Friday, May 14, 2010

Bootcamp week in review

Hi and HAPPY Friday!!

So we did a lot of stuff this week..

That Iron Man workout was something...I will be workoing on some variations of it and progressions for it...But Great job to everyone..

The INBRED...not hybrid...300 Workout...I really liked this one...Not cause I think it's just tough...but because I think it really maximizes ENERGY output...YES we will be doing this more

I have a cool workout for you guys Below, but first

44 Spots remain in the Summer Boot Camp option...Not including everyone who has says they want to do it..don't worry your spot is safe...

But again, if you are serious about getting and staying in shape this Summer..
Join our Summer Boot Camp program here:

And 1 of the 9 spots for private training was taken if you are in a situation where you want to join boot camp but cant make out class time...private coaching is for you...this is a great way to lock in your spotsfor the summer as well...

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