Sunday, February 24, 2008

Information Overload

Seriously -- there is SO much information out there telling you how to Lose weight and Get in Shape...How to do it in 10 minutes... how to cut carbs... how to exercise less... how to eat for your type or city you live in...There's just one problem.

You need something THAT WORKS for YOU to put these or any weight loss or fitness strategies into play!

What if you're a beginner starting from scratch never exercise, never been one a diet, afraid to fail?Wading through the ocean of information tools and resources online and in book stores has got to be pretty daunting.Sheesh.So I've put together a something for you.

I want to cut through the fluff... I want to cut through the confusion.I'm going to give you a *6 week crash course* in the exact steps (that have taken over 15 years to develop)you need to take to start and turn your Health and Fitness around even if you can‘t get to my studios or camps in South Fl.

My ultimate goal here is to give you the "Big Picture" of what you need to do and precisely what order you need to do it in, to get on the right path… right away.

I'm calling it The METABOLISM-MAKEOVER E-Class.

Enroll Now…that‘s right, no need to think about it.

Maybe you’ve tried stuff before, maybe you have attempted to exercise,Maybe you would like to come and train with me in Miami, but can’t make it.
Well here is you chance and it’s all online.

Maybe you will let me help you…

Maybe you won't.

Either way, I can only take a limited number of people inthis e-class and these lesson could very well make the difference between another year of poor results, wasted efforts, and lost money or a massively fit and lean 2008!

That link to the 6 week e-class again is here:

To your success!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The NEW Fitness Video Newsletter

 Hi Friends,

Bewildered and mystified...

Do these words describe you?

I'm just wondering...

Because I know you've probably seen a MILLION-and-one

products, tools, and resources on the 'Net, all promising

to show you how to start losing weight

getting in shape... getting 6 pack abs...

blah, blah, blah.

Maybe you've invested in some of them, or maybe you've

just considered it.

But -- bottom line -- you STILL don't  know exactly what you should be doing or you're looking for new things to do, right?

Well, I've put together a video newsletter to help you that

you're going to want to sign up for:

Sure we have a regular Free newsletter, but can you really see what you should do?

If we send you exercises to do, do you really know how to do them?

If we tell you to eat certain things, do you really know how to cook them?

In it, I'm going to give you a *crash course* in the exact steps

you need to take to start and vary your fitness lifestyle.

One you don't have to read...You can watch it

And a way for you to get your foot in the door and see if

it's for you a full 2 week notice before I release it to the

rest of my subscribers!

So don't miss out!

And I know you'll be pleasantly surprised by this new Video Fitness Newsletter.

You'll get workout tips, food tips, cooking tips, how to shop at the supermarket tips....all on video.

2 times per month for just $7.95 each issue....

You can't sign up on this page because it's a special pre-release, but if you would like to

put your First Name and Primary email below and I'll send you all the information you need to enroll.

To your Fitness success,

Rafael Moret,CSCS

The E-Fitness Newsletter


Primary Email:
First Name:
Medai Player or Quick Time:

Strengthen The Most Important Muscle In Your Body


There are approximately 600 muscles in the human
body--and while most are concerned about the muscles
in their lower body, their biceps, etc, none of those
really matter if the 'ol ticker isn't strong. This
week we're here with the top 10 tips to improve the
health of your heart (and, you know what, following
these simple tips will also have a wonderful benefit
of making you look and feel even better physically too).

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables. American's eat
an average of 2 servings every single day (and for our
international readers, you aren't necessarily doing
so well either). The more colorful, the better.
Throw some veggies into an omelette, fruit on your
cereal, in your protein shake, etc.

2. Eat raw nuts--like almonds, pistachios, pecans,
and walnuts. They each provide a ton of antioxidants,
healthy fats, and some protein--they're great for on
the go (but make sure they're raw, as many are roasted
in oil).

3. Eat foods that don't come from a package--the less
packaging, the better, so focus on produce, fish, grains,

4. Move more and move often. Going to the gym is
great, but what do you do the other 23 hours of the day?

5. Eat at least 25 grams of fiber each day. Have some
oatmeal in the morning, fruits and vegetables throughout
the day, and never eat a carbohydrate that has less
than 3 grams of fiber per serving.

6. Don't eat trans fats--learn to read food labels and
eliminate these dangerous fats.

7. Eat more fish--American Heart Association suggests
at least 12 oz of fatty fish per week (salmon, tuna, etc).

8. Take fish oil--yes, this is in addition to eating
fish. With over 8,000 studies on omega-3 fats, there's
surely a benefit and we're not eating enough omega-3's
at all.

9. Always eat breakfast--those who eat breakfast every
eat more fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

10. Since this week is Valentine's Day, we can't skip
over dark chocolate. There are some data to show there's
benefit to eating ONE ounce of dark (aim for a minimum of
70% cocao) each day.