Sunday, March 9, 2014

Are you using the right equipment for fatloss?

Hey Everyone

Rafael Here

I’m going to do some “old school” cardio today after my workout, but with a “new school” twist that has been PROVEN to be better than traditional cardio or even intervals.

This “new school” cardio is from my friend Mike Whitfield, a master trainer that has lost 105 pounds, and creator of Bodyweight Finishers 2.0.

You see, your own body is the best fatloss equipment you could ever own.

Think about it… what’s the first thing you think of when I say the word “cardio”?

Let me guess… the treadmill or spin bike, right?

Now what muscles are you using with those – even if you’re doing “HIIT” (high intensity interval training)? … your legs, and that’s it.

So, rep after rep, you’re pounding your legs and joints, while neglecting the rest of your muscles. These are FREE fat-burning tools at your fingertips and they aren’t being used!

But how do you use your own body as a replacement for cardio?

This is just scratching the surface, but here’s just one example using the ladder approach…

Do the following circuit as shown, resting only when needed. In the first circuit, you’ll complete 6 reps of each exercise. In the next circuit, you’ll complete 5 reps of each. Continue in this fashion until you complete 1 rep of each exercise.

Jump Squats or Total Body Extensions (6…1)
Offset Pushups (6/side…1/side)
Bodyweight Chops (keep those abs braced hard!) (6/side…1/side)

See how you hit more muscle groups?

It’s like cardio, but on caffeine… and they can be done ANYWHERE because they require ZERO equipment. See how it works here:

This finisher was taken from Mike’s brand new Bodyweight Finishers 2.0, which is on sale until Friday at a HUGE discount.

Master Trainer Rafael

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