Friday, November 18, 2016


You've Had A Lot Of Things On Your Mind ​As Holiday Season Starts!


Who here is a diet robot who will never side step into a vat of steaming macaroni and cheese come holiday time?

Don't get disappointed in yourself when you make a few diet mistakes during time with your family on special occasions.

That's setting yourself up for failure - failure in your confidence to maintain a sense of health and well being.
Being too strict could ultimately lead to more weight gain after you suffer the disappointment and get discouraged about your goals.

Better would be to get a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, as well as arm yourself with a TEAM to get some Help For The Holidays!

Plan Some "You Time" Into Your Schedule After Thanksgiving - Just 14 Days!
Maybe You've Thought About Bootcamp Style Workouts Before

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But What If I Love This - What Would I Do Next? 

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What if you could have your OWN personal trainer that takes notice of your unique situation and goals...

with fun workouts programmed for your level....

in an environment of people doing the same exact thing as you??

What if you could get the Help For The Holidays that you need by coming in only a few times a week and working out at your own pace...

and for just $67????

Did you give it a go?

​If not, what stopped you? With such a harried mind around the holidays, thinking of every last minute detail, it can be easy to push our health to the side...


Let me show you how easy it is to do these workouts! Just show up in something you can move around in and bring a WATER BOTTLE!

That's right... let US do the thinking for you and don't let the brain frazzle around the holidays be the reason you've packed on an extra 15 pounds by January.

Don't be the victim of your own negative thoughts, this time.

And who knows, it could be the start of a new healthy habit all year-round!

Don't worry, we've thought of this. (Very common question.)

​Most people who come in find out that it has been so simple all along to stay healthy, but many times we just need some support. We tend to not want to make these changes alone.

Let's get you going on this program and taking full advantage of our 14 Day Help For The Holidays, and if you want to continue I'll do something real special to help you get through December 31, 2016!

What is the PERFECT workout

I get a few emails a day from people asking me advice on what the best workout is or what they should do.
They want to know if our Bootcamp is the perfect workout plan, or if they should be doing P90x, Insanity, Crossfit,Orange Theory, ninja training, A 5K app, Yoga, powerlifting, a bodybuilding routine, or more and more cardio.. etc… and of course that is followed by "what should I eat?" Unfortunately, all programs tend to present different information, require different things of you physically, and make an effort to present themselves as superior to all other training routines.
So, if you know me, you know I have a nice little answer for that...but it might not be as full of my unique sense of humor as you might think....normally I answer with something they probably don’t want to hear...
"Ummm, let me ask YOU a question before I answer....what it YOUR goal?"
This is what you should really be trying to answer first
The BEST workout and nutrition plan is the plan that you actually follow through and stick with....and the reason you stick with it, is because it is meeting your goals...
The best coaching, training plan, and/or diet plan based on your dietary needs doesn’t mean ANYTHING if you don’t actually follow through with it.....but if you don't even know what your goal will get no where real quick...
and here is where we begin to dismiss a lot of programs....
If you enjoy participating in 7 different methods of structured exercise, that's can do pilates Monday, Zumba on Wednesday and Crossfit on Friday...enjoy :-) but does this meet your goal? might...but does it?
No one in our Bootcamp is training there to get better a competitive figure skating or long distance running...that is just not what we do
So...Who is Your Daddy and What Does He Do?

What is your goal..... is what you want to answer first and the BEST way to get there can be outlined right after...

Friday, November 11, 2016

The 41 nutrients you need every day!

Hey Everyone, Rafael here with some questions?
Do you know what..
"*The 41 nutrients you need every day are

*Are you getting enough quality calories?

*The biggest difference between people who eat for performance vs. people who eat for health." 

So when ever I talk to someone about there eating, I always ask where they got there information...what I mean is...are you taking advice from a co-worker, a friend, your sister...her roommate in college that lost weight once drinking salted cucumber water for breakfast?

Are you following a nutrition program based on solid information, science or at least real data???

So...when I put together a meal plan here is what I base it on
You need 41 nutrients everyday
15 Vitamins
15 Minerals
8 Essential Amino Acids
2 Essential Fatty Acids
and oh yeah...Water (your body is kind of made of it)

I also think about how many calories YOU need (not me, YOU) there are a bunch of way to calculate calories...and a lot of different theories..all need to be looked at

I also think about your goals, the way you feel and your performance vs just the idea of eating healthy 

Now if I am thinking about all those things when I think about your food...YOU SHOULD TOO...

I think you should eat like you are trying to get a perfect score on your blood test, like you are ready to run an Olympic race, like are competing in a fitness event and like you want to live forever....

Not sure what that means or how to do that...that's what I'm here to help you with....In the mean time, I will suggest doing this right away...take the right kind of nutritional supplements because I guarantee you are not getting the nutrients you need from food alone


Acai Berry, VITAMIN B-1, and Kyäni

A lot of you are not sure what is in Kyani..I want to use this space to help you understand what's in it..


Kyäni Sunrise™ contains many health-promoting vitamins and trace minerals including:

Encourages the body to detoxify
Maintains a healthy heart
Promotes a healthy nervous system
Converts proteins, carbohydrates, and fats into energy
Kyäni Sunrise™ contains 3 mg of Vitamin B-1 per 1 oz. serving.

Acai Berry

Heart Health. Similar to red wine, research shows that acai berries are extremely high in anthocyanins, a form of plant antioxidant associated with the ability to lower cholesterol levels in the blood stream. They are also rich in plant sterols that provide cardio-protective benefits to our cells

Aids in Weight Loss

Known by nutritionists as a super-food, acai may help us not only lose weight, but maintain a healthy weight. One interesting study from the National Institutes of Aging found that pulp from the acai berry had the ability to reduce the negative effects of a high-fat diet in laboratory studies on flies.

Among 10 more benefits that you can feel free to research