Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fitness boot camps taking it to the parks - Fitness-

Fitness boot camps taking it to the parks - Fitness- "Seth Wenig / AP
Michelle Breslauer, left joins a fitness 'boot camp' in her work clothes at a park in New York. The camps have grown in popularity as people look for a way to enjoy the outdoor environment while avoiding the hassle of the gym and the cost of a personal trainer."

Surgeon General - Why Diets Fail

Surgeon General - Why Diets Fail: "Why Diets Fail
Ever try to lose weight with a trendy, so-called 'diet' or weight-loss gimmick only to experience frustration and failure? You're not alone. These types of plans often set you up for failure.
Diets Fail Because
Diets deprive us. Many diets involve eliminating certain foods or even whole food groups. This is not only unhealthy but also unrealistic for the long term.

Diets are temporary. Once they have reached their goal, most people go back to 'normal' eating, so the weight comes back.

Diets often don't fit into normal life. Weighing and measuring food may help you lose weight, but aren't practical as long-term strategies for most people.

Diets can be expensive. Buying special foods can rack up a big bill quickly.

Diets can actually lower your metabolism. When you drastically cut back on calories, your metabolism tends to slow down. You burn fewer calories and the diet becomes less effective.

Diet is only half of the equation. Lifetime weight management is not just about what you eat. It requires physical activity as well. Experts recommend 60-90 minutes a day most days of the week."

Monday, December 29, 2008

One Pound At A Time is going to be an interactive site where we will be reviewing the latest diets and nutrition programs. Exercise ideas and philosophies. Health Clubs and fitness equipment.

We will have guest writers and constant interaction from people all over the world.

We will talk about ANYTHING and EVRYTHING fitness.

Have questions , this will be the place for answers

Stop by and say “hey”

We will be helping everyone ONE POUND AT A TIME!!

This week out first topic: No More New Year’s Resolutions

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Best Boot Camp Moments of 2008

We are at the end of 2008...and while yes we will be having 1 more class...let's go back...

Post your coment...what were your favorite/funniest moments of Boot Camp this year

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fitness Boot Camps in Kendall? Miami Beach?Doral? Jan 5th?

Well the Dates for all the other Camp have been updated here:

What are we missing?

Well the NEW camps are for you...but if you don't let us know which one you want...

We can't give them to you...

If you want to start on January 5th 2009 with the WINNER of Miami BEST Fitness Class

The Only 45 minute workout the Guarantees you'll burn 500 FAT BLASTING Calories

Let me know

Hit reply...and I'll send you and enrollment link

REMEMBER We Need 4 people enrolled to Get the camp going

-- Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Top 10 fitness trends for 2009 - Healthy Living on Shine

Top 10 fitness trends for 2009 - Healthy Living on Shine: "Top 10 fitness trends for 2009 by FatFighterTV, on Thu Dec 11, 2008 10:30pm PST Read More from This Author »

This year’s most popular workout looks like it’ll keep kicking booty in 2009 - Boot Camp-style workouts still top the American Council on Exercise’s (ACE) just-released list of next year’s fitness trends. Also at the top - ACE says fitness buffs will try to get more bang for their buck in this tough economy. Here’s the entire list - I look forward to it every year!"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Local Fitness Expert Donates Free Fitness Resources To World's Largest Health

Local Fitness Expert Donates Free Fitness Resources To World's Largest Health
and Fitness Gift Giving Bonanza

Local fitness expert Rafael Moret today announced a very special invite to take part in the world's largest ever fitness information gift-giving, where an estimated 500,000 people will benefit from the combined fitness expertise of over 250 personal trainers, physical therapists and nutritionists.

Rafael Moret was chosen to represent South Florida from among thousands of fitness experts in recognition of his specialist knowledge in the area of weight loss and is expected to make quite an impact when he releases his lastest REPORT called 21 Tips, Tricks, Recipes, and More For A Healthy and Fit 2009 which is aimed at helping people safely and rapidly switch to a fit lifestyle

Moret said "The reason I created this REPORT is because I believe that our overall state of UN-healthyness has become a real problem to so many PEOPLE who have tried all of the traditional approaches to fitness and yet still failed to achieve appreciable results. I wanted to give people a simple, straighforward, yet seriously effective means to a new way of life

Moret continued, "what makes the release of this report so special is that it's going to be part of a much bigger and impactful program as part of Dax Moy's '12 days of fitness' program where we anticipate that over 500,000 people will receive advice and help with achieving their health and fitness goals for 2009. To have been selected for such an important role within the project is a great honor indeed"

You can receive your own free copy of Rafael Moret's 21 Tips, Tricks, Recipes, and More For A Healthy and Fit 2009 and hundreds of others for free by visiting and getting your name onto the gift list which will begin delivering fitness gifts worldwide from December 10th.

Done-For-You: Holiday Desserts,

I know, I know, I know. The holidays are here and temptation seems to be EVERYWHERE. Now is NOT the time for those with a sweet tooth to fall off the wagon.

So that's why I've got two great Holiday dessert ideas for you that won't pack on the pounds.

First, is Grilled Banana Splits. Here's the simple ingredients you'll need:

4 ripe bananas

2 Tbsp chocolate chips

1/2 cup non-fat, frozen vanilla yogurt

4 tsp chopped walnuts

Here are the easy-to-follow directions:

1- Preheat oven to 400 degrees

2- Place each banana on its side on a piece of foil. Cut a slit lengthwise across the top. Leave the skin attached.

3- Push 1/2 Tbsp chocolate chips into the slit of each banana.

4- Wrap the bananas with the foil, leaving the top open. Grill or bake about 15 minutes or until the chocolate melts.

5- Loosen the foil and press the bananas open a little.

6- Top each banana with 2Tbsp of the frozen yogurt and sprinkle with 1tsp walnuts.

That's it for a nutritious and delicious treat!

Second, if you like your life even easier, and you're a big fan of Dark Chocolate, you are going to LOVE Prograde Cravers. I seriously cannot even begin to tell you how delicious they taste.

You have to watch this video to see for yourself. You'll see fitness professionals tasting Prograde Cravers for the very first time. Yes, fitness pros that have tasted every bar on the planet are amazed at how good they taste.

Trust me, you have to see this:

Yours in health,


PS - Seriously, Cravers make the PERFECT holiday dessert. They are less than 200 calories and are made from organic dark chocolate.

PPS If you have not done it..Head over to the 12 Days of Fitness and Get all your free stuff

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

12 Days Starts Tomorrow!

Just a quick 'heads up' for you to remind you that this year's 12 days of fitness officiallystarts tomorrow.

Each day for the next 12 days you'll be receiving the links to a sackload of fitnessgifts that are absolutely FREE and yetwill prove priceless as you work towardyour health and fitness goals in 2009.

Keep your eyes peeled for the email coming from me tomorrow with the subject '12 Days Of Fitness Day 1' ok?

Oh, and remember, your friends, familyand work colleagues can still get get onboard and claim their FREE gifts... ...if they're quick!

Send 'em to Today!

Speak soon!


Kendall,Palm Beaches,Doral, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami Beach BOOTCAMP???

Kendall and Miami Beach have the lead...but not quite there yet
NOW we have a NEW player in the Game Palm Beach County wants a bootcamp
Request are coming in for it.
Again... I want you guys to see what's going on
Post your replies on the blog:

AND NOW!!!!!!!!

The 12 Days Of Fitness Starts Tomorrow..
Go and sign up now if you haven't yet

If you have not enrolled for any of the other Boot Camps

Miami at David Kennedy Park
Aventura at Highland Oaks Park
Pembroke Pines at Brian Piccolo
Miami Lakes at Royal Oaks
You can do it NOW here:

the dates for the New Camps have been added to the site

12 Days Of Fitness Starts Tomorrow

Monday, December 8, 2008

NEW BOOT CAMPS for 2009 & The secret for a proper post-workout meal

Hi ,

Before I get to the JUICY stuff The New Dates for All the Existing Camps Has Been Updated....Miami Beach...DORAL...KENDALL..Ft. LAUDERDALE...Where Do YOU Want Them?????

Now is the time...If you want it..say the word...but say it NOW!..Last month we tried The Camps on the Beach and in Doral and while a lot of you showed interest..when it was time to get started where did you go...YES the workout are tough and yes you have to make some eating changes..but 3 times per week for 45 minutes is NOTHING..look at all those people wasting 2-3 hours in the gym chit chatting...

Hit Reply and Be ready to enroll..the first 4 people to to reply Per Camp Get the Camp of they want...WAIT!!!!!! I want you guys to see how out in the OPEN the results are!!!!!

I'm going to post this on my Boot Camp Blog Right Now...

you can respond there or via email...but respond on the blog so everyone can see what's going on...I don't want any one to say I'm making things is the Blog :

Go an add you comment NOW!!!

I'm sure you've heard before that your post-workout meal is actually your most important meal of the day (aside from breakfast).

I'd have to agree with that for the most part because refueling your body with the right combination of nutrients is SOOOOO vastly important to repairing your muscles from the breakdown of a workout, and keeping your metabolism sky high.

From the research about post-workout meals:

"A recent 12-week study says that those who failed to consume a post workout meal immediately after their workouts suffered a lower metabolism, loss of fat free mass, and had clear indications of muscle loss - while their counterparts (those who consumed a post workout recovery meal) significantly lost more fat, increased lean muscle, improved their metabolism, and increased dynamic strength."

I've noticed that many people are confused as to what actually makes a good post-workout meal. A couple common questions about post workout meals:

1. Aren't post-workout meals just important for building muscle? Do they matter at all if my goal is fat loss?

2. Is it best to use one of the fancy post-workout drinks or shakes that you see in the magazines or is a whole food meal better? What's the best combination of carbs to protein to fat in a good post workout meal?

3. How quickly after a workout is best to consume my post workout meal?


1. Post-workout meals are important for BOTH muscle building and fat loss!

Always remember that one of the most important aspects of long term fat loss and maintaining a lean body for life is raising your overall metabolic rate by building and maintaining adequate lean muscle mass throughout your body.

By consuming a proper post workout meal after every workout, you assist your body in repairing and building lean muscle throughout your body. The more lean muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate... hence, you lose fat easier, and it is MUCH easier to stay lean long term.

2. Whole foods or supplement shakes? This can be done either way, but I'm going to show you some guidelines why some post-workout shakes are better than others and some whole foods are better than others. Either way, you can make it work.

First, keep in mind that your goal throughout the majority of each day is eating small whole food meals frequently that digest slowly with high fiber and a controlled glycemic response (blood sugar). These normal daily meals should also contain healthy fats and slowly digested proteins to keep a steady supply of amino acids.

Well, when it comes to post-workout meals, you can almost use the exact opposite strategy of your normal meals. With post-workout meals, you actually want a faster digesting carbohydrate source to elicit an insulin response, which surges nutrients and glycogen back into your muscles for repair.

So while I always preach high fiber for most of your meals, with post-workout, you actually want low fiber, high GI carbs, and quickly digesting proteins as well for muscle repair.

Another aspect to keep in mind... while I always preach healthy fats at most of your meals... with the post workout meal, you actually want almost all carbs and protein, and very little fat if any. Fat just slows the absorption and glycemic response which is not what you want with the post-workout meal.

What about ratios of carbs and protein?

I've reviewed dozens and dozens of studies on this subject and it always seems to come back to a ratio of approximately 2 to 1 carbs to protein. This seems to be the optimal combination to maximize muscle repair to boost that metabolism for long term fat loss.

I usually make my post-workout shakes using a frozen banana, whey protein, water, and some real maple syrup and aim for about a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein.

If you want to make things simpler, one of the best post-workout shakes that I've found is Prograde's Varsity Post-Workout mix. Check it out at:

3. How quickly should you eat (or drink) your post-workout meal?

As soon as you can after your workout (the sooner the better)!

Studies show that the sooner you consume your post workout meal following your intense workout, the better your muscle recovery will be, and a higher percentage of the carbs ingested will be used for muscle glycogen replenishment instead of other uses.

The first thing I do when I get back from the gym is make my post workout shake, and this is about 10 min after finishing my workout.

Make sure to check out some of the other research about post-workout recovery meals at:

Alright, I'll be back soon with more Fat Burning Secrets. Til then...

Don't be lazy... Have A Fit Day!



Thursday, December 4, 2008

Disturbing Fact You Might Not Like

Fitness pros get a bad rap at times. And hey, sometimes it's well deserved. It's unfortunate, but there are still way too many "meat head" trainers who are more interested in looking at themselves in a mirror than they are in their own clients.

But we also take heat at times for being too interested in looks and appearance than health and wellness.

Well, I'm going to fill you in on a little secret. We've tried to market our businesses by educating people about the health benefits of proper nutrition and exercise. We'd love for people to care more about their health than how they look.

Unfortunately, and this holds true for the vast majority of people, they only care about their health once they've lost it.

Think about that for a little bit.

I can tell you right now the unscrupulous marketers online are making a FORTUNE promoting these Acai Berry pills right now. And they are able to do that because they are promoting it as weight loss and not the real benefit of Acai Berry.

It is the "magic pill" of the day. If you've been paying attention to the weight loss market you'll know it used to be Hoodia.

Now, you might not like it, but I'm not going to be the one to lie to you. I'm not going to be the one to tell you take this little pill and watch the weight fall off. Acai Berry is a heck of an antioxidant that can help your body fight the aging process and help boost your immune system, but it's not going to flush the excess pounds off your belly, butt, hips and thighs. Sorry.

Now my friends at have an amazing product that includes Acai Berry as one of its main ingredients. But unlike the Grade A scumbags out there lying to you, they only promote their product for what it is; a very powerful Antioxidant formula to help boost your health.

So if your health is of interest to you then definitely check out

Sorry if this ticks you off. I'm here to shed light on the truth for you. It's up to YOU to decide whether or not your health is more valuable to you than your appearance.

Yours in health,


PS - Again, if you value your health and want help with the aging process I can't recommend to you enough.



Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Salsa Dancing and 12 Days of Fitness

Hi Everyone
I have some exciting NEWS Today...


We're just 7 days out from the start
of this Year's
and boy, have we been puting together
a bunch of great FREE gifts for you!

There are well over a hundred exercise
programs, diets, nutrition plans, videos,
audios, reports and tons more getting lined
up to hit your inbox from 10th December...

...and all of it is FREE. It won't cost you
a single penny!

All of the contributors (myself included)
are really looking forward to sharing
their gifts with you ,but we really need your help
to make this work.

First, we need you to get on over to right
away and update your details into the
form we've set up over there. This will
make sure you don't miss out on the gifts
as we release them on the tenth.

Second, we need you to tell everyone
you know about the gift-giving. You see,
we want this to be big. No, HUGE, and
the only way to accomplish that is to get
the word out through everyone who
we know.

That means you too!

You don't have to do much ,just send your family, friends and colleagues
on over to
to get their own gifts and we'll do the rest.

Can you help?

I hope so, we really want this to help as
many people as possible.

Thanks in advance!


My buddy Christian just opened his second Casa Salsa location in Weston,Fl

Now for all of you that read my blog and get my newsletters, you know I am a huge endorser of finding fitness outside of the gym...well not only is Salsa the coolest dance ever, you burn 400-500 calories an hour dancing..OH YEAH..

So if you live in South Florida go check it out at:
140 Weston Rd
Weston Fl 33326 or

Speak soon!