Monday, April 30, 2012

Xtreme Fat Loss Finishers - Lose 25lbs in 25 days

 I'm going to tell you how to get Xtreme Fat Loss Finishers (my latest
creation) FREE.  But first...

Over the past few weeks you've probably heard A LOT about my good
friend Joel Marion's brand new 25-day RAPID fat loss program, The
Xtreme Fat Loss Diet.

Well, I've got some great news for you -- as of today, May 1st, the
Xtreme Fat Loss Diet exclusive $30 OFF behind-closed-doors pre-sale
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Several IMPORTANT things I need you to be aware of:

1. As mentioned, to celebrate the "Official Release" of the Xtreme
Fat Loss Diet, Joel is running a $30 OFF pre-sale on the entire
system until midnight on Thursday.

2. This special pre-sale is NOT available to the general public, but
rather is located on a special "hidden" page of the website. Here's
the link again:

How to Lose 25 lbs in 25 days <------- Your exclusive $30 off invitation

3. This program is absolutely NOT for everyone:
While Joel's new system is all about how to lose fat FAST (up to 25
pounds in 25 days fast), it is NOT a "quick fix", magic-bullet solution.

Instead, it's a highly strategic system that incorporates some rather
advanced strategies like cheat days, fast days, depletion days, and
strategically timed exercise in the most ideal combination to yield
the fastest possible result.

And believe it or not, he's even included one little-known, but
extremely effective method on Day 5 of the program that will actually
help you GAIN a couple pounds of firm, lean calorie-burning muscle
as you rapidly lose fat. Pretty nuts.

Still, the truth remains: this is a somewhat "intense" system and as
such will require your full dedication and effort over a short 25 day
period--if you're someone who's not able to go 100% for 3 and a half
weeks, this program isn't going to be a great fit for you.

BUT, if you're someone who's willing to put in the work and follow
the program to a letter for 25 short days, you can expect to see
some pretty remarkable progress in a very short period of time.

25 Day Blueprint <----- Your pre-sale link

4. VERY IMPORTANT (TODAY ONLY) - While the $30 OFF debut sale will
be available through Thursday, there is a super cool $1000 Value FAST
ACTION BONUS for Day 1 orders ONLY.

The Bonus - If you order today (and today only), you will be given
access to a 120-minute Fat Loss All-Star Coaching session where
Joel Marion, John Romaniello (Final Phase Fat Loss), and Dr. Kareem
Samhouri (Double Edged Fat Loss) will ALL be on the line to answer
your personal fat loss questions.

This type of direct coaching from
3 industry experts all at once is not available anywhere else at any
price, but if you pick up the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet TODAY, you'll gain
access to the call for FREE.

Invitation Sale <------- $30 off & your $1000 value Fast Action Bonus (today only)

Bottom line, I wouldn't be recommending this program to you if I
didn't believe in it 110% -- if you're up for the 25 day challenge,
this is probably the "smartest" fat loss program I've ever come

And right now, you can get it before *anyone* else while saving a
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Rafael Moret


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lap-Band,oBand, Gastric bypass vs. Bootcamp

Years ago Lap-Band surgery cost roughly around $25,000. Today you can have surgery for $4000 – $7000.
But really
The lap band surgery may cost anywhere from $17,000 to $30,000. The cost includes pre-op tests, surgeon fees, hospital charges. There may be additional charges added for follow up care.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website presented a study which shows the estimated cost of obesity, including direct (preventative, diagnostic and treatment services related to obesity) and indirect (income lost, decreased productivity, restricted activity, absenteeism and bed days) medical costs. In 1998 alone, total adult medical expenditures attributable to overweight and obesity was estimated at $51.5 billion, including out-of-pocket medical expenses, private insurance, Medicaid and Medicare. According to a more recent study (by RTI International, the Agency for Healthcare Research, and Quality and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) the annual medical expenditures attributable to obesity have increased significantly over the past decade to approximately $147 billion per year. An obese person spends approximately $1,429 in medical costs - 42% more than a person of normal weight.
According to the June 2005 online version of the Journal Health Affairs, the cost of obesity can add up to $15,568 a year, including medications and food.   WEIGHT-RELATED COSTS   This includes: Medical/Drug costs $5,965 Out of Pocket Healthcare Expenses $2,182 Employment Inactivity Costs $900 Commercial Weight loss Programs $600 Prescription Co-Pays $600 Grocery and Dining Costs $5,321
Total $15,568
The cost of gastric bypass ranges from $18,000 to $35,000, depending on where you live. The good news is that, increasingly, insurance providers (including Medicare and, in some states, Medicaid) are offering gastric bypass surgery insurance that covers all or part of the gastric bypass cost if your doctor establishes medical necessity and if you meet the National Institutes of Health insurance requirements.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost Breakdown

The cost of gastric bypass surgery comprises:
  • Anesthesia fees
  • The hospital facility fee
  • The surgeon's fee
  • Pre-op lab and X-ray fees
  • Some period of time after surgery for post-operative care (typically 90 days)
Factors not included in the cost of gastric bypass:
  • Post-surgery behavior, exercise and diet counseling, including the cost of vitamins and supplements.
  • low risk
  • minimally invasive
  • reversible
  • adjustable
  • no hospitalization
  • no cutting
  • no malabsorption
  • no unhealthy muscle wasting
  • no dumping
  • no diarrhea
  • no osteoporosis
REALLY? (This is my own input)<<<<< BYPASS
  • high risk
  • invasive
  • irreversible
  • permanent, non adjustable changes in anatomy
  • 2-3 days hospitalization
  • intestines cut and rearranged
  • chronic malabsorption
  • unhealthy muscle wasting
  • dumping
  • diarrhea
  • osteoporosis
(this is on their own site)
While surgeons have reported that gastric bypass yields a faster pace of weight loss in the first year, the long-term results of gastric bypass and LAP-BAND® are practically the same. The real difference is in the shorter-term results. Whereas gastric bypass is far more invasive and requires a longer recovery time, LAP-BAND® is the minimally invasive, safer and more controlled surgical option.
Now after eading all that
Let me ask you some logical questions..
Which one of these helps with your cholesterol?
Which one of these helps with your diabetes ?
Which one of these helps with your stess and hyper tention?
Which one of these will help you get stronger?
Less winded when you go up the stairs?
Which one shows you how to eat? What to eat? When to eat? To Support Your Goal
Which one will give you long, lean, lean muscle tissue?
Why do I push Boot Camp or my program?
Because we do give you all those things!!
Exercise, specially the way we do it, will help with:
It can lower the risk of heart attack, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, depression, dementia, osteoporosis, gallstones, diverticulitis, falls, erectile dysfunction, peripheral vascular disease and 12 kinds of cancer.
But what if you already have one of these conditions? Or an ailment like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, congestive heart failure or osteoarthritis? How can you exercise if you’re always tired or in pain or have trouble breathing? Can exercise really help?

Can exercise really help?
You bet it can. Marilyn Moffat, a professor of physical therapy at New York University and co-author with Carole B. Lewis of “Age-Defying Fitness” (Peachtree, 2006), conducts workshops for physical therapists around the country and abroad, demonstrating how people with chronic health problems can improve their health and quality of life by learning how to exercise safely. “The data show that regular moderate exercise increases your ability to battle the effects of disease,” Dr. Moffat said in an interview. “It has a positive effect on both physical and mental well-being. The goal is to do as much physical activity as your body lets you do, and rest when you need to rest.”
They can feed you BS on how it hurts or takes along time....but it is just that BS
You can Join This OLD 90 Day Body transformation challenge:
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Have a Great Sunday
Rated "R"


Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Truth About Fat Loss

 Re:  The Rated "R" 14 Day Fat Flush

A couple days ago I sent you an email telling you about the new rapid fat loss program I stumbled upon while working with a few of my training clients.
Since that email Yesterday I’ve been flooded with emails from folks who want to join my 14 Day Fat Flush “beta” program so I decided that I’m going to take on 15-17 new clients into this program and I’m starting it this coming Monday  April 23rd at  ANY of my locations 2400 W 80th St in Hialeah (at our facility) or at Brian Picollo Park
Here are some details about the program that you should know before you join:
This is a 14 day training and nutrition (manipulation) program that’s relatively intense. You’re going to work hard for two weeks BUT your results are going to come fast and will be significant when you follow the program.
Some people will lose six to twelve pounds during these two weeks and a couple dress and pant sizes.
The program is simple in its brilliance. You’ll come and workout with me four to five days per week for two weeks, and eat the foods that I’ve outlined for you in the program. It’s simple actually – just read it and eat it and the results will come. You need to attend any 4 class times and upto ALL 5.
You will experience soreness in your muscles. Nothing too bad, but definitely some soreness letting you know that you just had an awesome workout.
And the eating program I give you will NOT be a starvation diet. I’m totally against starvation diets. It’s actually a decent amount of calories manipulated in a crafty way to help your body burn maximum fat and to retain muscle tone during the 14 days.
Like I have said, I have tested this already with Great success. This is a NEW version that I think will work even better.
I think you’ll actually enjoy it.
Now here’s the best part of this whole thing… the cost.
Since this is my beta version and since I’m only taking on a small group of 15-17 new clients on this program. I’ve priced it for anyone to afford.
All the DETAILS are Here:
 I also need to say some spots were taken yesterday and there is a Big Press release going out.
You guys have heard about it first and have first pick.


Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat


and I know this is in the back of you mind so I want to share..

2 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat

Reason # 1 – You’re Doing More Cardio

According to studies – (International Journal of Obesity 32: 177-184, 2008 for example), you can actually gain weight by performing cardiovascular exercise.  In this study, some people in the group ate an average of an additional 268 calories per day, just about negating their efforts.  Now ask yourself, do you find yourself hungrier on the days you perform cardio?Eating an additional 268 calories because you are exercising?  No wonder you’re frustrated.
Now, remember, that was the average.  So, let’s say you burn 200 calories in a long, boring cardio session, but you consume 300 additional calories due to being hungry.
That’s a 100 calorie surplus in calories daily.  That means in just 35 days, you can actually gain a pound of fat from doing cardio. (100 X 35 = 3500, and you know that 3500 calories are in a lb of fat).

Reason # 2 – You’re Doing Crunches and Sit-ups to Show Your Abs

You’ve been doing it now for months.  Your abs look the same.  Why do you keep doing it?  Check this out – the more fit and lean you get, the LESS effective crunches and sit-ups are.  Your abs are taking on less resistance.
Did you read the Men’s Health issue that showed it took 20,000 crunches to burn 1 lousy pound of fat?  Seriously.  That’s ridiculous.  Crunches are not the BEST ab exercise!  .

20,000 crunches to lose JUST one pound of fat?

How to Fix These Two Problems…AT THE SAME TIME??

Scientific studies show that interval style training like metabolic workout finishers can release a hormone called catecholamines.  And catecholamines can reduce appetite.  Also, it’s a very difficult word to pronounce and hormones that are hard to pronounce are bound to burn fat J
So you know that metabolic finishers burn more fat than cardio, but a big plus is that it can decrease your appetite?  Sweet!  That solves the cardio problem.
To fix the crunches and sit-ups, you need to perform exercises that sculpt your abs in unison because crunches only hit a portion of your abs.  Your abs are made of:
For instance, by performing the cross-body mountain climber, you hit your entire abdominal wall rather than just the first layer like crunches.  Well, that fixes the sit-ups and crunches problem.

So How Can You Tweak Your Workout without Wasting A Lot of Time?

Since you have a life, I’m guessing you probably don’t feel like adding another hour to your current workout just for intervals and ab work, right?
Well, what if you were able to get the ab-sculpting benefits from the right exercise and combine it with the fat-burning power of a metabolic finisher, which takes only a fraction of the time?

Try this Ab Finisher at the End of Your Next Workout

Do the following circuit twice, resting for 30 seconds between circuits
1)    Ab Wheel or Stability Ball Rollout (15)
2)    Burpees (12)
3)    Cross-Body Mountain Climbers (12 ea side)
4)    DB/KB Swings (20)
By incorporating the ab finisher above, you:
  • Used a newer form of interval training using multiple muscle groups, burning more calories than traditional interval training
  • Worked your entire abdominal wall using proven abdominal exercises
  • Elevated your metabolism even further by complimenting your main workout program, helping you burn hundreds of calories more
By incorporating a unique combination of cardiovascular and muscular movements (like the burpee and the swings), and plugging in the abdominal exercises at the right times, you sculpt your midsection while at the same time keeping your heart rate up with incomplete recovery.  This is a form of metabolic resistance training.

Ab Finishers Burn A LOT More Calories

The science proves to us that this type of training, like metabolic finishers, sheds belly fat MUCH faster and more effectively than traditional cardio or training.
And science proves to us that using exercises like the rollout and cross-body mountain climbers work and sculpt your midsection much better than traditional crunches or sit-ups, all while saving your lower back.


If you come to Bootcamp you have NO PROBLEM...

If you have NOT JOINED BOOTCAMP YET...Then You are just using OLD METHODS that will not get you as far as you want.

But we can FIX that for you right NOW!

Join Bootcamp the SPECIAL rate of $87 every 2 weeks for Unlimited classes
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The Simplified Nutrition Plan ($47 Value)

If you are confused or need some direction with nutrition, this guide will blow you away with its simplicity. Dieticians charge hundreds of dollars for a nutrition program, but you get it free.  It includes a grocery list, too.


Rated "R"

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The Simplified Nutrition Plan 


Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt 


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Should you take "Supplements"?

 Wednesday is here people...and that means I am going to kick it up a notch at bootcamp.

That also means some people are going to call it a week and start relaxing and eating junk.

Some people are going to get there week started today...and that's good...and some people are already 2 days into the workout week and are moving strong....

Where ever you we go!!!

People are always asking:
What supplements should I take?
What pills are good?
What Vitamins are good?
What diet products are good?

I always say you should supplements, but for that purpose. To supplement their food or exercise program, not instead of it.

I always recommend Prograde, because they make quality products. I know the owners, nutritionist and dietitians behind the products personally. 

What is important is not just to know what supplements to take, but WHY?

Let me give you an example...have you ever heard of "Astaxanthin"

Have you ever wondered why krill oil was brightly colored red instead of yellow like other marine omega-3 lipids?

This pigment responsible for giving krill oil its unique color is a special red carotenoid called astaxanthin. If that isn’t just a mouthful enough to say, it has also has been demonstrated to have a laundry list of pharmacological effects including as an antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, and anti-inflammatory agent according many research studies.

Those little DETAILS make this company AWESOME!

Want info on fat loss:
Most supplement companies want nothing to do with this nutrient. Well, at least it seems that way.
You'd think with all this powerful research coming out they'd be following our lead.

GENESIS has the power to quench the flames of inflammation and help you maintain your energy, strength, good looks, and great health.
What would you do if there was a fire raging inside of you?

And what if you knew that this fire was threatening your health, could cause your body short-term and long-term damage, and could compromise your ability to live and move the way you wanted?

Would you ignore it?

Or would you do anything you could to put it out?
All the details about GENESIS are here:
and I have individual servings at my place
So-called “hydration sports drinks” are mostly sugar-only beverages that do little else than make you fatter and unhealthier.

All that sugar you drink simply gets converted to body fat and does nothing to sustain your energy levels.

It also wreaks havoc on your blood sugar levels and insulin production, which can set the stage for pre-diabetes or full-blown diabetes.

What you need instead is a beverage higher in protein (to sustain your energy levels) and fiber (to fill you up and keep you hunger-free for longer).

This is what DOES work to shed off all your excess weight without a crazy diet or exercise program that no REAL humanbeing could actually stick to.

These are yours in the new Prograde® Fusion™ “on the go” water drink mix pouches..

And I have these too
Packed with healthy fats your body needs and zero trans fats No preservatives
 Less than 200 calories so it’s THE perfect snack
 Satisfies your chocolate craving with Organic Dark Chocolate
 Perfect (and safe) for kids and young athletes
 Three great flavors: Peanut Butter, Almond Butter and Spirulina
 Prograde Cravers are made gluten free
 Prograde Cravers are certified organic through the USDA 
And I have these at the Hialeah location

I have some FREE samples for you
Workout Free Trial url:
Men’s and Women’s VGF Free Trial url:
Longevity Free Trial url:

I will see Everyone at boot camp class today

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt