Thursday, May 27, 2010

Do you need a fitness trainer?

Once in a while some of the people that come to bootcamp, try to bring their friends...

Why? Well you come to class and then the next day you are walking a little funny...muscles ache..and you can't help but talk about it...then you tell your friends come to bootcamp..

Camp is 3 times per week and it $249 for 4 weeks...and then they say..Well I don;t really need to work with a trainer...I know what I'm doing, plus..why pay someone to tell me what I already know..

Hmmm, that got me thinking....and before I tell you how you can save $84 a month on Bootcamp I made this little video:

Now, If you havent can Join bootcamp for the Summer...Get the results you want and save even more $$$ go to:

Your Summer Fitness Coach

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