Tuesday, October 31, 2023

The cure to failure, Halloween Workout + Announcement



Saturday, October 28, 2023



Hello Everyone, it's Saturday

This is that time of Year....we have 2 more shows on the calendar that we have Athletes competing in. WBFF Miami and WBFF Atlantic City

but before any of it, as always we want to take you guys along.


Lais has released EPISODE 1 of Road to WBFF Atlantic City

just click here<<


And I have also shared 3 out of 7 NEW post on our site:


"Navigating the Glamorous World of Fitness Competitions: A Guide to WBFF

>>> https://www.soyouthinkyouwanttocompete.com/blog/2023/10/28/navigating-the-glamorous-world-of-fitness-competitions-a-guide-to-wbff


Going Natural: OCB Natural Bodybuilding Championships Unveiled

>>> https://www.soyouthinkyouwanttocompete.com/blog/2023/10/28/going-natural-ocb-natural-bodybuilding-championships-unveiled 


Mastering the Stage: NGA Competitions and Your Journey to Fitness Stardom

>>> https://www.soyouthinkyouwanttocompete.com/blog/2023/10/28/mastering-the-stage-nga-competitions-and-your-journey-to-fitness-stardom



As we navigate through the weekend stay focused by reading, watching and immersing yourself in the thing you are pursuing.


Wish you all an Amazing weekend


Coach Rafael


























Tuesday, October 24, 2023

The Fat Loss Essentials Stack

 Reaching your weight loss goals doesn’t have to be a monumental task. The Fat Loss Essentials Stack gives you the tools designed to help accelerate fat loss.*

The Fat Loss Essentials Stack contains:
1-Db Goddess
Opti-Greens 50
Micro Factor
The Fat Loss Essentials Stack can help you reach any weight loss goal big or small!*

Transform Your Tuesday: 4 Tips for a Healthier You!


Hey there, 

Happy Transformation Tuesday! It's a fantastic day to talk about making healthy choices. We've got 5 easy tips to help you feel awesome and strong!

Tip #1: Make Your Goals
Think about what you want to achieve. It could be getting fitter, eating healthier, or feeling happier. Having clear goals helps you know what you're working towards.

Tip #2: Move Your Body
Find fun ways to be active! Whether it's playing tag, riding your bike, or dancing to your favorite songs, moving your body is like giving it a big, happy hug.

Find a workout routine that fits your lifestyle and YOUR GOAL. 

Consistency is key, but if your goal is to run a marathon, paddleboarding won't be the best option ;-)

Tip #3: Eat Good Food
Eat colorful fruits and veggies, proteins like chicken, fish and steak, and a mix of carbohydrates like rice, pasta or bread. These foods help your body grow strong and healthy. Remember, small, sustainable changes lead to significant transformations over time.

Tip #4: Get Lots of Rest
Your body needs rest to be its best. Make sure to get plenty of sleep each night. It helps you feel energized and ready for each new day!

Bonus Tip #5: Super Support with Personal Coaching!
If you want extra help reaching your goals, we are here to guide you every step of the way. With personalized training plans, nutrition advice, and continuous support, you'll achieve your goals faster than ever before. 🚀

Ready to Start?
If you're excited to feel amazing, click on this link https://forms.gle/tYnwqfYFdejMLrPt8 to learn more about our coaching programs and see what the next steps can look like after we talk.

Stay healthy and happy, 


Coach Rafael


PS...yesterday we started working on a NEW PROJECT. Phase 1 I guess started 6 years ago when I said "I bet I can transform someone so much they can step on stage in a bikini at a fitness competition just doing our 45 minute workouts at our gym and not have to give up their favorite foods, Lais was the 1st person to try and test, and then hundreds after...Check! Mission Accomplished.

Phase 2 will be fire... cause I want to try to do the same thing and better in a shorter time, with better results. Lais, Bri and I are testing it out 1st...if it works, the same way I did with the 1st Phase, I will bring Phase 2 to all of you...

Want in? Want to be one of the 1st to try and test this out? Let me know


























Wednesday, October 11, 2023



Hello Everyone

So let's start at the beginning 
What goals have you set?
Is losing weight one of them?
Is losing fat one of them?
They are different, and it's weird how so many people want this, but don't actually know what it is....truth is most people can't really define the difference between one and the other
Isn't it interesting how obsessed we get with losing weight?
Seriously, a LOT of people will start their day happy or sad based entirely on the 3-digit number they see flashing back at them each morning.
But what's even more interesting than our obsession with losing weight is the fact that "weight loss" isn't always the most useful marker of progress. You see, there are a buttload of things that influence your daily & weekly body weight...
 A higher/lower salt intake than normal
 Food Intolerances
 Where you're at on your cycle
 Hydration Levels
 You need to take a poo poo
 Food content still in your belly
 DOMS from your heavy workout
The list could go on and on and on...
You know what you don't see on that list? FAT LOSS
Reason being, fat loss doesn't happen over the course of a day or even a week (well, it does *technically*, but not in a very noticeable or meaningful way). Instead, fat loss happens over the course of multiple weeks and months 
So really, it's just a matter of understanding that weight loss and fat loss are not synonymous. Once you realize that, you can start taking steps that'll put the power of the scale back in YOUR hands.
One way is by taking measurements.
Soooooo many things influence your scale weight, which makes it difficult to know if you're making progress. But if you're losing inches, even at the same weight, it’s a good sign you're losing fat!
Another tip is to start analyzing your AVERAGE weight over the course of weeks and months.
How to do it —> take your weight in the morning each day and... "For The Love of God!" [in Chris Farley voice], don't worry about the number you see daily!
At the end of the week, add 'em all up and divide by seven. That'll give you your weekly weight average, and over time, you want to see that weekly average trend downward 
The Bottom Line : don't let your daily and weekly fluctuations in body weight discourage you. It's totally normal and it does NOT reflect fat loss progress.
Now what do you do?
What if you want to make some changes and start getting some RESULTS
Do a better job at tracking...did you know all of my clients track their food daily?
Did you know that, that is just the 1st step?
In our program, we track how the food sits, how well it digest, if you are eating it all or not...all of it, and more...so that in addition to the scale we know...are you doing the things you should be doing to get the outcome you want...no BS
And when someone does EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING...and the scale is not moving, we look at other metrics...how do your clothes fit, the body measurements in inches....and if nothing....we don't quit.
Quitting doesn't make it happen faster....we pivot...and we keep moving forward until we have the right set of solutions
Nope...not magic
Nope...no pills
Nope...no detox
But it works...and at the end...isn't that what we all want?
According to the latest weight-loss research at Ohio State, 95% of dieters end up regaining the weight they lost within two years. Calorie-restricting diets are often successful at helping people lose weight, but they're very unsuccessful at helping people maintain that weight loss.
So let me share some of our stats, cause not only do my people that stay the course not gain it back, they keep getting better...Imagine that, a plan that helps you keep improving
Mollie started in 2019...keeps improving

Monica started in 2018...keeps improving 

Julie signed up December 30st 2019...keeps improving


We don't do ANYTHING like everyone else


My clients have flexibility in their food, flexibility in workouts, we build in life around their program.


We don't even follow the rules of the program not working.


Think about it...95% failure rate for most diets, why would we do what everyone else is doing?


We do everything different.


I'm not worried about how long it will take, I'm concerned about whether or not you can keep it when you arrive.


If you are ready to make some real, permanent changes just reply to this email, if you want to keep trying the other 95%...we understand, we wouldn't want to ruin Ohio State's research


Coach Rafael 













My Wife Thinks I'm Crazy, and I Love It!


Hey Everyone

Ever heard the phrase "crazy like a fox"? That's exactly what my Lais calls me, especially when it comes to fitness. Let me explain why.


I authored the Done for You 12 Bootcamp Periodization System – a groundbreaking series of books for Personal Trainers and Bootcamp Instructors that revolutionized the workout instruction category. This system provides a comprehensive 12-week periodization program, and guess what? It became a best-seller!!!


Now, here's why my Lais thinks I'm crazy: I'm offering a BRAND NEW entire 12-month periodized workout program to transform your physique, all for a fraction of the cost. Typically, I charge $197 for designing just a 4-week program. That's where I design a Workout for you to execute at home or the gym on your own, there is not on going Coaching. Let's break that down month by month:

  • October 2023: $197
  • November 2023: $197
  • December 2023: $197
  • January 2024: $197
  • February 2024: $197
  • March 2024: $197
  • April 2024: $197
  • May 2024: $197
  • June 2024: $197
  • July 2024: $197
  • August 2024: $197
  • September 2024: $197

Total: $2,364


But here’s where it gets interesting: I've decided to do something wild – offering 5 copies of this 12-month program for just $497. That's an incredible saving of $1,867 – nearly 80% off!


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Why am I doing this? Simple – I believe everyone deserves a chance to transform their lives. And guess what? This offer is OPEN right now and is gone when the 5 copies go. Your fitness journey is about to be supercharged.


But here’s the catch: this offer is incredibly limited. We're talking about a digital product for download, yours to keep forever once you have it. But I can only extend this offer to the first 5 action-takers.


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So, if you're ready to embark on a year-long fitness journey that's both effective and affordable, hit the click here to purchase button. Let's get you started on this incredible transformation.


=> Click Here To Purchase<=


Once you purchase it, I will email you your 12 month program tomorrow...right now Lais and I are heading to the gym for a workout and then out to dinner....so I will send out the 5 copies manually tomorrow. 


Your journey to fitness greatness starts now!


Coach Rafael


PS...again, this is a downloadable program. This is not a Coaching program. 






















Monday, October 2, 2023

🌟 Unlock Your Ultimate Transformation: Limited-Time Exclusive Offer Inside! 🌟


Hello Everyone and Happy Monday

Guess what? Something incredible is coming your way! 

Imagine a world where you feel super confident, strong, and victorious. It's not just a dream; it's about to become real! We're not talking about any ordinary program; we're talking about something magical, something that will make your life amazing in ways you can't even imagine yet.

**Why Is This Happening?**

We really, truly believe in how amazing you can be. We've seen people change their lives in the most amazing ways, and we know you can too! 


We want to help you transform into a better, stronger, and more awesome version of yourself. 

That's why we've put all our knowledge, hard work, and support into creating something super special just for you - The Ultimate Transformation Program!

Exciting, right!!


So what is it?


It's a Marriage with Upgrades and Our NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE GUARANTEE...let me describe it.


It starts with Our Nutrition Coaching Program

1. **Personalized Nutrition Plan:**
   - This isn't a cookie-cutter diet; it's a tailored nutrition plan meticulously crafted for your unique body and aspirations. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches; your journey deserves personalized attention. You like rice, then you are eating rice, you like bread, then you are eating bread, you like wine, then you are drinking wine.

2. **Unlimited Daily Text and Email Support:**
   - Imagine having a lifeline available at your fingertips, offering motivation, accountability, and expert guidance every single day. Our support isn't just a feature; it's the very foundation upon which your transformation rests.

Next up


Workout Intensification Package - Over the years I've written 4-5 Books on Training. Specifically for Trainers. Books trainers could use to Coach their clients with workouts I created...but I didn't give them EVERYTHING...in fact in the last 6 months I have created some of the best workouts I've created. Sh*t in the last 6 weeks I've created some Workout Intensification plans for Next Level Results. You are getting them.


Some Extras***...We are including access to our Live Zoom Workout Monday thru Friday at 9am and 6:30pm and for a few people a special VIP option...one on one Live Zoom Coaching with me...it can be at your home or you can bring me with you to your gym on your phone, and I will Coach you like in real time.


This is actually the MOST Exciting part of this Program. 


Until today, the Best Guarantee was a Money Back Guarantee...I say until now cause what I am about to say is better, and a Money Back Guarantee implies it may not work...and I already know it will.


For the longest time (go back to all the emails I have sent) I have said you need a big goal. A Goal the will compel you to stay committed and stay focused. 


We like getting someone ready for a Fitness Competition, even if they have never done it before...just like Lais when she got ready for her 1st one...and we like Photo Shoots.


I believe so much in what I do, that I am going to pay for your 1st one!




A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, unlike anything you've seen before.


**Offer 1:** 🔥 Private Photo Shoot Opportunity (Worth $600 - $1200)
   - Professionally Capture Your Transformation Journey
   - Boost Your Confidence with Stunning Photos

**Offer 2:** 🏆 Full Registration Coverage for a Fitness Competition (Worth $600 - $800)
   - Step on Stage and Showcase Your Transformation
   - Experience the Thrill of Competition, Fully Sponsored Registration Fee


**Why Is This Special?**

This guarantee isn't just a gesture; it's a testament to our faith in your journey. 


No one else in the industry offers such a bold, unwavering assurance. We’re not just guiding you; we’re investing in your success like never before.


What's The Catch?

Well 1st thing is you have to do it...you don't want to book a Photo Shoot or Step on stage and not be ready.

2nd This Opportunity is ideally for someone who has never done this before.

3rd You have to do ALL OF IT. The Ultimate Transformation Program is a NEW program, it does not matter where you are now, if you decide to do this even if you are a current client, you start fresh at Day 1, so if you are currently preparing for a show or photo shoot, this may not be for you because I will have to move you show date or photo shoot date. 


Remember, this opportunity is rare, and we have limited spots available. Don’t miss your chance to transform your life in ways you never thought possible.


I am saying that if you decide to embark on this journey of The Ultimate Transformation I guarantee you will transform so much I will Cover the Registration Fee for your 1st Fitness Competition or Cover The Cost of Your Next Private or Group Photo Shoot so I can take a certain number of people on this journey.


If you or someone you know is READY....


To secure your spot in the Ultimate Transformation Program or to learn more, simply reply to this email or click on this link: https://forms.gle/skb2u2n77xnbjH8s7


This isn't just a program; it's your ticket to a brand-new life, filled with confidence, vitality, and success.

To your Ultimate Transformation,


Coach Rafael


PS...I mentioned I would be doing Private ZOOM Coaching for a few VIP's. I can only do 2-3 of these One on One's depending on the time of the day, so don't wait if this is one of the options you want.

Again to secure your spot in the Ultimate Transformation Program or to learn more, simply reply to this email or click on this link: https://forms.gle/skb2u2n77xnbjH8s7