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Cross-Fitness Boot Camp Starts Monday Oct 1st

FITNESS BOOT CAMP IN Miami and Pembroke Pines, FL

Warning: This is the weight loss program that health clubs, fitness equipment stores, and personal trainers don't want you to know.... A fitness boot camp designed to force your body to lose up to 24 lbs of ugly fat in 12 week without going to the gym.

"South Florida Fitness Boot Camp Coach in Miami Reveals How Lose up to 24 lbs of Fat in 12 Weeks or Less at Your Local Park at a Fraction of the Price with Our Iron-Clad Results or 1o0% Money Back Guarantee"
Get an "unfair advantage" in Reshaping Your Body with the weight loss secrets of the elite fitness professionals.

Please do not join any gym, fitness club, purchase any home fitness equipment, or hire a personal trainer if you are looking to get in shape this year.

What Results Can I Expect?
A more sculpted butt, thighs, hips, and abs with lower body fat.

Increased energy level
More defined abs

More defined shoulders and arms.

Increased flexibility
Decreased body fat
Improve balance and coordination
Stronger core muscle to prevent back pain.

Stronger bones to prevent osteoporosis and injuries.

Reduce stress and blood pressure
Be envied

"Who Else Wants To Be Thin, Toned, Firm and Sexy?"

Are you frustrated by your inability to lose weight and keep it off? Are you having trouble getting motivated? Do you really want to be thin, toned, firm, and sexy? Is losing weight an empty promise you make to yourself over and over again? Leading personal trainer in South Florida can help you achieve your goal.

Benefits of joining our fitness boot camp

Increase (maybe even double!) your strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular health in 12 weeks or less while exercising with your new friends.

No more crowded, intimidating, smelly, or sweaty gym and gym membership to pay month after month.

You only pay a fraction of the price of a one on one personal training service while getting guided by our top fitness expert.

Our classes are so much fun that you will not even notice that you are exercising. This is a chance for you to meet new people in your area.

We keep our classes small so that you still get personal attentions.

Expert guidance from qualified fitness expert: No need to hire a so called "personal trainer " for over $75 per session.
Added motivations: Fitness boot camp training provide suport group so that you can stick to your exercise program.

Why Shouldn't I join my local health club/ gym?

Sure, you can join your local health club/gym and pay an expensive monthly membership plus sales tax. However, you will be left alone without any supervision and may end up hurting yourself in the process. Health club owners do not care about you as long as you pay your monthly membership. With our fitness boot camp, there is no montly gym membership and no sales tax.

You may say to me that your health club / gym has fancy expensive machines. However, I can show you exercises that are far more superior than using expensive machines. (much more efficient) In fact, you are more likely to get injured with a big expensive machine because your body is not designed to moved through a machine. Your body is designed to work as a unit (as a whole).

Why Shoudn't I hire a personal trainer?

Yes, you can hire a personal trainer and possibly achieving great results. However, that means spending anywhere from $600 per month for an untrained and uneducated personal trainer, up to as much as $1,500 to $2,000 per month for a university educated, experienced and certified personal trainer. And, these costs do not include gym membership which the trainer would require you to purchase.

With Our Fitness Boot Camp, the monthly investment is a small fraction of the cost of conventional personal training - or anything else you might try - yet yields far greater results. The cost of the boot camp is ONLY $249 (compare to $1,500 to $2,000 per month for private training). That entitles you to 3x a week training for 4 weeks. For a total of 12 sessions in 4 weeks. There is no guarantee how long the price will stay this low, so speak with us now to lock in your low price.

Why can't I just buy a fitness equipment and exercise at home?

Really think about your situation for a moment. The better question is how much money did you already waste on fitness equipment? How much more money do you want to throw away? Do you have a treadmill that is now your most expensive hanger? There are thousands of infomercial products on television that promise solutions but are just a complete waste of time and money. Just ask yourself........

"How Much More Money Will You spend on
Fitness/Weight Loss Products that Do Not Provide Any Real Results?".

Do You Guarantee Results?

Our 100% Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee

"Try my fitness boot camp for 4 weeks. If you are not completely satisfied with my service the first week, I will refund your entire fee (100%) no questions asked. I am so confident that I can put you on the road to a healthier, happier life, I am willing to assume all the risk in this relationship. All I ask is that you make a sincere effort to adhere to the guidance and instruction I give you. I will put forth 100% effort to help you achieve your goals, but because I can't be with you, the results you achieve will be because you really want them. I wan to help you. If you want to help yourself, we will both be successful in this relationship span>

For Schedules, Locations, and Times

Fitness Boot camp members are entitled to attend our 4 week program that meets 3 days per week for 45 minute sessions. A total of 12 boot camp sessions!

For Schedules, Locations, Times, click here

We have a workout program like no other. Most of the classes will be done a local park. We are the only fitness boot camp in Miami and Pembroke Pines that utilize real fitness equipment such as dumbbells, The TRX, kettlebells, JC Bands, medicine balls, rocks, logs, jumping ropes, heavy ropes, sleds, cones, agility rings, agility ladders, chains, and more. This is the secret training program of the elite athletes. Of course, you don't have to be an athlete to see great grains.

Miami and Pembroke Pines Fitness Boot Camp.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Boot Camp Diet?

Dietary Supplements: Smart Shopping Tips - Skin Type Solutions on Yahoo! Health

Dietary Supplements: Smart Shopping Tips - Skin Type Solutions on Yahoo! Health: " Dietary Supplements: Smart Shopping Tips Posted by Leslie Baumann, M.D. on Mon, Sep 24, 2007, 2:15 pm PDT Post a Comment Doctors have been touting the benefits of vitamin supplements for years. But how can you know which products to buy to ensure that you're getting what you pay for? Dietary supplements are governed by the same division of the FDA that regulates food - that means that supplements are not regulated in the same way as medication. In fact, supplements do not require FDA approval before they are sold (unless the supplement in question is a new dietary ingredient, in which case there is a review process). It's up to you, then, to do your homework to find supplements "

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You May Not Even Know

"You May Not Even Know!"

Everybody knows that cholesterol has much to do with heart disease.
You won’t have to worry too much about the dangers of high cholesterol because knowing what cholesterol is and how it affects you will undoubtedly help you avoid high cholesterol.
Your blood cholesterol is a major factor in the risk of suffering from heart disease.
In fact, the higher your cholesterol level, the greater the chances you have of getting a heart attack.
Heart disease is the leading cause of death among men and women in the United States.
Every year more than a million Americans suffer heart attacks, and half of that number die from heart disease.
When your body has too much cholesterol, it builds up in the walls of your arteries. This causes your arteries to harden.
Your arteries, as a result of this, narrow down or get blocked. This reduces the flow of blood through your body.
Oxygen is carried throughout your body by blood. If an inadequate supply of oxygen to your heart occurs because of reduced blood flow, you may experience chest pains.
And if the blood supply is completely cut off, the result is a heart attack. Unfortunately, high blood cholesterol has no symptoms.
So it is hard to gauge the status of your arteries. Whether or not you suffer from heart disease, lowering your cholesterol is important to maintain good health.
There are some thing you can do to lower your cholesterol such as watching what you eat, try to avoid or limit consumption of oil cooked fatty foods.
Being overweight is also a factor for heart disease. There is a correlation between weight and cholesterol levels.
Following that, losing weight can help lower cholesterol levels. If you are not physically active and have a sedimentary lifestyle, you have a greater risk for heart disease.
Regular physical activity can help lower cholesterol levels, and has many untold physical benefits. There are also some contributing factors that cant be controlled such as gender.
Cholesterol levels rise as men and women get older. Before menopause, women have lower total cholesterol levels than men of the same age.
After menopause these levels have been observed to rise. You also have to remember that high cholesterol levels are sometimes inherited from your ancestors.
In this case it's very important to take the proper steps to avoid high cholesterol.

99 Days Left

Yes, it's true.

As of tomorrow, Tuesday 9/25 there'll be just 99 days left of 2007 and you'll be
getting ready for another New Year's Eve party where the main
topics of conversation will be:
a) "Where the hell did 2007 go?"
b) "Next year I'll DEFINITELY....[Insert usual New Years Resolution
Here is a new thought:
"ho 'oponopono"
'I'm sorry' and 'I love you', I forgive you
Live a Zero Limits Life
Well, before you go getting all defeatist and thinking that with
just 99 days to go your chances of achieving anything major in
2007 have passed you by, I wanted to remind you that 99 days is
plenty enough to do something major with regards to changing your bodyshape, losing fat and getting really fit.
In fact, it's more than enough!
For instance, what would happen if for the next 99 days you committed to cleaning up your diet and losing just 1 pound a week?
A 13lb weight loss, that's what!
Imagine if you could sustain 2lbs or even three!
What if you committed to exercising every single day for just 20 minutes? or 45 minutes 3 times per week at Boot Camp

You got it! You'd be firmer, leaner, more toned and a good bit stronger than you are now wouldn't you?.
What would happen if every day until New Year you made it your
business to drink more water, get to sleep earlier and look after yourself just a little bit better?
Get a Metabolism Makeover

Yes, you'd hardly recognise yourself.
The thing is, with a hundred days to go, there are
still an enormous amount of things you can do to end 2007 in a
better condition than you currently are. All you've got to do is
take action.
And I don't just mean with your diet and exercise either...
What about your other goals?
Your travel goals?
Your carreer goals?
Your relationships?
Your finances?

Over the last hundred days many of my clients have gone on to completely change not only their health, their fitness and their appearance, but a great chunk of their lives too!.
But, the thing is, they're no better than you.
They don't have more time in their day than you've got in yours.
They don't have any kind of special advantage or success secret that
works only for them.
You've got it just as much as they have.
It's called action potential. The potential to take action.
But will you?
Only you can answer that but bear in mind that the next 99 days
are going to pass anyway, regardless of the action that you take
(or don't) and, just like any other investment, how you spend that
time will determine the results that manifest in your life.
So invest wisely.
Start today and make the next 99 days the most productive days of
"ho 'oponopono"
'I'm sorry' and 'I love you', I forgive you
Live a Zero Limits Life

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Metabolism Makeover E-Class

Announcing: Metabolism Makeover class online

Dear friend,

You are invited to join a new online private e-class led by me revealing "Metabolism makeover: How to Increase Your Metabolism from the Inside Out." The following e-newsletter will explain the details.

But first...

You are receiving this because you either asked to be on Results4Sure Fitness Center's exclusive announcements list at, or you are a personal friend of mine. If you don't want to receive these monthly messages, just send a polite note to me at, and I'll take your name off my list. BTW, your e-mail address will never be sold or given to anyone by me. Finally, feel free to forward the following to your friends. Thanks! -- R

* I've decided to offer a six-week, private, online intensive workshop to a select group of 15 people on the subject of "Metabolism Makeover." I'm not sure how to convey just how powerful this event can be for you. Not only will you learn the proven 12-step method for re-igniting your metabolism, but you'll also get my un-published book on the subject, AND you will get 6 weeks of personal e-coaching from me so you know how to apply these steps to YOUR life.

What are the principles? And what can you do with them?

In short, I'm talking about learning to influence your world by what you EAT. In 1906, Elizabeth Towne wrote, "Man is a magnet, and every line and dot and detail of his experiences come by his own attraction."

Change the vibratory quality of your inner magnet, and you'll change the results you get in your life. The 12 lessons you'll learn in "Metabolism Makeover" will tell you exactly how to alter the results you are getting (including the amount of weight you lose) by working from the inside out.

As for what you can achieve with these steps....Anything you can imagine! I mean that literally. Most of my client's successes have come from this mental-spiritual way of walking through life. In this course, you'll hear of people who lost weight, renewed their way of eating, increased their metabolism, and much more. The truth is, there are no limits--- other than the ones in your own mind. This e-course WILL expand your mind.

Here's how the e-class will work:

I'll allow 15 people, tops, to join. I have to limit this program to only 15 people so I can be sure to give each the personal attention they may want.

Each week I will e-mail out 2 articles by me on that week's lesson. You can then reply to the article, by e-mail, and give me questions unique to you and your body and your life. I will then answer them, giving you specific ways you can apply the lesson to your life. In this way you will not only get the lessons, but you'll get my personal e-coaching, as well. We'll do all of this by e-mail, simplifying the process for both of us.

Obviously, some of your questions may be more weight-loss oriented than muscle building oriented. No problem. I'm also willing to review any food combinations, recipes, or meal options you may write to me about during this six week e-class.

How much will this cost? If you paid my hourly rate for personal instruction over a six week period, you would have to pay several thousand dollars and maybe more.

But for this exclusive, limited new e-class, the fee is only $750. You can pay by credit card or check. It would of course make a great investment for the rest of your life (for the new year coming and beyond!), a great gift to yourself (an early Christmas gift to you!), and it's probably tax deductible (check with your CPA). All in all, it's a small investment for such a life-changing, body-altering new experience that will help you create whatever "new you" you can imagine.

Is the course guaranteed? You bet. Sign up now. If you're not happy after the first lesson, tell me and you can have ALL of your money back.

Will the principles work for you? It's up to you. I'm giving you the tools---hammer, nails, etc.. Whether you build a dog house or a castle is your choice. I say THINK BIG.

Isn't it time? Isn't your Body worth it? Aren't YOU?

If you have questions, e-mail me at .

Again, only 15 people can attend. I urge you to register right now. And keep in mind that there are several people who will automatically register for this class as soon as they get this email, so if you want in, tell me NOW.

Note: Course will begin Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007. You MUST register by September 28, 2007 to be included in this e-class.

Remember, this is all done by e-mail, so you can receive and reply to the lessons at your convenience. I don't plan to offer this program again this year, so I urge you to sign up right NOW.


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“Three Things That May Prevent You From Joining Boot Camp"


“When am I going to make the time to exercise with a

“How can I fit it into my schedule!”

“I don’t even have time to spend with my friends and

We have heard it all. Just call me the “time doctor!”
I can fix your lack of time! My prescription for you
is 2 hours and 15 minutes of exercise per week!

That’s right! Adding exercise into your packed schedule
will actually create more time in your life! One hour
of exercise, three times a week, makes you require one
hour less of sleep each day! You do the math!

You invest three hours to get back 7 hours!

Imagine if someone asked you, “I’ll trade you $7 for
every $3 you give me, is that okay?” No brainer!

Most of my clients have full time jobs, kids, and
some even have school on top of that! They
told me, “I have no time to exercise!” until they
got started!

Then they told me that they didn’t have time not to
exercise because of all the time exercise creates!!


The average American spends $3-4 per day on junk food,
soda, coffee, fast food, and other things that tear
down their health!

Why is it so hard for us to spend less than half that
amount on building up our health?

Nobody changes their financial situation for the worse
by joining our program As a matter of fact,
most people end up saving money due to all the
unaccountable spending they eliminate due to their
new, healthy, lifestyle!!


(Beware, the following list of excuses may be
contagious. If you catch one or have any symptoms
of excuse-itis, please contact me immediately!)

I’ll get started 'tomorrow'

“I’ll start working with a trainer when the kids
start school”

“I’ll get started when work lightens up!”

“I’ll get started when I’m not so busy!”

“I’ll get started when the holidays are over!”

“I’ll get started after the summer, before the spring,
during winter, or maybe in the fall but not right now!”

Procrastination and excuses are every exercisers
obstacle. The only procrastination killer available
is called commitment!

Fresh does of commitment are available for free!!
Just put your mind to exercise and do it without
saying any variation of the silly excuses above.

Commitment destroys procrastination once it arrives!
Make a commitment and remember that you can’t wait
for every traffic light to be on green to get started!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

10 Deadliest Mistakes Exercisers Make

NEW! Just Released: Fitness Expert From Miami Exposes The Truth About Most Workout Programs...

"How To Avoid The 10 Deadliest Mistakes Most Exercisers Make Without Even Realizing It! These Discreet Little Mistakes Could Be Costing You Time, Money & Results!"Local Fitness Expert Reveals All!

Discover the 10 reasons why most exercisers waste time and get slow if any results from their workout program! Within minutes you could uncover and remove stumbling blocks that may double even triple your results from fitness!

Dear Exerciser,

Have you been disappointed with the results you're getting from your workout program?

Are you frustrated with scale?

Are you having a hard time losing fat and looking the way you want?

Have you been trying to reduce your waist to no avail?

Are you taking supplements with hardly any results?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this may be the most important thing believe, but millions of exercisers all over the world literally waste hours and hours exercising and get very little results. Some due to lack of instruction, some do to lack of effort, many silly mistakes every day! Don't get robbed of the fitness and appearance you deserve and want to achieve!

Take a few minutes now and review these killer mistakes! Afterwards, please take a second and complete the form below. I'd love to discuss these with you according to your specific situation and help you in any way you can.
With that said, pay close attention to mistake #10! Enjoy the report!

Rafael Moret,CSCS,CPT
Mistake 1: Comparing Yourself To Others

Develop and maintain confidence by not comparing yourself with your friends, associates, or comparing yourself with any type of fitness advertisements that you see on TV. You also need to avoid some of the bogus information you read in the health and fitness magazines.
Exercise is the same as anything else in life, if you compare your self to anyone or anything else, it will always be a losing battle. Only compare yourself to your best self. The good thing about exercise is no matter what your goal is you can improve.
You can get better than you are now. Whatever the case, the message to you is this: Do not compare your self to anyone. You were put here to be you. Remember this fact and not let comparisons interfere with your success or your results!
"But what about comparing myself to the scale?" I do not recommend the scale to compare results.
It’s okay for people to use the scale to measure weight, but people who use the scale to measure results deplete confidence.
Your bodyweight will fluctuate with water. Sometimes rapidly. I have seen clients of mine who looked fantastic, but because they compare their results with the scale, their enthusiasm gets dampened whenever the scale doesn’t live up to expectation.
Judge your physique for the way it looks not the amount it weighs.

Mistake #2: Not using your common sense when thinking of losing weight.

This has to do with the difference between muscle and fat. It keeps you correctly focused. I make this point first because 9 out of 10 people who start exercising, start because of a desire to reduce size.
They forget to use common sense and take in consideration how the body works. They just want to see that weight come off. First of all, if your goal is to lose weight you want to lose fat, not muscle or weight necessarily. (Which makes common sense.)
Think of a pound of fat, which has a caloric consistency of 3500 calories. If you took one pound of fat and put it in front of you it would equal a grapefruit in size.
If you take a pound of muscle, which has a caloric consistency of 600 calories and put it in front of you, it would equal an orange in size.
Looking at both, you’ll find that they are both the same weight but one pound of fat is bigger and takes up a lot more room.
If you lose 10 grapefruits off of your body, and gain ten oranges, and they both individually weigh one pound, you would be the same weight but a lot smaller afterward.
Because of this size difference, you may see your clothes get bigger on you, your inches go down, and even people telling you that it looks like you lost weight, but if you get on the scale you may stay the same weight and just be a lot smaller.
This happens when you do a regular exercise program because you always initially build muscle, usually 2-4 pounds for a woman, and 5-10 pounds for a man.
After one month of this you may be heavier on the scale or the same weight because you will build muscle faster than you lose fat. But after your muscle building slows down, (after about 1-2mo’s,) you can count on seeing fat consistently peeling off your body.
You can lose 1-2 pounds of fat a week! Imagine losing a pound of fat every week! That’s 52 pounds in one year (imagine 52 grapefruits off your body). So remember, think of fat loss not weight loss.

Mistake #3: Not recognizing and identifying exactly what you want from your exercise program first.

Recognizing and identifying what you want will make all the difference in the world!
This story is about of a client of someone I know, and it really explains it all. He introduced himself as a member of a certain gym who wasn’t really using his membership. He went on to explain that he was in his third year of trying to be a consistent exerciser and trying to lose weight but it never worked.
He was 5’6, 265 lbs. and only 31yrs old (and lets just say the weight wasn’t all muscle.) He was asked what he was doing now and he said he had tried fad diets, workout tapes, home programs, treadmills, miracle diets, and everything else but he hadn’t done any of them for more than 4 weeks.
He didn’t know why he lost motivation so soon whenever he started. We went over his diet and his exercise program (which really weren’t that bad).
He talked about some other things and after a few minutes he was asked a question that immediately revealed why he was unsuccessful at his attempts at fitness. He was asked “John- what’s your goal?” He said, “I want to lose about 100 lbs!” I said “100 lbs!!? Now the problem was evident. He was then asked, “John, did you ever hear the old adage about looking at the top of the big mountain before climbing up, how it can get kind of intimidating!?"
It was then suggested that he change that goal from “about 100lbs” to one pound per week. If he did that, it wouldn’t be so overwhelming and he could focus on 1 pound rather than “about 100 pounds” He agreed and said, “What do I have to lose by trying” and went on his way.
Before he left he was told, “John do not think of anything other than losing 1 pound a week, that’s it!”
John came back 3 months later but this time with a totally different attitude. He looked very happy and looked like he lost some serious weight. The trainer asked him, “John how much weight did you lose, you look great!” He said, “ 5 pounds” I said, “5 pounds?” He said, “Yea, I lost 5 lbs. off the scale, but I lost 12lbs. of body fat which means I gained 7 lbs of muscle”.
He lost 12lbs of fat and gained 7lbs of muscle. He did a terrific job!
You may be asking yourself right now how he did that? How did he achieve more results in three months than he did in three years?
The answer: he completely identified what he wanted in small believable parts.
In order to be a successful exerciser, and for that matter, to be successful in life, you must recognize exactly what you want and break it into small parts.

Mistake #4: Committing Exercise Suicide

90% of the failures in exercise could be avoided if people will just absorb this.
This helps you to remember that by doing weight training in exercise you prevent committing exercise suicide.
Before I explain it, let me ask you a question: If everyday you willingly lost muscle off your body, don’t you agree after a while you wouldn’t be around much longer, it would kind of be like killing yourself, right?
Another question: If you deliberately let this happen, even though you could do something about it, don’t you agree that would be considered suicide?
Thousands of exercisers everyday are doing this; they are committing exercise suicide…on the installment plan!
They even confirm it with remarks like “I’m going to lose weight first then I’ll tone” Or, “I don’t want to weight train now I’m waiting until after I lose the weight”
I’m going to show you how this happens. Some people have the habit of dieting without weight training or they have “The I want to lose weight first then tone disease”.
The reason this fallacy started is because if you think about it, it makes a little sense doesn’t it? You have to lose your fat first in order to then build up muscle. It may sound sensible, but don’t be deceived, it’s not! This is where the exercise suicide comes in. (If Dr. Kavorkian only knew).
Our bodies are programmed to prevent starvation. Imagine your body as 3 separate sources for food: muscle, fat and carbohydrates. Fat contains 9 calories per one gram and muscle and carbs contain 4 calories per one gram.
Fat is more valuable to your body because it has more calorie burning power in case of starvation, nine calories as opposed to four. One thing weight training does is it build and maintain muscle. When your muscle grows it sends a message to your body that it is not starving, it’s growing.
It tells your body that its okay to go ahead and use fat for energy because you have the starvation thing covered by adding muscle through weight training.
When you weight train you build muscle, which signals your body that it’s growing and healthy not starving and dieing.
Also, by weight training, you speed up your metabolism, which not only helps burn fat, but also lets your body know its not starving. Starving bodies don’t get faster and bigger! Your body knew this all along, now you do!
By building up muscle through weight training you allow your body to burn fat and lose fat faster. So the proper saying should be, “I’m gonna tone first then lose instead of lose first then tone”.

Mistake #5: I'll get too big if I use weights

Some people say, “I don’t want to weight train because I don’t want to get to big”. This couldn't be further from the truth.
You won’t get “too good” if you take tennis lessons. Could you imagine the tennis instructors reaction if you asked him not to make you “too good” from the lessons he’s giving you, because you just want to play for recreation, not to become a pro. I don’t think so. Put “getting too big ”in the recycle bin and forget about it, it wont happen.
If your a female, you can only gain 4-8 pounds of muscle your first year. It’s really difficult to gain much more unless you have incredible genetics and even then the gain wont be much more.
A man can gain 10-15 lbs of muscle the first year. After that it’s about half that much per year. Remember also, that when you exercise you will not only gain muscle but lose fat.
Your ability to lose fat is five times faster than your ability to gain muscle. The place it will be noticed the most is when people compliment you on how great you look because of the added muscle and less fat. So forget about it- you won’t get too big!

Mistake #6: Not eating fat

This helps you remember to always have a steady income of fat in your diet in order to lose fat.
Body fat to your body is like having money in the bank. If you have some money in the bank, and you have a “steady income” coming in regularly, you don’t mind spending some of that money in the bank.
BUT, when you have money in the bank, but no steady income, what do you do with that money in the bank? You hold onto it and use it sparingly. This is precisely how body fat thinks. If body fat sees that you don’t have any fat intake, it gets nervous and thinks your starving so it will not release body fat as energy.
The message is to always consume 15% of your diet from fat, and don’t be afraid to eat something you really love at least once weekly.

Mistake #7: Only doing cardio workouts

Some people try to get in shape solely by walking, running or just doing some type of aerobics. If this is the only form of exercise you are going to do, you will not lose much fat or build muscle, you’ll just “be healthy” and that’s about it. ( Nothing wrong with that if that's what your goal is.)
Healthy means you’ll have a stronger heart lungs and circulatory system which is just fine for some people. The popularity of these forms of exercise can really confuse some people.
First of all, walking, running and aerobics are a good form of exercise to start with if you’re new to exercise.
They will create some energy, burn some calories, increase your stamina and do some heart maintenance. The bad thing is they don’t do anything to build or maintain muscle.
The resistance that is used in these exercises isn’t enough to make your body want to build more muscle or hang onto existing muscle. And, when there’s nothing to hold on to the muscle, away goes muscle and down goes the metabolism.
Start weight training. Do it first like during your workout, then do cardio exercises and they will be used to not only make you healthy but also to help you burn fat and tone you up too.
Mistake #8: Believing the myth of Spot Reducing
The only way you can spot reduce fat off your body is with a surgical procedure! You cannot burn fat by weight training or resistance training. You have a better chance of washing your car and then miraculously finding that your house is clean also.
Body fat burns systematically, from everywhere at once when you lower your calories or increase your activity.
Some people are still doing hundreds of sit ups, waist bends, and leg lifts thinking these areas will tighten up because of the constant burning.
I frown when people tell me, “I’m really trying to trim up this waist, I’m doing a hundred million sit ups a day” or the famous girl from a popular TV show when she responded to a comment when some talk show host asked her what her secret was to a great stomach, ”Oh, I do a hundred sit-ups a day!”
Please remember, weights build and maintain muscle, and diet and cardio burns fat. So each time you do a weight training exercise and you feel a burn in a certain muscle group, what your feeling is the muscle burning not the fat burning.
If you want to lose the soft stuff around your waist or thighs and you do waist or thigh exercises your not burning fat your building muscle.
This goes for all areas of the body. Some of the popular areas people try this type of magic are doing butt exercise to make the butt smaller-wrong!
Doing arm exercises to lose the fat in the back of the arm-never! Doing inner thigh movements to get rid of the soft spots on the inside of the leg-impossible!
You have a much better chance of building those areas up bigger than you do of making them smaller. If you desire to lose fat remember it burns systematically off your body. Just lower your calories, do some weight training and then immediately do some cardio exercise at a pace where you can carry on a conversation without getting out of breath. Then you’ll see those areas get toned sculpted and smaller in a short time.

Mistake #9 Rest between workouts

Let your body recuperate by resting in between the days you do weight training workouts. Weight training is one thing in life where more is not better than less.
The biggest mistake people make when weight training is that they do too much and rest too little.
For you to just maintain or increase your amount of muscle mass, so that you can properly lose fat without losing muscle, you only need to briefly train your entire body no less than once every ten days and no more than once a week. Unless your goal is otherwise be sure to follow this rule.
You might want to weight train 3 days a week but each body part only once a week. When your strength starts to decrease in certain exercises, this is your body’s way of telling you that you are trying to build it faster than it can maintain or rebuild itself.
Remember that exercise is a stress on the body and the muscles. Your body reacts to this stress in the identical way it reacts to lets say stress from the sun to your skin. When you go out in the sun your bodies exposure to the suns ultraviolet light leads to the formation of a tan.
However, if you stay in the sun too long, even one minute more exposure than is required to receive a tan, what happens? You get a burn.
This is what happens when you start to feel over trained, you feel tired, irritable, and you may have a decrease in strength.
Your body is telling you that you have been in the sun (exercising) too long and you better cut back or else you’ll get severely burned. After all, when the sun does burn you, you don’t want more sunlight to hit your burn, you need time away from the sun to recuperate, and then you go back in the sun for a tan.
Same thing with exercise, if you feel a strength decrease or any feeling of being over trained, cut back or rest for a couple of days so your muscles can heal. Take time to recuperate when you feel tired or at least take a couple days off every 6-8weeks. You won’t get set back or lose muscle, you get stronger and probably gain muscle. But most important you’ll feel better!

Mistake #10: Lack of Instruction

As a fitness expert, this (to me) is the biggest mistake anyone can make! If you think about, people spend all kinds of time and money on things in life that really don't help their health and appearance. Things such as junk food, alcohol , cigarettes even drugs, all which tear down health rather than build it up.
Unfortunately, people spend more money and time participating on these things rather than their health and fitness. Some people even spend money on supplements, which is good, however without the proper program supplements can't do too much!
One of the worst things you can do is try to formulate your own exercise, fitness, or supplement program without the help of a fitness expert. Even a few sessions can get you going in the right direction. What harm would it do do get some correct instruction ever so often? Have someone show you exactly what to do to get in shape and reach your goals fast!

That's exactly what Boot Camp can do for you!

We can show you exactly what to do to get the best results in the fastest time possible. We specialize in things such as weight loss, more energy, toning up, endurance, sports training, preventive maintenance, and much more. Now that we're coming to the end of this report, I'd like to offer you an exciting opportunity to put me to the test!

Sign up for Boot Camp Now

We'll analyze what you're currently doing (or what you're going to do) and give you honest feedback and opinion on your chances of success.

Then We'll show you and explain to you what you should do to make it perfect. I've been a fitness trainer for some time now and have literally dealt with any and every situation. If you've haven't learned anything in this report, learn this: don't procrastinate and put this off!

Procrastination is the biggest killer of fitness goals and success. As you may know, procrastination is "putting off today, we we think we'll eventually get to tomorrow" (or sometime in the future).
Take the action now and sign up for Boot Camp

Discover how to get in shape at your local park

Miami and Pembroke Pines Fitness Boot Camp
A fitness boot camp designed to force your body to lose up to 24lbs of ugly fat in 12 weeks or less without going to the gym.***

Why this is the weight loss solution that health clubs, fitness equipment store, and personal trainers don't want you to know.

Miami and Pembroke Pines Fitness Boot Camp

Increase (maybe even double!) your strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular health in 12 weeks or less while exercising with your new friends. ***

No more crowded, intimidating, smelly, or sweaty gym and gym membership to pay month after month.***

You only pay a fraction of the price of a one on one personal training service while getting guided by our top fitness expert.

We keep our classes small so that you still get personal attentions. ***

Expert guidance from highly qualified personal trainer: No need to hire a so called "personal trainer " for over $75 per session. ***
Added motivations: Fitness boot camp training provide suport group so that you can stick to your exercise program.

Miami and Pembroke Pines Fitness Boot Camp

Do you ever feel like you're alone there and tired of struggle? You're not going to be alone anymore. See how our fitness boot camp can transform your body in 12 weeks or less. Our system is different from any other so called fitness program you've seen. You do not need a gym membership or expensive home fitness equipment. You don't need fad diets, doctor prescribed (or even the counter) medication. You do not need videotapes, books or manuals. You don't need anything but the guidance I'm going to provide you with. That's it!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Metabolism Makeover on Squidoo

Metabolism Makeover on Squidoo: "Imagine What Your Body Will Look Like With A New Metabolism 'Stop Messing Around with the 'Next Big Diet' When You Can Cash-in On the Simplest, Easiest and Probably the Most Overlooked Way to Speed Up Your Metabolism Day After Day And Week After Week... Without Looking For A New Diet Plan'"

Get in Fast Food Shape

Friday, September 7, 2007

Best Positions in Bed - Articles

Best Positions in Bed - Articles: "You know, scientists claim to have found a direct link between your preferred sleeping position and your personality. Sleeping in 'fetus' position, for example, points toward being a shy, sensitive soul. If you sleep spread eagle-style, on your back, you're supposedly a good listener. Well. I guess this little feline must be a great listener! But, I wonder what they would say about sleeping curled up in a frying pan... or face-first in your food... (And you thought this was going to be 'dirty' -- get your mind out of the gutter!) It’s obvious these critters have no problem falling, or staying, asleep. How about you? "

Interview with MZ

Hey Everyone,

Time for another interview with a good friend of mine Mike Zappitelli.

Mike has walked the walk when it comes to being a personal trainer. He's a CSCS, a massage therapist, certified in Acupuncture, and on and on and on.

And as long as I've known him (going on 12 years now!), Mike has been in or near contest-shape.

He does not get "out of shape".

Mike's a champion natural bodybuilder (the best way to be), and he's recently helped a team of men and women from the Niagara Falls area dominate the scene. Let's find out how...

CB: Zaps, great success man! What's the secret to getting lean?

No secret here Craig. It's really as simple as staying consistent!

In every thing that you do, you have to stick with it to obtain results. Eating, training, sleeping, working, etc.

You have to have a sound regime every day and if not, develop a plan. This is not only to achieve the results that you are looking for, but also to help you get back on track after those days when you fall off.

Everyone has those days when we tend to slack off a little (we can't be 100% all the time). So, when this happens, your body will be better able to respond to anything negative.

Nutrition has such a large impact on your body composition and yet many people still neglect this area. Changing your nutritional intake to that of a more unrefined approach is the first 3-4 steps of 5 to getting lean.

As for training, the same thing goes. You definitely have to have a higher lean mass percentage.

And, if you don't, developing a sound strength training and interval program is key. These two elements are key to both developing a higher metabolic rate (both working and at rest) and burning fat most efficiently.

CB: Mike, getting back to the basics for a second, and the approach of the masses to fat loss, we hear a lot about 'detox diets'. What's your opinion?

I agree with you that 'detox's' are not necessary.

Now living a life that helps to limit the toxins going into you body is similar to a lifelong 'detox'. It is impossible to avoid certain toxins, air being a great example on your part.

A 'long-term' detox is better! Some people eat bad foods regularly. To limit, if not eliminate, them from your diet completely would be detoxing in itself.

What people have to remember about detox plans is that they are not supposed to be used for 'weight-loss'.

The intention is to decrease/eliminate the many metabolic wastes/toxins within the systems of your body. By doing this, you are trying to achieve a more efficient working system, which, in turn, will produce a better functioning unit/body as a whole...affecting metabolism and energy levels positively.

CB: Mike, what are some basics about fat loss that people still have a hard time with?

People still have a hard time deciding what carbs are good and which ones are bad. They do exist!!!

Carbs coming from whole foods such as fruits, vegetables and grains are great carbs. Those carbs that have to be processed are the bad ones. These are often referred to as the 'refined' carbs. These are bad. You cannot find these types of carbs growing on any tree/plant anywhere on this planet.

Any time a food is changed or processed in any way, it will lose part of it's nutrient content bringing this food to a nutrient deficient level.

Foods that fall into this category usually involve cookies, crackers, breads, pastas, chips, candies, etc. These are all packaged goods in nice, flashy containers to market themselves for the consumer to buy.

You never see fresh fruits, veggies and meat/fish packaged and advertised like that. The only thing that might be flashy on these is the light reflecting on the plastic wrapping sealing the product (no fancy boxes with cartoons or whatever).

It is best to speak with a knowledgeable nutritionist to help you understand what's good and bad out there in this world of confusion (because there are some packaged foods that are definitely better choices).

Better education helps to make better decisions, which are ultimately in the end, your choice.

Hard work, not fat diets, lead to fat loss,

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Extreme Fat Loss


Do you remember how FAT your butt was last summer ? Miniskirts were back, the weather was hot - everyone looked great. Except you. You kept the baggy t-shirt on all summer huh ?">

The problem is - YOUR BODY***

JUST WASN'T READY to be unveiled to the World - was it ?

So - this Summer is almost over -- but 2008 will be here before you know it - let's start early -- Get on the highly acclaimed BOOTCAMP program.">

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BOOTCAMP includes:

A COMPLETE four week training program that covers EVERYTHING:
Exactly what to eat
Exactly what cardio training to do
Exactly what weight training to do
The EXACT exercises sets, reps, rest periods - everything you'll need for success!">
This program covers in detail EVERYTHING needed to shed pounds of fat rapidly.
So if you are ready to take your training and your physique to a new level and strip off the fat - BOOTCAMP is for you. The
*it's time to get lean and get ALL the attention.

exercise friends

Meet Friends. Exercise More.
Exercise Friends in your area.
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Do’s and Don’ts of Dining Out

You can dine out on occasion while remaining true to your goals. Keep in mind that portions are 3 to 5 times more than you need. The key is to plan ahead, choose wisely and you'll find foods that fit into your meal plan.

1. Order food to go – Studies show that people tend to consume more food when they are not eating at their own kitchen tables. Take home and have the option of providing a healthier side dish such as fruit or vegetables.
2. KNOW where you will go and what you will eat ahead of time. Use the internet.
3. EAT before you GO - have your regularly scheduled snack. When you avoid feeling famished you will eat less.
4. Avoid buffets – They are invitations to OVEREATING
5. CHOOSE Wisely - use the guidelines of the Menu Design Planner
6. Avoid the BREAD Basket - simply ask your server not to bring it
7. ASK how food is prepared – ask for grilled, broiled, roasted, poached or steamed
8. Don't be afraid to special order – Ask for your vegetables and main dishes to be served without the sauces.
9. Watch portion size – Servings can be 3-5 times more than what you need. Reduce the temptation to overeat by ordering a half-portion of your favorite dish OR ask for a box to be delivered with your meal and put half of each item in the box to be eaten later.
10. Share –Split an entrĂ©e and sample what you want while avoiding the temptation to overindulge.
11. WATER - Drink at least one full-glass of water before eating and throughout dinner. You'll feel full sooner, you will eat less.
12. Order an appetizer and a salad as your meal.
13. Front Load your meal with a nutritious salad or bowl of soup (broth-based) to take the edge off your appetite
14. Just Salad? Think Twice! Just because it’s a salad doesn’t mean it’s low in calories. O’Charley’s Salmon Caesar Salad is a cool 775 calories!
15. Order sauce and dressing on the side – Control calories and still enjoy the taste
16. Order first. You're less likely to be influenced by the choices of your companions
17. Take the time to enjoy your meal. Savor the flavors and textures of your food, and enjoy the company you're with. When you eat slowly, you give your body's internal clock the time it needs to know when you've had enough. When you're full, stop eating.
18. Save dessert for later – A great trick to play is instead of ordering dessert at a restaurant, go somewhere else. By the time you get there, you will not be as hungry and will end up eating half or even skipping dessert entirely.
Eating Right When Eating on the Run
Whether you're traveling or on the go at home, you don't need to give up your mission of eating supportively. In fact, supportive eating is more important than ever when you're trying to keep up with a hectic schedule.

Eating supportively helps your body withstand stress better. But as you're hustling to catch a flight or make a meeting on time, you're probably not thinking about making your next meal a healthy one. The following ideas can help you eat well when you are eating on the run.

Make your own healthy snacks portable and easy for on-the-go eating. Prepared ahead of time, they can be popped into a lunch bag or purse. You’ll also be thankful that you’ve saved yourself the cash that normally goes to vending machines or convenient stores. Your body will be grateful as well.
• Meal Replacement Shakes
• Apple and almonds
• Celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins
• Pita with peanut butter
• Whole wheat wrap with deli meat
• Low-fat cheese cubes and grapes
• Hardboiled eggs
• Trail mix (high fiber cereal, flax seeds, almonds, dried fruit)
• Vegetable sticks with hummus
• Yogurt and grape nuts
• Beef jerky
• Whole-wheat triscuits and low-fat string cheese
• Cottage cheese in mini-containers with a piece of fruit

Monday, September 3, 2007

Is Obesity Contagious?

Is Obesity Contagious?: "Is Obesity Contagious? Obesity Appears to Be Socially Contagious -- but It's Not About Viruses or Germs By Miranda Hitti WebMD Medical NewsReviewed by Louise Chang, MDJuly 25, 2007 -- New research on obesity shows that obesity may be contagious -- but don’t get the wrong idea about that. The findings, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, have nothing to do with bacteria or viruses. Instead, the new data show that obesity is 'socially contagious.' That means that people tend to follow suit when their friends and family become obese or lose weight to ditch obesity. 'We find that a person's chances of becoming obese increase by 57% if they have a friend who becomes obese, 40% if they have a sibling who becomes obese, and 37% if a spouse becomes obese,' say researchers Nicholas Christakis, MD, PhD, and James Fowler, PhD. 'Mutual friends more than triple the risk to each other,' note Christakis and Fowler. 'If one of the two [mutual friends] becomes obese, the chance for the other to follow suit goes up 171%.'"

New Boot Camps and more...


I have a few thigs today.

1st New Boot Camp locations
2nd Today is the last day for the Labor Day Weekend Sale
3rd A letter for You from Your Body!!

1.We are looking at running more Boot Camps in "The Fall". What locations would you like to see Boot Camp in?

What times of the day are good for YOU?

Let us know...

2. The Labor Day Weekend Sale ends Tonight! $199 for All 4 Weeks. if you have not enrolled sign up today, if you have a friend that wants to enroll have them sign up today.
Here is the link:

3. LAST!!

Dear Body,

How's it goin'!

This is a letter from your ol' pal, belly fat. We had a great run
this summer, didn't we? Lots of good times, great food, and plain
ol' sitting around eating too much.

Well, I'm thinking about sticking around another year if you don't
mind. But you might need to get a bigger pair of pants, as I was
thinking about expanding my place down here.

So do me a favor, avoid that interval training (bootcamp) you were thinking of
doing. The last time you did that stuff, I nearly had to look for a
new place to live. I felt like the Wicked Witch of the West in the
land of Oz. Did you hear me yelling, "Help me, I'm melting!"?

Instead, stick to that slow cardio stuff. Sure I get a little
sweaty, and the ol' brain up there thinks it's doing "a real fat
burning workout", but it's never enough to melt me outta here.

Another thing, keep listening to those experts who say strength
training doesn't burn body fat. Since research shows they're wrong,
if you added strength training to your program, you'd practically
need to throw me a going away party!

After each one of those superset workouts you tried last January
it felt like someone lit a match under our collective butt. I was
burning up down here!

But boy oh boy, I sure was glad you gave that up and went back to
just lifting utensils and not dumbells. Otherwise we wouldn't have
been able to celebrate another summer together this year.

Sometimes I wonder, what did you ever do in college without me, your
trusted belly fat? Back then, you were probably one of those people
that couldn't wait to get to the beach to show off your body, not
like these days.

Nope, stay in the shade and keep the cover-up clothes on, that's the
way to go now. Besides, its a lot closer to the cold beer and the
BBQ when you're sitting in the shade avoiding all the fun down on
the beach.

Well, it sure was good catching up with you. I'm
sure we'll be in touch more often, as long as you stay away from
that Miami Fitness Boot Camp workout routine.

Brings a tear to my eye whenever I even think about that workout
program and all the belly fat it's burned. Heck, it's fried more
belly fat than a Texas state prison.

So again, if you want to keep your dear old belly around for
another year and another summer, don't use Boot Camp -
otherwise, its all over pal, and you'll never see me again.

Belly Fat says, "Don't use this"

Your friend and spare tire,

Belly Fat

PS - Seriously, don't go near that Boot Camp program
unless you want to see me, Thunder Thighs, Manboobs, Jigg Lee
Arm Fat, and Luv Handles pack our bags and hit the highway.

It will be a sad farewell, and you'd be stuck with ripped abs,
gorgeous glutes, and toned arms, and you know how much attention
those guys get from the opposite sex. Who needs it, I say.

PPS - Don't do what this guy and gal did. They used Boot Camp
and look what happened to their belly fat. Now please go
get me some more comfort food...

"Hi Rafael - I LOVE your program. In just under two weeks, I
have already started seeing definition - that has been my goal for
as long as I have been working out (a LONG time). Keep up the GREAT
work, and thanks!"

Saturday, September 1, 2007

NBC Today Show: Fitness boot camp gains fans - Broadcast: Streaming Video News, Health, Trends and More

NBC Today Show: Fitness boot camp gains fans - Broadcast: Streaming Video News, Health, Trends and More: "Fitness boot camp gains fans July 17: NBC's Kevin Corke reports on the latest trend in shaping up and fighting fat... it's not for the night owl. Click to begin watching: Fitness boot camp gains fans"

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