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Burn 16.2 calories per minute with bodyweight exercises

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Rafael Moret here from Rated "R"Fitness and the South Florida Fitness Boot Camp program with a Cool post from:

By Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
101 Bodyweight exercises

In a recent study funded by the American Council of Exercise,
researchers found bodyweight training can burn up to 16.2
calories per minute in men and 13 calories/minute in women.
(That's equivalent to running faster than 7 miles per hour.)

And now, almost everywhere in the world, is the best time of
year for backyard bodyweight training. Why just last Monday
morning I was doing push-ups and practicing my "Monkey Bar-ing"
for the June 9th Tough Mudder race that I've entered.

Of course, bodyweight training is also perfect for those times
when you are stuck indoors, as I was in a New Jersey hotel
earlier this month.

The hotel gym was easily in the 5 worst I've ever visited,
and so I slipped into an instant classic bodyweight workout
in my hotel room.

That's where I created one of the two new "5 rounds of 5"
bodyweight cardio circuits from the NEW TT Bodyweight Cardio 5
program that is now available for all TT Members. (Just log-in
and visit the download area to grab your copy.)

The 5 rounds of 5 left me dripping with sweat despite the
air conditioning being cranked in the hotel room.

It's liberating to be able to ditch the equipment and use
unique exercises for maximum fat loss and conditioning. That's
why the bodyweight cardio program series remains so popular
year after year.

Smart folks, like you, have had enough of the slow cardio
propaganda. You know there is a better way, you know there are
better workouts. You love the past bodyweight cardio programs
and you're ready for a new challenge.

The 2nd 5 rounds of 5 challenge uses my patented "Gauntlet"
exercise system and is also guaranteed to burn a lot of
calories in a short time - so that you get lean and ripped.

And finally, there's even a new "Bodyweight Cardio 500"
challenge workout featuring a 500-rep test of your fitness.

Enjoy the new program.

NOTE: If you're not a TT Member, here's what you need to do.

Just go to this page and you'll get my best bodyweight deal
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30-days free access to the member's area where you can download
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Bring on the bodyweight conditioning.

Guys Rafael Back...hope you enjoyed this guest post

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NEVER Grill Meat, unless you do this


 If you love a good barbeque, you must read this article below by my friend and Nutrition Specialist, Mike Geary.  It shows you some really important info about carcinogenic compounds that are found in that grilled meat that we all love.  But don't worry, Mike also shows you the exact trick you need that eliminates these cancer-causing compounds while still enjoying your barbeque!

NEVER Grill Meat, Unless You Do This
by Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist
Author of Best Seller:  The Truth About Six Pack Abs

Most people aren't aware that when you cook meat (whether it's grilled, broiled, or seared) there are carcinogenic compounds that can form called HCA's (heterocyclic amines).  Now don't panic...you ingest various carcinogens all the time, even with some vegetables. You can always protect yourself with more antioxidants.

Please Note:  When you cook meat in a water base as opposed to grilling, broiling, or searing, you eliminate the harmful HCAs. So for example, meats cooked in a soup, or meats cooked in a crock pot will not have the problem of the carcinogenic HCAs and is a healthier way to cook meat.

But let's face it... grilled meat tastes awesome and there's no way I'm giving up my grass-fed steak from the grill, or my grass-fed burgers!

That's why it's important to know that there's a way you can use spices to both counteract, and also drastically reduce the carcinogens formed when you grill meat...

Here's the trick:

If you're going to grill meats, marinating meats for at least several hours beforehand in liquid mixtures that contain rosemary and other herbs/spices can dramatically help to reduce HCA's (heterocyclic amines), which are those carcinogenic compounds that can form when meats are grilled.  It appears that the highly potent antioxidants in these herbs prevent HCA formation.  So using rosemary, thyme, garlic, oregano and other spices in a meat marinade before grilling meats can drastically reduce any carcinogens that normally would form on grilled meat and give you a healthier meal, that's also very tasty!

The antioxidants in rosemary and thyme from a marinade were specifically cited in studies at being powerful inhibitors of HCA formation when grilling meats.  But it was also noted that other spices such as garlic, oregano, and others can help to prevent HCA formation as well, so I suggest using a variety, which tastes great anyway!

One more important point about grilling meat: 

Remember that the more well-done a meat is cooked, the higher concentration of carcinogenic HCA's can form, so rare, medium-rare, or medium are healthier choices than well-done.  I've never understood why anybody would want to ruin a good steak by burning it to oblivion anyway.  But hey, if you're one of those folks that likes your steaks well-done, just remember that you're eating a lot more carcinogens than a steak that's cooked less, so make sure to load up on your antioxidants (spices, teas, berries, etc) to help combat those extra carcinogens. 

Washing down your barbequed meal with a glass of unsweetened iced tea (rich in antioxidants) and also a good salad with lots of raw veggies can provide the antioxidants needed to counteract the effect of HCAs in your body from grilled meat.

By the way, even charring vegetables on the grill creates different carcinogens such as acrylamides, so don't think that the negative effect of charring only applies to meats.

Hey, we all love a great barbeque, so no need to give that up just because of HCAs or acrylamides, but at least now you know how to counteract the effects of these in your body to protect yourself, and also how to use spices to drastically reduce the formation of HCAs on grilled meat!

Enjoy that next barbeque in a healthier way!

If you liked Mike's article, he has more for you here:

The top 5 healthiest condiments (and the WORST) 

**Also Find out how you can get my Carb Cycling program for FREE here:



Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt


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I QUIT!! (you can print this)

 I have SOOOO MUCH To Give you today...


This can and will apply to life and it WILL FOR SURE APPLY TO FITNESS

I Even Listed some things We Do Not Do in my Bootcamp here:

A couple of weeks ago I was reading about Disney and they discussed the concept of getting 1% better. 

1% better. Over and over. 

Most people think about having to get 100% or 200% better and it becomes overwhelming. 

"I need to double my business!" "I need to double my weight loss" "I need to double my progress"

Doubling your progress is BIG. Not something you can do TODAY. 

But you can get 1% better today. 

And tomorrow. 

And if you keep stacking 1% Better Days on top of one another - by year's end your 365% better. 

Today's Workout is at the end of this email and you can print it and use it

But I want to continue discussing this:

"The Battle for Own Our Thoughts 

The battle for our minds is the battle to think on our own terms and on our own timetable. It's the battle for freedom to let our minds wander, because the best thoughts emerge from the most unlikely places, and when we're lavishing ourselves with time. 

The best thoughts happen when we're staring out windows and daydreaming; they happen when we're looking at scenes like this (because we're really there). They happen when we have perspective. 

The best thoughts occur when you don't have to have them, they occur after plenty of rest, they occur when you're grasping the gestalts of life. The best thoughts occur when we're mindful of the full immensity of this beautiful thing called existence. 

The battle for our thoughts is the battle against our ego's desire to gain an "important" job; it's the battle against the very materialism that encourages us to exchange too many of our thoughts for money; and it's a battle against the collective flattery (of society) that sweet talks us into crazy-busy careers. (Note: This paragraph was highly influenced by a great anti-travel guide I'm reading called Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide. It's got loads of perspective and I highly recommend it). 

The battle for our minds really isn't about reclaiming brainpower to do our own taxes or solve more Sudoku puzzles. No. The battle for mind is important because. . . 

We Desperately Lack Perspective 

Raoul Vaneigem once wrote that "Everything has [already] been said [and] all our knowledge is essentially banal." And he's right. If you read the profound thoughts of any great teacher or leader, you'll likely find no new knowledge. What you will find, however, is heaps of timeless perspective. You'll find knowledge deeply rooted in perspective and amplified by perspective

Great thinkers and teachers are great because their perspectiveforces you to take a second glance at the knowledge you alreadyhave. And their perspective is so compelling because it couldn't have come from anywhere except direct experience. "

I think this applies to your fitness results as well

I didn't invent the squat, burpees, push ups, running or carb cycling....But I know I have mastered teaching these and I can MANIPULATE THEM to HELP YOU get RESULTS.


You can Print today's workout and use it

Round 1 had 4 stations
Band shoulder press and tricep ext for 30 seconds each (2x)
Squats and Mountain climbers 30 seconds each (2x)
Cross Leg Reverse Crunch (each leg) 30 seconds each (2x)
KB Swing and Squat to an Upright row 30 seconds each (2x)

Round 2
Push ups and Leg raises
Reverse Pyramid Hybrid
15 reps of each and then in descending order down to 1 and then back up to 15 (480 total reps ;-)

Round 3
10 Station Celebration  
1 Minute Each
Band Rows
Over Hand Battle Ropes
Step Ups
Jump Rope
Mountain Climber
Burpee with a Jump
Sand Bag Squat and Curl
KB Swing
Jump Rope

Tomorrow morning at 10 we are having another 10 station Celebration (Not the one above)
at the PINES location

Not a member? you can come to this class for just $21

I hope you Read this and have a GREAT Saturday


Look at the way this one coach talks to his students:

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt


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(Fitness Boot Camp) Time to Improve Your Self Image

Time to Improve Your Self Image Happy Monday South Florida Boot Campers I have a cool post for you today: Stop being "realistic" - dream BIGGER There is a secret out there that leads to instantly having a better self-image. Before we let you in on this secret, consider that poor self-image is often related to what a person looks like, namely, overall body size. Where does this body-size-related self-image come from? Why is “thin in”? Male movie stars of many decades ago did not have the physiques they do today, with the exception of whichever actor was playing Tarzan at the time. A chiseled body on a man was an anomaly in the 1930’s, ‘40s, ‘50s and even ‘60s. Nowadays, a man with the body of Humphrey Bogart won’t get too far on the big screen. As for the women, standards haven’t changed: Waist sizes in today’s starlets are just as small as they were many decades ago. But we didn’t hear of body image disorders back then. Today, seems that’s all we hear about. What’s going on? Well, the fame of fashion models may have something to do with it, plus all the magazines and Internet space devoted to “who’s wearing what” in the entertainment world, plus the skimpy and seductive outfits that today’s female recording artists wear. Self-worth for many young people—even not so young (a la Demi Moore), is tied to physical appearance. So here’s that little secret: Rather than focus on what your body looks like, focus on what it can do. This small shift in thinking will produce magnificent results. At age 12, Cheryl Haworth weighed 240 pounds. By age 17 and standing almost 5-10, Cheryl weighed just over 300 pounds. These measurements are enough to sink the spirit of any growing girl and demolish her with never-ending self-hatred. However, Cheryl didn’t worry about what she looked like. Instead she focused on what her enormous body could do. She played softball, and this one day (when she was 12) led her to a gym where the sights and sounds of weight lifting mesmerized her. She was hooked. At age 17 she took the bronze medal at the Sydney Olympics in weight lifting. This doesn’t mean that the cure for any individual with a self-image problem is to perform weight lifting at Olympic level caliber. But you get the point. Set performance-related goals, such as: • Run one mile outside nonstop • Bench press 100 pounds (women); 175 pounds (men) • Get through a step aerobics class without having to sit out and rest • Run 12 mph on the treadmill for one minute—without holding on • Master inline skating • Complete an indoor climbing route rated at least 5.10 • Earn a green belt, then purple belt, then black belt in karate There are endless “what your body can do” goals that you can devise. When you begin concentrating on effort and performance, the vanity aspect fades into the background. If you’re distraught over your thunder thighs, imagine how proud of them you’ll be when they can complete a five-mile hilly hike with ease. If you’re distressed over a receding hairline, guys, it won’t matter so much when you realize your bench press is progressing like a demon. We’d all like to change something about our body that we have little or no control over. Every women would love to zap away all the hair follicles on her legs so she never has to shave again. Many men would like to be taller. Rather than stew over that which we cannot change, let’s expend energy on changing what we can change: stamina, strength, fitness and health. Don’t get caught up with “body types.” Instead, get caught up with body strength, body endurance and body fitness. Eat healthful foods not because you want to look like a Victoria’s Secret model, but because you want to slash your risk of breast cancer and be around to see your grandkids grow up. It’s always the right time to improve your self-image, no matter where you’re at on the continuum. For more assistance in getting on the path to loving yourself more, give us a call. Bootcamp is On...and you can start your 30 day trial here: http://www.southfloridafitnessbootcamp.com/bootcamp-trial-offer/   Rafael Moret One of the rules we live by here at 29AgainFitness.com LEAVE US YOUR COMMENTS!!!

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22,000 crunches will NOT give you this

According to Men's Health magazine, it takes more than
22,000 crunches to burn a pound of belly fat.

It's HUMP DAY and I am going to Hook EVERYONE UP..

First did you see..the 3 workouts I sent late last night...

They are KILLER...try them!!

There is a FREE iPhone app called instant heart rate which measures your heart rate with the camera...it's pretty good...check it out...Not sure if there is an ANDROID version

Back to this<<

According to Men's Health magazine, it takes more than
22,000 crunches to burn a pound of belly fat.

So you'll never get a flat stomach or six pack abs while
crunching away on the ground.

On the other hand, crunches can literally be a pain in
the neck - and low back.

So give them up.

What should you do instead?

Try this scientifically-formulated at-home metabolic
resistance abs program from Men's Health fitness expert,
Craig Ballantyne:

=> Save money and get abs at home

For this week only you can get his complete 12-week abs
workout blueprint for just $7.

It includes the legendary "Abs 300" workout challenge.

When compared to driving to the gym ($3 gas) and getting a
Starbucks on the way ($4.50), this "at home abs program"
is already cheaper (and more effective) after just one day.

=> Save money and get abs at home (here's how)

But hurry, this crazy trainer is only promising the solution
for just a few days.


It's Mothers Day Weekend
So I am inviting ALL the Bootcamp Moms to come workout with us Saturday and Sunday
for FREE...Well not Free..It's a Gift from me to YOU

If you know a MOM that needs to workout bring her too...and if you want to give Bootcamp as a gift or want to get bootcamp as a gift this weekend..I will have a cool offer later today

LAST HOOK UP is coming Later...it a Cool 21 Day Challenge...you are going to really like this

Stay tuned

Have a Great Day people

Rated "R"


Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why Can't I Lose Weight

Hey South Florida Bootcampers

I have a Good one for you today:

If you can't lose weight, there are specific reasons for this that you have more control over than you think.

You're not strength training. Often, people who can't lose weight don't do any strength training. The more lean, sleek muscle you have, the faster your resting metabolism, because muscle is the body's most metabolically active tissue.

You're not exercising in a waythat forces the body to adapt. The adaptive response requires energy; it raises your body's energy needs. The body will then dig into stored fat for this energy.
If you've been strength training and the weight hasn't been coming off, it's because you're not doing much more than merely going through the motions.
There's the story of a heavy-set woman who was doing lat pull-downs with 70 pounds. A trainer waltzed over, knelt beside her, said "Hi" with a smile, then moved the machine's pin to the 100 pound mark.
The woman's mouth fell open, but the trainer said, "You're going to do 100 pounds for your next set, and eight times."
"I can't do 100 pounds!"
"Oh yes you can. Trust me. You're going to complete eight reps."
The woman said her goal was to lose weight, but nothing was happening despite regular workouts. She began pulling down the bar, and it wasn't easy. She had to fight her way to the eighth rep, but she completed eight full repetitions.
The trainer said, "Now that's the way every set should feel. Apply this effort level to all of your sets for every exercise. You won't lose weight if you keep doing something your body is efficient at. You must do something that forces you to struggle. Struggling begets weight loss."
A month later the woman reported having dropped an entire dress size.
Moral of this true story: Exercises that require struggling will burn fat and cause weight loss, especially when coupled with sensible eating.

You eat mindlessly. Every little sample and nugget counts. One tablespoon of gravy is 100 calories. A "little bit here and there" adds up. Avoid eating due to cues not related to sustenance, such as watching TV.
You drink diet sodas. Artificial sweeteners often trigger hunger.
Too many processed foods. These trigger hunger, and too much white sugar and high fructose corn syrup will get stored as fat.
You skip breakfast. Breakfast, even if it's only a cup of yogurt, tends to tame later-day appetite. Skipping it can make you feel entitled to overeat later on.
You don't do cardio. It's amazing how many people, who don't do cardio, wonder why they can't lose weight. Taking care of two preschoolers or pulling weeds does not replace structured cardiovascular exercise.

You hold onto the treadmill. This has got to be one of the most weight-loss-sabotaging habits out there. The body has absolutely no reason to burn more fat in response to make-believe walking.
Instead, pump the arms and get winded to force your body to adapt. Remember, the body won't adapt to something that it's very efficient at doing (e.g., walking while holding onto something for support).

You don't do HIIT: highintensity interval training. This form of cardio blasts fat.

Inconsistent exercise habits. Weight loss won't go hard and deep if your workouts are not consistent. Even if you're doing everything right in the gym, consistency is still very important.

Poor sleeping habits. Research shows that under six hours of sleep and over nine are strongly linked to excess body fat.

Too much daytime napping. Excessive inertia means a slowed metabolism to accommodate it.
Before you blame your parents and grandparents for having "the wrong genes," review your lifestyle habits to find out what can be modified to promote fat loss. For more details on changes you can make to boost weight loss, call us today.

Check out our NEW 4 week program:

There you have it! Enjoy your week!
Rafael Moret, CSCS