Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Weird Experiment and March 2nd

Well Well

The Next 4 week Boot Camp Starts MARCH 2nd...Yes that's This Monday...Have you enrolled?

You can do it here:

Now, My experiment...All month I have Been trying New and Different Exercise Combinations

New Times
New Exercise
Different Circuits
New Stations

and My Theory is almost Complete...We still have 2 days Left in Boot Camp this month for me to try out some New things

Why am I doing this...???

Simple Just like The Body Changes because of it's need to adapt, I want to keep challenging it in new ways so that it keeps CHANGING...Yes I know Everyday at Boot Camp is different, but I wanted to make sure that always remains the same...This month alone has given me Months of New Workouts to come...

So for all of those wondering or thinking that Boot Camp is Just some weird guy yelling and making you run around...that's NOT what we do...The exercises have purpose, the workouts have been thought through..The Outcome= RESULTS!

Boot Camp Starts Monday March 2nd
Join here:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm Celebrating National Pancake Day too

Ever since I launched the Outdoor Fitness Boot Camps in South Florida a few Years ago,
the long list of other products and Most recently the 10 Day Weight Loss Jump Start, I’ve
been getting email after email from people asking me the same question…NOT!

I wish it was just 1 question...

Everyone has different question:

Is low carb better for weight loss?
Should I workout on an empty stomach?
Can I survive only drinking water?
If I only eat tuna for a week will I lose weight?
Is Pizza really that bad?
How Fast Can You Lose Weight?
What are Some Easy Ways to Lose Weight?
How Can You Lose Your Final 10 Pounds of Fat?
Can I lose weight without working out?
Can I get Abs without dieting?

On and on...yes everyone has different goals and needs. And Yes Everyone's situation is

BUT one thing remains the SAME..we are all Human (or at least I think everyone reading
this is, but If you read my blogs and are not of this earth please contact me directly)

Anyway...we are all human and the human body, except under special circumstances
works one way...stop trying to go around it...

How many diets and or quick weight loss gimmicks have you tried? Did you lose weight...
MAYBE...did you keep it off ? Most likely not if you are looking for the next thing to try...

So, Today is National Pancake Day in the States and It's also Fat Tuesday...another
excuse to over eat and Drink...Well my friends spring is 4 weeks away...and I don't know
about you but my clients LOVE it when people say "Wow you have lost a lot of weight" or
"hey have you been working out"...They Love it! It tell then that they are doing the right

Now I do realize 1 Thing...If you live in South Florida you can join my bootcamps, but if you
don't and you read my blogs and Newsletter you can only buy my ebooks and meal plans
but...somehow I think you know...You have to Eat right and since my goal is
to try and help all of you...This is What I'm going to do

For Today Only in and Effort to "Celebrate" National Pancake Day

For the Next 7 People to Enroll in In Our 4 week Extreme Fat Loss Boot Camp Program

This is available for EVERYONE...Get $47 Of The 10 Day Weight Loss Jump Start
Program and Get The 12 days after PLUS 12 Virtual Workouts...So for $128 You Get 22
Days of Online Coaching...YES The 10 Day Weight Loss Jump Start..The 12 Days After
and 12 Virtual Workouts

(ONLY AVAILABLE IN SOUTH FLORIDA) I will Take $47 Off the 4 week Program...So
instead of Paying $347 you get it for $300...So you'll get 4 weeks of Unlimited Boot Camp,
The 28 Day Extreme Fat Loss Meal Plan, The Sure Fire Cardio Formula and 10 Virtual



Monday, February 23, 2009

Green Tea for Fat Loss, Special Dates and Homework

Hi Everyone,

Here is your homework for this weekend and.. I found an article published in the Washington Post last week.

It said:
"The study evaluated 132 obese adults. All consumed a diet that was consistent in daily calories and participated in 180 minutes a week of moderate-intensity exercise. They also drank a daily beverage containing 39 milligrams of caffeine, but one group consumed green tea with 625 milligrams of the antioxidant catechins. After 12 weeks, the tea drinkers had greater loss, 4.4 pounds compared with just more than two pounds in the control group. The green-tea group also had larger declines in total abdominal fat, subcutaneous abdominal fat and triglycerides. " you can read the rest of the article here:

MARCH 2nd....That is the day we Start the Next Boot Camp...
MARCH 20th...The First Day of Spring
MAY 22-25th.... Memorial Day weekend...and My Birthday...Very Imp
JUNE 21st... The First Day of Summer

It's important to set Target dates as a way of measuring your progress. If you want to lose a few and reach your first target date and it doesn't happen, you know you have to work twice as hard for the next target date...

Spring is 4 weeks away...Summer is 16 weeks away...whether or not your goal is to look BETTER in your bathing suit this year, lose some un-wanted FAT, drop your cholesterol..what ever it is...4 weeks is a reasonable short term target date and 16 weeks is a LIFE CHANGING one

If you have not registered you can still get in....
Enroll for Boot Camp Here:
In Miami David Kennedy Park 6:15, 7am( 2160 S Bayshore Dr)In Aventura 11:15am Mon-Wed-Fri Highland Oaks ParkIn Miami Lakes at Royal Oaks Park 7:45pmIn Pembroke Pines 6:30pm at Brian Picollo Park
In Doral at 7pm Mon-Tues-Thur
In Miami Beach at 6:15am Mon-Wed-Fri Flaminigo Park click here:

Body Weight Leg Workout

Bodyweight Squats 1. Start by placing feet shoulder width apart and holding your arms out in front of you. 2. Proceed to squat down like you are going to sit in a chair. Your upper body will lean forward slightly and your hips will shift backwards while going down. 3. Remember to keep your knees from going out in front of your toes while squatting. 4. Repeat according to your required repetitions. If you want to make the exercise more challenging hold your arms at your sides or behind your head.

Crunch 1. Start position: Lie back onto floor or bench with knees bent and hands behind head. Keep elbows back and out of sight. Head should be in a neutral position with a space between chin and chest.2. Leading with the chin and chest towards the ceiling, contract the abdominal and raise shoulders off floor or bench.3. Return to start position.Remember to keep head and back in a neutral position. Hyperextension or flexion of either may cause injury.
25 2525

Bodyweight Reverse Lunge 1. Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart. 2. Step back with one foot and bend your knees into a lunged position. Your back knee should come close to touching the ground and your front leg should be bent to about 90 degrees at the knee. 3. Maintain your upright posture throughout the movement. 4. Return to the starting position and repeat. Once repetitions are completed then repeat with the other leg.

Superman 1) Start position: Lie face down on floor with hands down at sides. You may place a rolled towel under forehead to clear face from floor.2) Raise chest and head off floor keeping feet in contact with floor.3) Return to start position.4) To increase resistance, extend arms and place hands overhead.5) Do not raise head past 8-12 inches - excessive hyperextension may cause injury. To vary exercise raise feet while raising trunk.

Bodyweight Forward Lunge 1. Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart. 2. Step foward with one foot and bend your knees into a lunged position. Your back knee should come close to touching the ground and your front leg should be bent to about 90 degrees at the knee. 3. Maintain your upright posture throughout the movement. 4. Return to the starting position and repeat. Once repetitions are completed then repeat with the other leg.

Flutter Kicks 1) Lie back onto floor or bench with both knees bent and feet flat. Place hands at sides.2) Contract abdominal muscles continuously to stabilize trunk (or tuck stomach in by drawing naval in towards spine). Lower back should be in a neutral position.3) Start position: Straighten both legs so that they are perpendicular to floor.4) Slowly lower one leg to approximately 45-90°.5) Return to start position and repeat with other leg.
15 ea1515

Side Bridge Start on your side and press up with your right arm.Form a bridge with your arm extended and hold for the prescribed number of repetitions.Trainer Comments:Hold position for 3 sec. each rep.

Adductor Raise 1. Lie on your side and lean up on your elbow. Place your top foot over your lower thigh.2. Maintaining this position and raise your lower leg keeping it straight. 3. Repeat for the required number of repetitions and then repeat with the other leg.

Calf Raise 1) Start position: Stand with feet hip width apart leaning against a ball or stand on the edge of a step on the balls of your feet with heels hanging over edge. Toes should be pointing forward.2) Contract calves by pushing off balls of feet to raise heels up in air (standing on toes)3) Lower heels and repeat.4) Remember to keep knees slightly bent throughout movement to prevent any knee strain.

*These can be done without weight
-- Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Do you want to change your body?.."Quit"...Boot Camp


Re-read the Subject Line...did I really just say Quit...!

I did, but did you notice the"...Boot Camp"

What am I getting at?

QUIT doing things that don't work!

That new diet didn't really work if you gain the weight back when you are off it.

That gym membership is useless if you don't go

Those frozen dinner won't help you when you are skipping breakfast.

I can go on and on..

Why join Boot Camp...???

Well let's talk about it 2 different ways today.

First the economy, if it's affecting you..should you stop working out?

You know the answer is NO, but more important than that look at your health..

I don't have to tell you again, exercise is life enhancing...reduces stress, drops your cholesterol, balances your sugar, reduces stress ( I know I said it twice), get more energy...come on, you know this

You need all these things...YES, you NEED them...but how does boot camp help in these economic times?

Well it's time to cut cost, and while I do charge a premium for my services if you wanted me to work with you one-on-one, here is an opportunity for you to get the same benefits of my program at a fraction on the cost...

How much of a fraction? Less than $16 per session...That right Boot Camp is $249 for 4 weeks, we offer 4 classes a week in multiple locations that everyone can take advantage of..that's less than $16 per it a bargain?..well my job is to deliver results and I charge more than 10x that now for 1-on-1 yes it is a bargain...

MORE Important Than That.,..does it work? Will You Get Results?

Everyone is taking about it Alwyn Cosgrove, Craig Ballantyne, BJ Gadour.. all the best trainers... you see it on TV infomercial Barry's bootcamp, P90... the research proves it
Tabata's, Interval Training, Cross training...

The proof is there... this style of fitness training just works better!

Do I yell? NO..why should I
Will I push you? Yes!
Will I let you quit? NO
Is it difficult? If it wasn't your body would not change.
Can anyone do it? Everyone has, 12-68, in shape and out of shape, We make it work for you

The Next Boot Camp Start March 2nd...SUMMER is creeping up will you be on the beach in shorts and a t-shirt?

Join here:...


CAMPS for 2008 are 3 times per week for 4 weeks and are $249.

In Miami David Kennedy Park 6:15, 7am( 2160 S Bayshore Dr)
In Aventura 11:15am Mon-Wed-Fri Highland Oaks Park
In Miami Lakes at Royal Oaks Park 7:45pm
In Pembroke Pines 6:30pm at Brian Picollo Park
In Doral at 7pm Mon-Wed-Thur
In Miami Beach at 6:15am Mon-Wed-Fri Flaminigo Park

click here:
to Enroll

#2 28 Day Extreme Fat Loss Program
Once again here are the links for all the details:
You Can Get $799 worth of Boot Camp Training and Meal Planning For Only $347

1 Month of Boot Camp
28 Individual Days of Custom Meals Pre Planned for You!
With 5-6 Meals on Each Day
The Secret Cardio Formula

This is almost $800 worth of Time, Meal Planning and Training and you get it all for just $347

PS...Some of the people doing this one have lost 3lbs of Fat in only One week...You would need to burn off 3,500 calories just to Burn off 1...FYI!

On March 15th 2009 we will be Joining the Walk Against AIDS in Ft. Lauderdale.

The South Florida Fitness Boot Camp family, The Results 4 Sure clients and the readers of One Pound At A Time are all welcomed.

We are trying to raise funds to make a REAL contribution as a team

Get more info here:

Thanks To All of You

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weird Reason Breakfast is Boring

This morning I was sitting in front of my computer struggling to come up with a catchy title for this. I was thinking - yet again - about stressing the importance of breakfast to you.

So as I sat there trying to be clever I mumbled out loud, "Breakfast is boring."

And there you have it. That's exactly how I came up with this title. But do NOT take this message lightly.

You see, I know you're heard it a million times before. "You have to eat breakfast." And I know it's not a super sexy message. But do you have any idea how many people I meet as a fitness professional that DO NOT eat breakfast? A lot. And do you have any idea how many of those people that don't eat breakfast are overweight? Pretty much all of them.

Look, I'm not crazy. I know you don't have much time in the morning. And I know many of you just aren't all that hungry right after you wake up.

So let's look at this another way. You get up each morning and go to work every day because you want a roof over your head and food on the table, right? Day after day after day you go to work because you want the RESULT of that effort.

Well, IF you want to burn fat, feel better and have more energy you WILL eat breakfast every morning. Period. End of discussion.

Some things are boring. Some things just have to be done to get the result you want. For those of you that want to burn fat all day long, breakfast is just one of those things.

Prograde Lean ( ) is a DELICIOUS chocolate meal replacement shake that I recommend to all my clients. It's the perfect solution to breakfast

Yours in Health


PS Have you seen the two NEW combo packs that are being offered. Just go to : to check them out.

PPS: There is still one Spot left in the 10 Day Weight Loss Jump Start
Take a look at what it takes to just lose a pound

Monday, February 16, 2009

Come Walk for a Great Cause


I encourage people to exercise all the time, BUT anytime I can exercise and help a good cause...Wow..that's a double reward.

On March 15th 2009 we will be Joining the Walk Against AIDS in Ft. Lauderdale.

The South Florida Fitness Boot Camp family, The Results 4 Sure clients and the readers of One Pound At A Time are all welcomed.

We are trying to raise funds to make a REAL contribution as a team

Get more info here:

Thanks To All of You

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What it takes to lose a pound

What It Takes to Lose a Pound
Diet and Weight Loss Tutorial
Unit of Weight
Approximate Calories
Approximate Kilojoules
A pound of body fat equates to approximately 3500 calories. So if you have a calorie deficit of 500 calories (meaning that you burn 500 calories more than you eat each day) you would lose approximately one pound per week:
500 x 7 = 3,500

A WEEK....The 10 Day Weight Loss Jump Start begins tomorrow...of the 15 people that tried it only 1 lost less than 10lbs...she lost 9... Not bad in just 10 days, when the formula above would take 10 weeks....You can still join the 10 day weight's $175 for the 10days...
Click Here to enroll:

It's all done via will have your menu's emailed to you every 2 days for 10 days

Here is the $175 payment link one last time:


When you wake up each morning you have 2 choices:
You can choose to be in a good mood or
You can choose to be in a bad mood
Each time something bad happens:
You can choose to be a victim or
You can choose to learn from it
Life is about choices, when you cut away all the junk, every situation is a choice.
You choose how you react to situations
You choose how people affect your mood
You choose to be in a good mood or a bad mood
The bottom line: It's your choice how you live your life"

Fitness is a choice, sometimes it's not the easiest to choose.

If you have made a bad choice by going through a drive thru in one of the National chains, then make a better bad choice....

If you have made the bad choice of skipping a meal, make a better bad choice in your next meal and over indulge...

If you have made the bad choice of over indulging, don't worry you can choose to burn it off later.

**One of my clients is moving to Jacksonville, so I will have a mid afternoon opening for a One on One coaching session or for a Private Boot Camp...

Can't make it to class?
Want to try it on your own...If you live in South Florida we can make it happen...get the same boot camp workout at home or at the park at a time that works for you...If you would like more information please let me know

-- Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt http://www.Results4Sure.com

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Only 2 Spots Left

Introducing A Whole New Way To Lose 10 or More Pounds in 10 days OR Less Without Starving Yourself
Dear Friends

Thank you for reading our blogs and newsletters. As a valued customer, I just wanted to write and give advanced notice of a fabulous new service we’re getting ready to offer for the second time.

Now you can also get a JUMP start on your fitness program by the same people the came up with TCT and The Miami Fitness Boot Camp. But this isn’t just any weight loss program. You can actually lose 10 or more pounds in the first 10 days.

And the results are absolutely amazing!

But the best part is that you don't have to come to South Florida to get it...
This revolutionary new service uses Detoxification and Calorie Manipulation to save you money and produce incredible results with buying a plane ticket to Miami.

So if you have started a fitness or weight loss program and the weight just isn't coming off fast enough - we can help. What’s more, since you are one of our best customers I’d to make you a special offer.

Here’s the deal: When I looked at the enrollments yesterday I thought we had 5 spots left...We only have 2...but...

Some of the questions I'm getting back are, why is it $175 for 10 Days..

Well when was the last time you lost 10lbs in 10 days and kept it off?

Well that's why this time I added the 12 days AFTER menu...

So that means you will get 22 days of pre planned Fat Burning and Weight Loss Meals..

That's less than $8 a day....Most people are now paying $125 an hour to have a private consultation with me...

This program is Tested and Guaranteed to work if you follow it step by step...

2 Spots Left and This is First Come First Serve...

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Your 10 Day Weight Loss Coach

Monday, February 9, 2009

Prograde Cravers on Sale All week, 10 Day Jump Start

Hi {!firstname},

I'm back!!! Puerto Rico was usual!

Last week I talked about all the different workouts I wanted to try this month...I didn't get a chance to talk about it because I left town, but Last Wednesday in one of Our Classes we tested a NEW variation Only had 1 round, and I don't think anyone realized till the end that we didn't take any breaks...GOOD JOB!!! First...Second, we will continue to try all new things in all the classes, so be on the lookout...

Now This Week is Valentines Day so I know all of you are going to want to work extra hard this week and as a reward
ProGrade Cravers are on SALE

Take a look:

If you love dark chocolate I have a very big Valentine's Day present for you. Seriously.
You've got to try these things. The taste is out of this world good.

What am I talking about? Prograde Cravers, that's what. They have been dubbed the best tasting healthy snack on the planet for good reason - they taste THAT good.

Plus, they have no preservatives, only 180 calories and they come in three delicious flavors: peanut butter, almond butter and spirulina.

The even better news is they are on sale all this week for Valentine's Day.
Here's everything you need to know:

- Again, because it's Valentine's Day, the sale is 14% off all purchases of Prograde Cravers
- When you checkout you will enter this coupon code to save the 14%: vday0909
- Shipping will take 3-5 days, so while I HIGHLY recommend you jump all over this sale, don't purchase these as a gift expecting them to be their for Valentine's Day itself. Buy them as a healthy gift for yourself or others.

- Sorry, Prograde Cravers are not available overseas

- The offer cannot be combined with others from Prograde and it ends this Saturday, February 14th at 11:59pm EST.

- Prograde Cravers are NOT available in stores anywhere. You can only find them online here: Prograde Cravers (hyperlink to
Look, I'm not kidding about how great they taste. They are the EXACT opposite of the bars you are used to that taste like cardboard and chemicals. In fact, if you go to Prograde Cravers ( )and watch the video of a real life taste test, well, I know you will be blown away.Yours in health,RAFAELPS - Remember, it's 14% off all Prograde Cravers purchases this week only. The sale ends this Saturday, February 14th at 11:59pm EST.
For those of you that don't know what out Jump Start is...It's a SPECIAL 10 Weight Elimination Program that I ONLY use in Special situations...

You Are going out of town in 10 days

You are getting a little frustrated with your progress

You need to fit into a Special outfit in 10 days

THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! and I can Only take 10 participants this time, last time I let 15 squeeze in...

But, some reported 6lbs lossed in the first 4 days, 10lbs losses in the first 8 days and so on...

You need to be commited, and able to follow intructions.

I give you all the step by step details you will need to Get rid that stubborn weight in 10 days.

AND this time around I am adding a 12 Day POST Jump Start Menu

If you want more info register here:

-- Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


There is a reason few people reach their goals and make their dreams come true.

Know what that reason is?

It's because they actually HAVE goals written down. The vast majority of people on this planet do not.

And not only do people that achieve goals actually set goals, they also create a a plan to make sure they make things happen.

So where does that leave you?

Do you keep telling yourself you are going to "lose some weight?" Or do you have specific goals and a plan to reach them?

Do you have a plan for what you're going to eat each day so you're not tempted to fill up on fast food? Do you have a deadline for when you're going to reach your goal?

Here's another one: you KNOW you need to be eating breakfast every day. Do you have nutritious food in the house you PLAN on eating each morning?

If not have you looked into taking advantage of a delicious meal replacement shake like Prograde Lean? (hyperlink to your store - )

This is YOUR life. Whether you want your body to look better naked, you want to improve your health, you want to have more energy, or whatever your goal is, you MUST have written goals and a plan to achieve them.

Yours in health,

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

PS:If you have not enrolled for Boot Camp Do so Now...Spring will be here before you know it PPS - Fail to plan, plan to fail. Life is easy when you plan for it to be.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

48 Days Till Spring and Don't fall for the Acai Berry Myth

Did you know the first Day of Spring is March 20th 2009


Boot Camp Starts Tomorrow

CAMPS for 2008 are 3 times per week for 4 weeks and are $249.

In Miami David Kennedy Park 6:15, 7am( 2160 S Bayshore Dr)
In Aventura 11:15am Mon-Wed-Fri Highland Oaks Park
In Miami Lakes at Royal Oaks Park 7:45pm
In Pembroke Pines 6:30pm at Brian Picollo Park
In Doral at 7pm Mon-Tues-Thur
In Miami Beach at 6:15am Mon-Wed-Fri Flaminigo Park

click here:
to Enroll

You can't really miss it on the Internet these days. Seems like everywhere you look there's another company promoting the nutritious Acai Berry as a weight loss miracle.

And that's why I thought it was critical to write you today. I want to make sure you know my opinion on the subject.

First, you know better than to believe you're going to pop some pills - ANY pills - and have the pounds and inches melt off like magic. If you've been listening to me for any length of time you know true fat loss comes from a variety of factors, including exercise and proper nutrition.

Second, any fitness expert worth their fees will tell you that any diet that promotes you eat any one food all day long and then eat a sensible dinner, well, don't bother. Yes, you will lose some weight short-term, but as soon as you go back to your old eating habits - and you know you will - you know exactly what happens.

Third, the Acai Berry contains VERY powerful antioxidants and it is getting a lot of good press for that very reason. Yes, antioxidants as in the extraordinary nutrients that help fight the free radicals associated with aging, cancer risk and other degenerative diseases.

And while on the subject, I wanted to fill you in on something that has recently come to light. Did you know that coffee berries (the berry that covers the coffee bean) is one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet? It's something researchers have discovered in recent years.

What's really cool is my friends at Prograde Nutrition have just created an amazing Whole Foods based Anti-Aging formula called Prograde Longevity that includes both Acai Berry and Coffee Berry. Oh, and it also utilizes Green Tea, Pomegranate, Wolf Berry and Biovin Grape (Red Wine extract.)

Just to give you an idea of how powerful this formula is, well, you'd have to eat an entire POUND of raspberries to get the same ORAC value. And in case you're not familiar with the term, ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity.

You can check out Prograde Longevity for yourself here:


Oh, and just so you know, you can't find Prograde products in stores anywhere. They're so exclusive they only let fitness experts work with their company to help them get the word out.

Yours in health,

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

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