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30 Hardcore Days of eating and training



We know you're busy.

We know you want results and FAST - that's why I highly

recommend this program for 2k12. I have recommended

maybe 3 total programs this year that have met my strict


With this program you will:

* Discover the powerful "Targeted Fat Loss Cardio " that

has been scientifically crafted and designed to vaporize

lower abdominal and inner thigh fat.

* Learn how to guarantee that you never lose one ounce of

fat burning muscle (A recent study from the University of

Connecticut showed that if you don't do this you can lose

up to 3.2lbs of muscle)

* The specific training routines from my bootcamp that have been

optimized so you will continue to burn body fat 38 hours

later (even if you are sitting on the couch watching TV).

* The 2 Exercises you don't know about that will turn

your entire body into a Fat Burning Machine.

* The biggest mistake you can make with your weight loss


* The exact cardio prescription that will increase your

fat loss by over 100% while cutting your workout time in


* The 4 letter word that you must master so you can lose

fat light years faster than anyone you know (don't worry

we will tell you what it is and how to easily harness its


* Why you can kiss those excruciatingly long 2 hour

workouts good bye while your burn more fat and get out of

your workout in 45 minutes or less.

* 28 Days of meal plans, listing exactly everything you

need to eat (It doesn't matter if you weigh 130lbs or 215lbs

I have the specific diet plans for you).

* The one trick to shifting your carbohydrate intake that

will fuel your fat burning exercise session while

unleashing your stored bodyfat.

* The shocking truth about how much protein you need to

"protect" your muscle when losing weight.

* How to boost your metabolism by eating certain foods

that's right - just by eating certain types of food you'll

burn more calories than if you didn't).

* How to extract the fat loss benefits from low carb

diets without suffering from the energy lows that plague

most people on them.

FOR 10 7 4 2 Highly HIGHLY Motivated People ONLY

In the next 30 Days I will outline for you how a hybrid modified diet and training are set up so
you can get Fast Results in 1/3 of the time. .
30 Hardcore Days of eating and training...I will need you to be in 100% and I will need testimonials at the end...(this is key)
So as a small bribe I am only charging 1/3 of the price.

$97 for the first 10 7 4 2 people to get this.($397 regular price)

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I know the Holidays are here...We start this program Monday December 26th
The Meal Plan will be printed for you not delivered via email
The workouts will be 3-5 days per week. (NO special class times, you can come any of my workout classes for 30 days).

10 7 4 2 people ONLY

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Want to Feel Better and Live Longer

Special Report Health And Longevity Breakthroughs

TIME MAGAZINE, HARVARD MEDICAL, OPRAH WINFREY Show, CNN and 60 MINUTES all report on the proven benefits found in this supplement!

TUFTS UNIVERSITY Human Nutrition Research Center On Aging study: “these nutrients help slow the aging process in body and brain” …

Want to Feel
Better and 

Live Longer?

A Brand-New Anti-Aging Breakthrough Nutrient Available For The First Time Ever! This Tiny Natural Pill Contains 45 Times More Anti-Aging, Health-Improving, Illness-Preventing Antioxidant (ORAC) Power Than Fish Oil!


Detoxifies your body – removes harmful oxidants to potentially prevent or reverse even serious health problems!

May even strengthen your Immune System!

Contains “The #1 Superfood in the world” according to Nicholas Perricone, M.D.

10 times more healthy Anthocyanins than drinking Red Wine!

Reduce cell damage, Restore damaged cells back to good health!


From Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS
Tuesday, 10:42 A.M.

Dear Friend,

If you want to live healthier and longer, you need to know about the war going on inside your body.

“There’s a war inside my body now?” you say, surprised. Yes there is! And it’s a battle that will determine your health and how long you live!

Please read this urgent news now. Your health and lifespan are at stake.

The war inside your body now is a fight between your healthy cells and the dangerous free radicals that are trying to attack them, and turn them into damaged cells that research has linked to many serious health problems.

How do you keep your cells healthy? It’s simple. You must keep free radicals from attacking your cells, and the best way to do that is to get the right amount of free radical killing antioxidants into your body.

If you don’t think dangerous free radicals are attacking your cells now, you are dead-wrong! You see, even if you eat perfect and exercise like a personal trainer, your body’s cells are still being attacked by free radicals all the time due to stress, processed foods, the aging process and pollutants in the air.

This is a game of life and death – you must fight back and win – starting right now!

I’m very excited to announce a brand-new, unique breakthrough. We’ve combined many of the world’s most effective anti-aging, health-improving nutrients into one tiny capsule named Prograde® LONGEVITY ™ that can change your health., and improve your life dramatically! The new nutrient has been shown in clinical studies to help …

Lower Blood Pressure, Prevent Illnesses, 

Strengthen Nervous System, Improve Retina, Detoxify
Body, Reduce Pains, Strengthen Heart, Prevent
Illness and Stroke

1 gram of this breakthrough nutrient contains the same amount of antioxidants as if you ate 459 fresh blueberries a day! Talk about powerful and healing!

It’s brand new, patented and named CoffeeBerry®. It is one of the six nutrients in the supplement Prograde® Longevity ™ which is now available from this announcement without a prescription.

Unlike many supplements, all the amazing health benefits above are in clinical research reports by FutureCeuticals. These are not unproven claims.

CoffeeBerry® gets its incredible antioxidant health power because the berry is grown in South American regions where the sun’s rays are most powerful. It develops jaw-dropping antioxidants to protect itself from the sun’s power.

“… Slows The Aging Process In Body and Brain!”

Did you see Dr. Nicholas Perricone on Oprah? If you missed it, Dr. Perricone named a nutrient in Longevity™, Acai berry, as the #1 Superfood in the world!

Many cultures and people call it a miracle nutrient due to the health and healing it brings them. You’ve probably seen this reported on THE TODAY SHOW, in THE NEW YORK TIMES and in other leading media.

What’s more, a large Tufts University study showed it may help slow the aging process in both the body and brain!

Drinking red wine is good for your health, right? Yes it is. This is because red wine contains a nutrient called Anthocyanins which is a very powerful anti-oxidant. The beauty is, Acai berry found in Prograde® Longevity™ contains even more Anthocyanins than drinking red wine!

You can get all the vital benefits of drinking red wine – without the expense or negative effects of actually drinking it.

Stops The Cell Process That Leads To 

Aging And Chronic Illnesses!

Healthy cells are the key to your health and longevity, and the Green Tea extract in Longevity™ helps block the mutation of cells and reduce cell damage! It may also block the chemical reaction that creates harmful cells in your body!

Green tea is also proven to help prevent or reverse the clogging of your heart's blood vessels. A Dutch study of more than 3,000 people found that the more tea consumed, the less severe it was.

Cardiologist Nieca Goldberg, MD, a spokeswoman for the American Heart Association and medical director of the New York University Women's Heart Center states green tea's antioxidants are dilators because they improve the flexibility of blood vessels and make them less vulnerable to clogging. "I think people should know these are important studies", Dr. Goldberg says.

Studies prove this nutrient in Longevity™ also helps:

>>> Eases your joint pain. Study results reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that polyphenols protect cartilage destruction and reduces joint swelling and pain.

>>> Lowers your cholesterol levels. Researchers believe this lowers your cholesterol levels by reducing its absorption in your digestive tract and increasing the rate of which it is excreted.

>>> Reduces tooth decay and prevents gum disease. The Antibacterial properties are also used by your body to kill the bacteria that causes plaque on your teeth. Research by the Journal of Periodontology has also shown there is a decrease in indicators for gum disease.

>>> Improves your memory. A recent report published in the journal Phytomedicine has found substantial evidence that the enzymes protect your brain cells from damage.

>>> Fights off allergies in your body. This has been shown to block a cells receptor involved in producing an allergic response. By blocking the production of histamine and immunoglobulin E (IgE), two compounds in the body that are chiefly involved in triggering and sustaining allergic reactions, it can prevent you from having watery eyes, sneezing and coughing.

>>> Fends off infections. A study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology has shown it is able to prevent infections.

>>> Prevent wrinkles and aging skin. Studies show it prevents wrinkles, cell oxidation and damage that can make you look older than you really are.

And that’ not all. We’ve made Prograde® Longevity™ even more powerful by adding the nutrients Pomegranate extract, wolfberry extract and Biovin™ Grape extract. These powerhouses give the supplement even more health-improving, illness-ending health power working in your body 24/7!

Longevity™ is only available from Prograde Nutrition, a company over 100,000 Americans have grown to trust with their natural supplement needs since 2007. It is NOT available in any store, on any website or from any other company.

You will be trying it 100% risk-free with the company’s famous Money-Back Guarantee. So even if you’ve tried another product before and were not thrilled with the results, don’t be discouraged because … your results from this product are guaranteed to be terrific!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain:


Your quality of life, your health and your lifespan depend on the action you take now.

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Jayson Hunter

Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS

Prograde Nutrition

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Carol Moore,
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Annette Flores
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We are confident you are going to love Prograde Longevity and the way it makes you feel - we are offering you a full month’s supply for free. All we ask is you pay a small shipping and handling fee to cover our cost. Sound fair?

**And, as an added benefit, when you try the free Longevity, you’ll automatically be enrolled in our Smart Ship program. You’ll receive future bottles monthly at the absolute lowest price of just $29.95 – plus FREE SHIPPING! Of course, there’s no commitment and you can cancel anytime by contacting our customer support center.

This offer is only available to United States and Canada residents at this time.

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If you purchase this free trial offer you are only allowed to purchase 1 per person and 1 per household. We reserve the right to hold or void any free trial transactions that we feel are not meeting these obligations.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My 2012 Fitness Predictions

Happy Wednesday People
Yes..I train, I coach, I write on blog, I build websites, and I'm psychic
Well Last year I predicted that I would help more people than any other year combined..
Did it.
I also said, I was going to open a new place...I did
and a few other predictions.
So let's do this
According to American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM):
People will be looking to certified fitness professionals who are credentialed through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), for example. In fact, that made the top fitness trend expected in the upcoming year. Strength training came in second, while fitness programs for older adults was third.
You’d think exercise and weight loss would be a given, but it earned the No. 4 spot on the list. The childhood obesity epidemic will still cause programs to emerge for kids, as it was No. 5. There were 37 possible trends to choose from.

Zumba, yoga, spinning make top 20 List

Zumba was the only fitness program that made it into the Top 10. The dance workout first debuted in 2010, but this was the first year it made it into the Top 20. Other programs likely offered at your local gym or recreation center that made the list include yoga, spinning, group fitness training and boot camps. Pilates, which was ranked No. 9 in 2010, didn’t even make it into the Top 10 for 2011 or 2012. The stability ball is also seen as a fad, as it fell from the Top 10 in 2008 and 2009, dropped to No. 18 in 2010, and is not in the Top 20 for 2012.
So what is Mr.Bootcamp doing...well look at #1 even though I have a degree and 11 fitness certifications...I am looking to add 4 more Specialty fitness Certifications this year.
People...does that means that we need to charge more $$ for all that expertise?
YES! but don;t loyalty to my clients will remain..what ever program you are on now your rates will be locked if you are still thinking about it...keep thinking!
I will Also be adding a Kids Fitness Bootcamp...(for 8-13 year olds)
Wait...I will also be adding a Silver fitness Bootcamp for the 60 and over population:
*More toys coming to Bootcamp
*More Workouts
*I will also be taking 10-15 people through a Life and Body transformation
I will be offering a 12 month One on One coaching program that will change EVERYTHING for the people in it
yes we have some more coming...Groupon, Deal On, Coupster and more..
I have made sure to include a first time participant clause in all the up coming deals to make sure it for new people trying out classes.
I have also added a scheduling software to make sure our classes are not over crowded.
so if you are holding out for the next you know to tell you friends
*Adventure Races..tough Mudder, Mud Run, Super hero, and more I will have a list of the 4 races i would like so we can go in a group
People it's going to be a GREAT year at Bootcamp...
Here is to a GREAT 2012!!!
PS..people if all the classes we have are to early for you...Our late night class is just 36 minute and it starts tonight..Do you know about our Body Blast:

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

Leave your thoughts

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The 1,000 Rep Workout and 24/7 Fat Burning

It's a CRAZY Tuesday people...

So Saturday I tested a NEW Variation of the 1,000 Rep Workout. Monday I tested it with some of my bootcampers and here is what it looked like.:

This WORKOUTS HAS 10 Stations...At Every Station you will perform 20 Reps.

You will time how long it takes you to finish each round. The End Goal is to finish 5 rounds (1,000 Reps Total)
  1. Kettlebell swing
  2. Crunches on a swiss ball or bosu
  3. Row (Using a suspension strap like the TRX or jungle Gym)
  4. Chest Presses (Using a suspension strap like the TRX or Jungle Gym)
  5. Resistance Band biceop curls
  6. Resistance Band tricep extensions
  7. Single leg Step ups right leg
  8. Single leg step up left leg
  9. Spedgehammer Slams into a tire or sand
  10. Dumbbell side lateral raises
You can print this out, try it at the gym or at home...time yourself..

This workout not only is high volume but the afterburn is will continue to Burn calories for a long time even after you finish.

Now..for a week or so I have been giving you a variety of KEYS to burning Fat ALL THE TIME

4 Strategies You MUST Employ To Ensure You Never Go A Minute Without Burning Fat

There's no way around it, if you want to burn fat all the time, your body must be in a fat burning state all the time.

And there's only one way that's possible: Your body's fat burning hormones must be optimized 24/7 and your metabolism must be elevated around the clock. Fortunately, we do both with the use of four very strategic methods employed in the 24/7 Fat Loss system:

1) Optimized Nutrient Combining™

You likely already know that you should be eating a mix of high quality proteins, healthy fats, and fibrous carbohydrates daily.

What you may not know, however, is that how you combine these nutrients can and will have a profound effect on your body's hormonal response to each meal, and therefore your fat loss.

Avoiding the "Deadly Combination"

If your goal is to avoid fat storage, it's certainly in your best interest to avoid the presence of fatty acids and storage hormones (such as insulin) in your blood stream at the same time.

Why, because Storage + Fat = Fat Storage, and you don't want that.

When you eat fat, fatty acids are released in to the blood. When you eat carbs, insulin is released in to the blood to shuttle blood sugar to its storage sites.

Putting two and two together, you can likely see that the two nutrients you'll want to avoid eating together are carbs and fat.

Again, carbs cause the storage hormone insulin to be released. Fat ingestion leads to large amounts of fatty acids in the blood. Insulin + fat = fat storage.

To avoid this "deadly combination", follow this simple rule: Consume protein with every meal. Add either carbs or fat (but not both).

So now that you know which nutrients to eat together (and those to avoid), when should you eat a Protein + Carb meal and when should you eat meals that contain Protein + Fat?

The answer:

2) Carb Syncing™

Contrary to popular belief, the key to fat loss is not avoiding carbs, it's learning to eat them only when your body is most primed to "handle" them best. This comes at two different times of day:
  1. In the morning
  2. After intense exercise
For one, loads of research has shown that carbohydrate tolerance is highest in the morning, making it a no brainer to consume a large portion of your daily carb intake at breakfast when your body is best equipped to process them.

If you're in to snacking like we are, mid-morning is another great time for carbs.

The second "best" time to eat carbs is after intense exercise since your body is ultra primed to suck them up for recovery and energy replenishment, and NOT fat storage.

Want a double whammy of carbohydrate sensitivity? Schedule your workouts in the morning and consume ALL of your carbs early in the day.

We call this "best of both worlds" scenario Carb Syncing™ because you "sync" your carbohydrate intake with a time window in which your body is literally CRAVING carbs.

Carb Syncing™ and Optimized Nutrient Combining™ are the two daily tools you'll need to keep your body in a fat burning state 24 hours a day, but there's also a very important long term strategy that is an absolute must if you want to keep your metabolism happy week after week:

3) Strategic Overfeeding™

Any time you decrease your calorie intake in an effort to shed those stubborn pounds, your body responds by derailing your metabolism and decreasing levels of fat burning hormones as an anti-starvation mechanism .

In fact, after only a single week of dieting your metabolism is only operating at 50% of its fat burning potential – that means you'll be missing out on a TON of fat loss in the coming weeks unless you do something about it.

The good news is that while it takes roughly a week of moderate dieting for fat burning hormones to take a plunge, it only takes one day of cheating, or overfeeding, to boost those levels back up to baseline.

By frequently resetting your metabolism with strategically placed high-calorie Cheat Days, you can essentially have your cake and eat it too while watching your waistline continually shrink week after week.

Up next, the only research proven way to increase metabolism around the clock:

4) Metabolic Resistance Training™

As mentioned previously, most exercise doesn't do anything for your metabolism over the long term.

Spend 45 minutes on the treadmill and maybe burn 1/10th of one pound of fat.

<Sarcasm> Wow. That's amazing. </Sarcasm>

Fact is, if you are truly looking to burn fat around the clock, you absolutely must be performing exercise that has a prolonged effect on your metabolism for hours after your session is done.

In fact, research has shown that a specific form of exercise called Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) can increase your metabolism for up to 48 hours post workout – that's TWO DAYS of elevated metabolism from a single 40-minute workout.

Do you know how much MORE fat you'll burn from one of those workouts?

Yes, WAY more than "cardio" or traditional high rep circuit training, that's for sure.

So what exactly is Metabolic Resistance Training™?

MRT is a series of non-competing total body resistance training exercises linked together with incomplete cardiovascular recovery.

Now, that may sound like a mouthful, so let's break it down. For example, a workout may start with these four movements:
  1. Dumbbell Lunges x 8 reps per side
  2. Dumbbell Chest Press x 8 reps
  3. Goblet Squats x 8 reps
  4. Dumbbell Row x 8 reps per side

No rest between movements.

Because there is no rest between each exercise, there is not enough time for your cardiovascular system to fully recover (i.e. incomplete recovery).

The exercises are "non-competing" because they transition from upper body to lower body, allowing the muscles of your upper body to rest while your lower body works (and vice versa).

Essentially, you're providing a HUGE metabolic stimulus to your entire muscular and cardiovascular systems at the SAME time through strategically designed full body resistance training combined with minimal rest. This is what allows for an unparalleled exercise-induced increase in metabolism for hours and hours after your session—something we call the AFTERBURN.

You want the afterburn, and with MRT you'll be getting PLENTY of it.

Simply put, when you combine the metabolism power of Metabolic Resistance Training with the hormone-regulating power of Optimized Nutrient Timing, Carb Syncing, and Strategic Overfeeding, the only thing your body can do is respond by burning fat 24/7.

The science is simply too strong, and the program is simply too smart.

Are you ready to instantly DOUBLE your fat loss and begin burning fat EVERY minute of every day?



Yesterday I talked briefly about really focusing on your fitness goals..and a NEW super easy way to stay with one program for a set amount of time

I do not have the fance webpage ready..but if you want to get started
You can now Join bootcamp for $50 per every week on automatic billing and do it for just 12 weeks and you are in
You can sign up here<<<
I will have all the details and fancy page tomorrow

LAST, remember the program..I was using to get ready for Halloween, the one I will now use on myself to Drop 15lbs by Nov 26..I have a wedding to Go to and a nice suit with my name on it...

It's Ready!!!! you can get it Now for $57 and have it in your inbox by tomorrow morning..
Get it here<<
I told you we had a lot going on...Well I'm off to have a POWER LUNCH

more details about EVERYTHING COMING!


Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Fitness Bootcamp Daily Deal Rated “R”




Today we have 6 Super Cool Offers and a chance for you to save







"The path to success is to take massive, determined action. - Tony Robbins em>

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things. - Peter Drucker .

The consequences of today are determined by the actions of the past. To change your future, alter your decisions today.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live."

3 Months of BOOTCAMP!

What better way to GUARANTEE you will reach your Fitness Goals than to Commit to it?

Normally Bootcamp is $257 for 4 weeks..

Here is a chance to get 3 Months of Bootcamp at $165 per month by Pre Paying for it.



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THE SATURDAY MORNING 1,000 Calorie Workout Free!

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img id="rg_hi" src="" alt="" width="134" height="134" data-width="224" data-height="224" />

Not Sure How Much your weight is or What your body fat percentage is?

Get it checked for Free

on Friday October 21st between 4pm-5pm 2400 w 80th st in Hialeah


6 Months of Bootcamp for $900 (That is a $1,542 value) you save $642


+ $1,054in FREE BONUSES

YOU ALSO GET 4 Bonuses 1. 4 Thirty Minute Body Fat Assesments (The Full Deal, Body Fat, Weight, Tape Measure and assesment) ...$250 Value 2. Access to Every Saturday Morning Workshop for the 6 months ...$504 Value 3. The Special 28 Day High Protein, Low Carb Body Changer Meal Plan ...$250 Value 4. A $50 Gift Card To LA Sports Nutrition in Miami Lakes BONUSES $1,054 + 6 Months of bootcamp regular Price $1,542 = 2,596 YOU GET IT TODAY ...ALL FOR $900

Leave your thoughts


What ever the's an excuse you are giving yourself to not take care of yourself.
If you are doing something else to stay fit and give your body the exercise it deserve GREAT!
If you want to join this program at this rate you have to do it this weekend.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

TRIPLE your fat loss today (here's how)

TGIM People

Hope your weekend was GREAT!

I had some Great workouts this weekend, so I am ready for the week at Bootcamp

I have Jam Packed the Post today with a lot of info

First a post from Joel Marion at

Here’s a little-publicized fact:

If you want fast results, you’re going to have to work out HARD. Oops…looks like I just lost 99% of the world as a potential customer.

Nevertheless, it’s a FACT. Effective fat burning workouts are uncomfortable by nature.

Let me ask you this…

When is the last time you felt “uncomfortable” during a workout? I’m talking about “hands-on-your-knees, sucking-wind, sweat-dripping-on-the-gym-floor” uncomfortable? For most people it ain’t recent.

But it’s absolutely necessary.

Why? Because it’s not about how many calories you burn during a workout – it’s about how many calories you burn after.

Classic example: For the last two weeks I’ve been working out with a guy by the name of Dan “The Machine” Long. He doesn’t call himself that, but I do. Why? Because he’s a machine. Pretty self-explanatory.

Well, yesterday Dan put me through a workout that resulted in me burning 647 calories in 45 minutes. Not too shabby. But that’s not where the real magic happened – no, the real magic happened about 20 minutes later when I pulled in to my garage and that same calorie monitor read 1009 calories.

That’s 362 additional calories burned while sitting on my butt driving home – that’s more than most people burn in a 30 minute workout, and I did it while sitting around.

Had I left the calorie monitor on for another hour, it probably would have read somewhere around 1500 calories (nearly TRIPLE the caloric burn of the actual workout).

And I attribute that kind of dramatic “afterburn” directly to the intensity of the workout, and more specifically to a concept that Dan refers to as “kill mode”.

What is kill mode? Well, allow me to define it for you, straight from Results Dictionary:

Kill Mode (‘kil · mōd) noun – a mental shift that occurs approximately half way through a work set in which fatigue is ignored, adrenaline prevails, and all-out max effort fat loss domination begins


A practical example:

Let’s say you’re doing a timed set of jump squats for one minute. The first 30 seconds is auto-pilot. The final 30 seconds is when you enter kill mode – you forget about how you’re feeling, you allow adrenaline to take over, and you give it your all. You push. You go harder. You dominate.

That’s kill mode, and it works — bigtime.

Is it uncomfortable? YES. Is it HARD? Absolutely. Does it require mental toughness? You better believe it.

But as I stated at the very beginning of this post, you’re NEVER going to get the results you’re after without truly, genuinely working HARD.

Think about it – are you truly pushing yourself during your workouts? Does each set end with a “kill mode” moment? If not, you’re barely scratching the surface of your fat loss potential!

People, this is the kind of thing we do at Bootcamp EVERYDAY.....
One thing we are going to talk about is hunger – wanting something bad enough so that when you encounter an obstacle, and you will, that you’ll keep on keeping on. This is probably one of the most overlooked traits of successful people.

This video explains it all…

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Try Bootcamp for 4 weeks for just $97


You can Now try Our World Famous i-Bootcamp for just $97

One class just is not enough..1 not enough

You need to come for 4 Full weeks

and we want you to!

So here is a chance for you to get a Full month trial for just $97


Do fat burner pills work?

Happy Sunday People


Now we have been talking alot about Fat Burners.







Look at this report from the Mayo Clinic

Over-the-counter weight-loss pills: Do they work?

The temptation to use over-the-counter weight-loss pills to lose weight fast is strong. But are these products safe and effective?

By Mayo Clinic staff

The appeal of losing weight quickly is hard to resist. But do weight-loss pills and products lighten anything but your wallet? And are they a safe option for weight loss? Here's a look at some over-the-counter weight-loss pills and what they will and won't do for you.

Over-the-counter (OTC) weight-loss pills: What you need to know

A number of weight-loss pills are available at your local drugstore, supermarket or health food store. Even more options are available online. Most haven't been proved effective, and some may be downright dangerous.

How can companies sell potentially unsafe products? Dietary supplements and weight-loss aids aren't subject to the same rigorous standards as are prescription drugs. Thus, they can be sold with limited proof of effectiveness or safety. Once a product is on the market, however, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) monitors its safety and can take action to ban or recall dangerous products.

For this reason, it's important to do your homework if you're thinking about trying weight-loss pills. Read labels and talk with your doctor or pharmacist. Also check the FDA Web site for alerts about safety concerns and product recalls. The table shows common weight-loss pills and what the research shows about their effectiveness and safety.
Product Claim Effectiveness Safety
Alli — OTC version of prescription drug orlistat (Xenical) Decreases absorption of dietary fat Effective; weight-loss amounts typically less for OTC versus prescription FDA investigating reports of liver injury
Bitter orange Increases calories burned Insufficient reliable evidence to rate Possibly unsafe
Chitosan Blocks absorption of dietary fat Insufficient reliable evidence to rate Possibly safe
Chromium Increases calories burned, decreases appetite and builds muscle Insufficient reliable evidence to rate Likely safe
Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) Reduces body fat and builds muscle Possibly effective Possibly safe
Country mallow (heartleaf) Decreases appetite and increases calories burned Insufficient reliable evidence to rate Likely unsafe and banned by FDA
Ephedra Decreases appetite Possibly effective Likely unsafe and banned by FDA
Green tea extract Increases calorie and fat metabolism and decreases appetite Insufficient reliable evidence to rate Possibly safe
Guar gum Blocks absorption of dietary fat and increases feeling of fullness Possibly ineffective Likely safe
Hoodia Decreases appetite Insufficient reliable evidence to rate Insufficient information
Sources: U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 2010; Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, 2010


Do Fat Burners Really Work?

This is a good one - I really need to share this story with you! It’s too good to keep to myself!

A good buddy of mine has a nutrition store in North Vancouver and the other day I went there to buy some protein powder. He showed me a few new products he just received. I love looking around his store to see what’s new on the market. I’m like a kid in a candy store!

We are in the middle of a conversation when a young woman, around 25 years old, came in and started to look around the store. My friend goes over and asks her if he can help, and she said ‘I’m looking for a fat burner. Do you have something new? I’ve tried a few of them and they don’t work. I really need to lose some weight.’

When I looked at her, do you know what she held in her hand? A chocolate bar. Now why do you think none of the fat burners she used didn’t work? You don’t need to be a genius for that. My friend looked at her and said ‘You shouldn’t eat that if you really want to lose some weight.’ She started to laugh and just keep on talking like nothing happened.

After few minutes chatting with her we discover this young woman want to lose some weight but the problem is she doesn’t exercise, eats only 2 big meals a day, and uses fat burners to lose weight. I don’t understand why she can’t lose any weight… (I’m just kidding!!)

That’s the problem. Some people use supplements but don’t exercise, and their nutrition isn’t right. They rely on supplements to get results. Supplements are here to give you some help. I don’t know anyone who has a great physique but doesn’t do any exercises and just takes supplements. It’s a package deal. Exercise, nutrition and supplements will give you some good results. You need all of them.

"When I am asked what I think about fat burners my first
response immediately is that without the proper diet and
training program there is no pill that will give you the
results that you are looking for. If fat loss is your goal
you need to create a nutritional program that will feed
your muscle tissue while starving the fat. The way to do
this is the following:
• Eat a slightly caloric deficient diet (a diet where you
ingest less calories than what you burn on a given day).
Take your approximate lean body mass and multiply it by
12 to get a good calorie base.
• Eat frequently: Your diet should consist of multiple
small meals a day (5-6) consisting of complex
carbohydrates, lean proteins and some essential fats. A
ratio of 40% carbs, 40% proteins and 20% fats will yield
great results!
• Focus on weight training: Your workout program should
focus on weight training as this activity will build more
muscle which not only serves to give you a pleasing shape
but also increases your metabolism permanently, thus
making it easier to lose fat. Four to five sessions a week
of 45 minutes will suffice for most people. "

Bottom line Bootcampers...Nothing can replace...The right training program and supportive eating.

Leave me your thoughts on this...See you monday

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Your Workout and Your Music

Happy Saturday,


So I know I have promised to continue on the subject of the Fat Burners, but before I do..

I have 2 quick things for you


1. What tunes would you like me to add to the workouts this week...I will be updating my ipod this weekend. You can leave your comments below.

2. What Areas would you REALLY like me to HIT this week? Would you like me to pay attention to some more ab work..arms, call it. Same thing comment below.


Don;t let the rain affect your can try this one at home:

"The Legendary TT Summit Metabolic Conditioning Bootcamp Workout"

It started with a warm-up of:

Arm Crosses (aka 'Ballantynes')
Prisoner Squat
Mountain Climber
Touchdown Lunge
Off-set Pushup
Spiderman Climb
Side Shuffle

Then into our tough strength superset/triset:

1A) Elevated Pushups or Spiderman Climb Pushup
1B) 1-leg Deadlift or 1 & 1/2 rep Split Squat
1C) (If we had a TRX, we'd have done a row there too)

Next we started into Metabolic Conditioning Training

- Burpees (30 seconds)
- Diagonal Prisoner Lunges (30 seconds)
- Plank to Triceps Extension (30 seconds)

(Everyone clapped after that one...they loved the plank to
triceps was new to a lot of folks.)

Then another superset:

- Jumping Jacks
- Slow pushups (3 seconds up, 3 seconds down)

Then a triset:

- Burpees (20 seconds)
- Prisoner Lunges (30 seconds)
- Bodyweight Squats using the 20 second reps, 10 second hold (AWESOMENESS!)

And then - yes, there was more and then - we did a Fantastic 400 Conditioning Session:

10 exercises, 40 seconds per exercise:

- Jumping Jacks
- Run in Place
- Total Body Extension
- Split Shuffle
- Mountain Climber
- Bodyweight Squat
- Seal Jumps
- Sumo Squat
- Alternating Lunges
- Pushups

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Bootcamp Fitness Daily Deal




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"Goals allow you to control the direction of change in your favor."
Brian Tracy

"There is no achievement without goals."Robert J. McKaine

Goals in writting are dreams with deadlines.
Brian Tracy

"This one step - choosing a goal and sticking to it - changes everything." Scott Reed

"People with goals succeed because they know where they're going." Earl Nightingale

I find it fascinating that most people plan their vacation with better care than they do their lives.Perhaps that is because escape is easier than change.
Jim Rohn

THE BOOTCAMP Multiple Choice Fat Loss Meal Plan

This is a NEW Option We are Testing at Bootcamp

First we do a weigh in and Body Fat Assesment:

Then Multiple Choice Food Picks:

We go through ALL of The FOODS You LIKE TO EAT...I say this AGAIN...ALL OF THE FOOD YOU LIKE

Then I Put together a 7 day Fat Loss Meal Plan You Can Use Over and Over.


This is about a 1 HOUR Sessions...Regular Price is $87

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2 Times Per Week For One Month

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Your schedule...No Group..Just YOU


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The Truth About Bodyweight Cardio

Happy Monday People

I hope your weekend was GREAT!

I hope you are ready for an intense week at Bootcamp




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The Truth About Bodyweight Cardio

By Craig Ballantyne

Bodyweight Cardio<<

The truth about Bodyweight Cardio is that it has the worst
name in Turbulence Training history.

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I put that label on it,
but I'm not 3 workouts deep and pretty much stuck with it.

A better physiological description would be, "Bodyweight
Interval Training" or "Bodyweight Metabolic Conditioning".

I call bodyweight circuits a hybrid of strength and interval
training. The bodyweight exercises used in these particular
workouts are not so intense that they will cause you to gain
muscle, but neither would you be able to work as hard as you
can during sprint training.

You won't burn as many calories in 30 minutes of bodyweight cardio
as you would in 30 minutes of running at a fast pace. Truth
be told, only kettlebell training has the ability to burn as
many calories within a workout as running at a hard pace.

Think about this...each pushup you do must burn less than 1/3
of a calorie. After all, if you do 100 pushups in 3 minutes
(that's my score in the Martin Rooney 3-minute pushup test),
there's no way that I'm burning more than 15 calories per
minute (not when running at a fast pace only burns 16-20
calories per minute).

So in terms of "within workout" calorie burning, bodyweight
cardio does not beat regular cardio.

That said, because bodyweight cardio is a combination of resistance
training and interval training, you should get greater
post-workout calorie and fat burning benefits.

And knowing what we know today about metabolic resistance training,
and based on Alwyn Cosgrove's description of the two types of
MRT that he gave us, it is easy to place bodyweight cardio in
the metabolic conditioning category (higher reps, less
soreness from a session, sustained high heart rate).

As Alwyn said, "Your body doesn't really know what it's doing, all
it knows is that it gets your heart rate up."

So the key and challenge is to create bodyweight cardio workouts
that put the greatest demand on our cardiovascular systems
(to burn a lot of calories within the workout) while taking
advantage of the depletion results from the interval-like and
resistance properties of bodyweight training to increase the
between-session calorie burn (like we get from regular weight

To do this, we should use the non-competing exercise rule we
use in our TT workouts. If creating a circuit, going from a
lower-body exercise to an upper-body exercise is most appropriate,
as is focusing on as many single-leg exercises as possible.

The "Big 5" circuit approach works well for this:
Squat, Push, Pull, Single-Leg, Total Body Ab, as does the Big 6
(addition of a jump exercise at the start) and Big 7 (further
addition of a sprint type exercise at the end of the circuit).

Bottom Line: Bodyweight cardio will help you get that lean,
athletic look, even when you don't have access to any equipment.

You won't build a lot of muscle, but you can burn quite a few
calories and lose body fat almost as fast as with any other
TT workout (of course, there will always be people who respond
to this workout at extreme levels - and that's why you need
to experiment and find out what works best for you).


Click Here for the best bodyweight cardio workout manual on the





We START The Body Blast Today
Class will be Mon-Wed at 8:45pm and you will get in to whatever workshop we have going on Saturday morning at 9am
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