Tuesday, January 7, 2014

5 Proven Principles To Your Greatest Weight Loss Week EVER

Happy Sunday ABF

Some of you skip Bootcamp and working out on the weekend, and I understand
it's Sunday...you want to chill, you want to relax and eat some wings and pizza.

But if you are off from work and free from stress...Why not get your workout in...

Why wait till Monday when you are at your busiest?

What if you plan on working out 3 days this week and something comes up on one of those days?

If you work out on Sunday you are already ahead of the game...and if you happen to exercise 3 times during the week, you are up to 4 days.

Not to mention if you plan and making it your "cheat day" then you best get some burning going!

We have class at 11am in Hialeah...See you there

Either way...Enjoy your Sunday

Master Trainer Rafael

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