Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The 1,000 Rep Workout and 24/7 Fat Burning

It's a CRAZY Tuesday people...

So Saturday I tested a NEW Variation of the 1,000 Rep Workout. Monday I tested it with some of my bootcampers and here is what it looked like.:

This WORKOUTS HAS 10 Stations...At Every Station you will perform 20 Reps.

You will time how long it takes you to finish each round. The End Goal is to finish 5 rounds (1,000 Reps Total)
  1. Kettlebell swing
  2. Crunches on a swiss ball or bosu
  3. Row (Using a suspension strap like the TRX or jungle Gym)
  4. Chest Presses (Using a suspension strap like the TRX or Jungle Gym)
  5. Resistance Band biceop curls
  6. Resistance Band tricep extensions
  7. Single leg Step ups right leg
  8. Single leg step up left leg
  9. Spedgehammer Slams into a tire or sand
  10. Dumbbell side lateral raises
You can print this out, try it at the gym or at home...time yourself..

This workout not only is high volume but the afterburn is intense...you will continue to Burn calories for a long time even after you finish.

Now..for a week or so I have been giving you a variety of KEYS to burning Fat ALL THE TIME

4 Strategies You MUST Employ To Ensure You Never Go A Minute Without Burning Fat

There's no way around it, if you want to burn fat all the time, your body must be in a fat burning state all the time.

And there's only one way that's possible: Your body's fat burning hormones must be optimized 24/7 and your metabolism must be elevated around the clock. Fortunately, we do both with the use of four very strategic methods employed in the 24/7 Fat Loss system:

1) Optimized Nutrient Combining™

You likely already know that you should be eating a mix of high quality proteins, healthy fats, and fibrous carbohydrates daily.

What you may not know, however, is that how you combine these nutrients can and will have a profound effect on your body's hormonal response to each meal, and therefore your fat loss.

Avoiding the "Deadly Combination"

If your goal is to avoid fat storage, it's certainly in your best interest to avoid the presence of fatty acids and storage hormones (such as insulin) in your blood stream at the same time.

Why, because Storage + Fat = Fat Storage, and you don't want that.

When you eat fat, fatty acids are released in to the blood. When you eat carbs, insulin is released in to the blood to shuttle blood sugar to its storage sites.

Putting two and two together, you can likely see that the two nutrients you'll want to avoid eating together are carbs and fat.

Again, carbs cause the storage hormone insulin to be released. Fat ingestion leads to large amounts of fatty acids in the blood. Insulin + fat = fat storage.

To avoid this "deadly combination", follow this simple rule: Consume protein with every meal. Add either carbs or fat (but not both).

So now that you know which nutrients to eat together (and those to avoid), when should you eat a Protein + Carb meal and when should you eat meals that contain Protein + Fat?

The answer:

2) Carb Syncing™

Contrary to popular belief, the key to fat loss is not avoiding carbs, it's learning to eat them only when your body is most primed to "handle" them best. This comes at two different times of day:
  1. In the morning
  2. After intense exercise
For one, loads of research has shown that carbohydrate tolerance is highest in the morning, making it a no brainer to consume a large portion of your daily carb intake at breakfast when your body is best equipped to process them.

If you're in to snacking like we are, mid-morning is another great time for carbs.

The second "best" time to eat carbs is after intense exercise since your body is ultra primed to suck them up for recovery and energy replenishment, and NOT fat storage.

Want a double whammy of carbohydrate sensitivity? Schedule your workouts in the morning and consume ALL of your carbs early in the day.

We call this "best of both worlds" scenario Carb Syncing™ because you "sync" your carbohydrate intake with a time window in which your body is literally CRAVING carbs.

Carb Syncing™ and Optimized Nutrient Combining™ are the two daily tools you'll need to keep your body in a fat burning state 24 hours a day, but there's also a very important long term strategy that is an absolute must if you want to keep your metabolism happy week after week:

3) Strategic Overfeeding™

Any time you decrease your calorie intake in an effort to shed those stubborn pounds, your body responds by derailing your metabolism and decreasing levels of fat burning hormones as an anti-starvation mechanism .

In fact, after only a single week of dieting your metabolism is only operating at 50% of its fat burning potential – that means you'll be missing out on a TON of fat loss in the coming weeks unless you do something about it.

The good news is that while it takes roughly a week of moderate dieting for fat burning hormones to take a plunge, it only takes one day of cheating, or overfeeding, to boost those levels back up to baseline.

By frequently resetting your metabolism with strategically placed high-calorie Cheat Days, you can essentially have your cake and eat it too while watching your waistline continually shrink week after week.

Up next, the only research proven way to increase metabolism around the clock:

4) Metabolic Resistance Training™

As mentioned previously, most exercise doesn't do anything for your metabolism over the long term.

Spend 45 minutes on the treadmill and maybe burn 1/10th of one pound of fat.

<Sarcasm> Wow. That's amazing. </Sarcasm>

Fact is, if you are truly looking to burn fat around the clock, you absolutely must be performing exercise that has a prolonged effect on your metabolism for hours after your session is done.

In fact, research has shown that a specific form of exercise called Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) can increase your metabolism for up to 48 hours post workout – that's TWO DAYS of elevated metabolism from a single 40-minute workout.

Do you know how much MORE fat you'll burn from one of those workouts?

Yes, WAY more than "cardio" or traditional high rep circuit training, that's for sure.

So what exactly is Metabolic Resistance Training™?

MRT is a series of non-competing total body resistance training exercises linked together with incomplete cardiovascular recovery.

Now, that may sound like a mouthful, so let's break it down. For example, a workout may start with these four movements:
  1. Dumbbell Lunges x 8 reps per side
  2. Dumbbell Chest Press x 8 reps
  3. Goblet Squats x 8 reps
  4. Dumbbell Row x 8 reps per side

No rest between movements.

Because there is no rest between each exercise, there is not enough time for your cardiovascular system to fully recover (i.e. incomplete recovery).

The exercises are "non-competing" because they transition from upper body to lower body, allowing the muscles of your upper body to rest while your lower body works (and vice versa).

Essentially, you're providing a HUGE metabolic stimulus to your entire muscular and cardiovascular systems at the SAME time through strategically designed full body resistance training combined with minimal rest. This is what allows for an unparalleled exercise-induced increase in metabolism for hours and hours after your session—something we call the AFTERBURN.

You want the afterburn, and with MRT you'll be getting PLENTY of it.

Simply put, when you combine the metabolism power of Metabolic Resistance Training with the hormone-regulating power of Optimized Nutrient Timing, Carb Syncing, and Strategic Overfeeding, the only thing your body can do is respond by burning fat 24/7.

The science is simply too strong, and the program is simply too smart.

Are you ready to instantly DOUBLE your fat loss and begin burning fat EVERY minute of every day?



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