Thursday, May 6, 2010

Help me help 100 people


Over the Last 2 or 3 days I have been endorsing, some other Top Fitness Pro's products...

But I have to Stop...not because there Bad..because I'm scarred of what I saw..

101 Million People are overweight...WOW!!!

Last week I was promoting my 10 day detox and one of the people reported 5lbs lost in 3 days..that's Great, but I need to help more people...

I want to help 100 people lose YESTERDAY...

I have created a page:

I want to help 100 people lose at least 10lbs..

So if you have been trying, or no some one...and want to invest in something that is going to really work go here:

or Send this email to a friend...wait...send it to ALL your Friends

I am really thowing in a Good amount of bonouses to motivate people to get ON IT and stop waiting

Help me help 100 people


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