Friday, May 18, 2007

What should you do if the scale doesn't move?

Q. - Quick question , what's the best way to figure out the time it takes to start losing...
w e i g h t?
Sometimes it's hard to understand the inches lost and improved muscle tone and strength that you get from the boot camps, however it takes the body around 8 weeks to show most of the result, as all the physiological changes are happening first.Is there a way you approach this if someone despite the inch decrease and the greater strength, and endurance still has an issue with not losing much w e i g h t from 4 weeks of boot camp?

A. -What does the "magic" number on the scale means to you? (e.g., if you want to be 150, how did you come up with that number). And "do you think it's possible to be perfectly happy with your body and NOT be that exact number or is your ONLY motivation for being doing this bootcamp to reach that number?" It sounds like you need to find what you motivation is---and it has to be intrinsic vs. an extrinsic motivation. I can't motivate that--Ican be a cheerleader for you, but if a number on a scale is the ONLY thing motivating you, you won't be successful. It's needs to be much more specifc. If my goal was to get to 150, how would that keep me from going out for wings and beer with friends on a Friday night? It wouldn't. Just like if my motivation was to decrease my risk for disease--that's great, but it's still not specific and individualized enough. You need to determine a short term goal (wedding, reunion, etc) and some long term goals to continue to strive towards. And what if all their clothes fit, but the scale didn't move--would yoube happy? Hard for you to say no.