effectively and efficiently...NOT just to make you tired. The workouts I design deliver..The Meal Plans I design Deliver

So I ask you this..Do you want to keep buying DVD's that you are not going to watch..Buying Pills that you are not going to take..or FEELING GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF BECAUSE you have a gym membership that you DO NOT USE!

DID you know it takes 21 Days to develop a habit?

Did you know as of Monday there are 3 weeks left in November?


MONDAY I HAVE A 21 Day FAT BLAST Class Starting in Pembroke Pines at11:45am. It will be on Mon-Wed-Fri inside the DBA studio...Someone asked yesterday if they could join this program but come to my evening class...and you know what..I said yes.

So if you join the 21 Day Fitness Camp it will only cost you $157..You Get a Free Meal Plan and you can come to any of the camps...not just the New Pines class.

Go here an join: http://www. southfloridafitnessbootcamp. com/21-day-rapid-fat-loss/

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

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