Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Combine these two things for ridiculously FAST fat loss

You've probably been hearing a LOT about my friend Joel Marion's brand new Xtreme Fat Loss Diet -- the very plan that outlines EVERYTHING you need to know to lose up to 25 lbs in just 25 short days.

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In this program, Joel shares some of the most strategic fat loss methods I've ever seen. Just check out this article for a taste:


Synergistic Diet & Exercise for RIDICULOUSLY Fast Fat Loss
By Joel Marion, CISSN, NSCA-CPT

Most people treat their diet and exercise programs as two separate entities -- Totally WRONG if you're looking to lose fat at the fastest possible rate.

You see, if you can learn how to use the most effective exercise strategies to "mirror" the goals of your diet each day (while mixing up dietary approaches to yield specific hormonal and metabolic benefits in the most effective manner possible) you can literally take your results from "okay" to OUT OF THIS WORLD.

That's what I call SYNERGY. Diet and exercise working *together* in a very smart, strategic way to yield the fastest fat loss results possible.

Now, my above explanation may have sounded a bit complicated, so I’ll give you a quick example. Let’s take, for instance, the day after a Cheat Day—you know, those days where you get to eat WHATEVER you want on the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet (which just so happen to occur every 5th day).

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[By the way, if you’re not incorporating Cheat Days into your current diet, you’re *way* behind the fast fat loss curve, and NEED to get on board. Long story short, they save your metabolism and actually allow you to lose fat faster week after week by increasing levels of important fat burning hormones within the body. Not to mention, they’re a heck of a lot of fun]. So, the day after a Cheat Day, the overall goals are as follows: 1. Create a large caloric deficit (to burn as many calories as possible and take advantage of the fact that our bodies are now "primed" to burn fat as a result of the Cheat Day) 2. Deplete maxed-out glycogen stores (carbohydrate energy stores within the body) caused by the high carb and fat content of the Cheat Day 3. Exhaust ALL energy systems to satisfy #1 and #2 while burning additional fat calories to boot To accomplish these three goals, we’ll use a series of dietary and supplemental strategies to do exactly that while using *exercise* strategies that accomplish the SAME goals, for example: 1. Strategic lactic acid based workouts to burn massive calories and glycogen while stimulating the release of important fat burning hormones that further increase lipolysis (fat burning) 2. Strategic energy systems work that contain both anaerobic "carbohydrate-burning" and aerobic "fat-burning" components. Combining those types of exercise with dietary strategies that accomplish the same goals leads to a ridiculous fat burning effect. Essentially, when you set up things this way, you’re tackling your goals via both diet AND exercise. That’s like going after your financial goals via landing a job with a kick-butt income coupled with smart investing. One feeds the other for synergistic results. And you know what? The above is just ONE example. Within the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet we have FIVE different "types" of diet days (all with slightly different goals) and a very specific exercise strategy to use on each that has led to some of the fastest fat loss results we’ve ever recorded to date with our clients. Make no mistake, working WITH your diet, hand in hand, through exercise that *mirrors* the goals of each diet strategy can literally DOUBLE your results beyond just “working hard” on each day. The synergy of strategy never ceases to amaze me, and we reveal it all in the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. In fact, it's the ONLY reason people have consistently lost up to 25 pounds in just 25 days using the full-on 25 day system. Bottom line, if you want to lose fat FAST, you've got to be SMART in your approach.


Pretty cool, huh? When you start combining smart, specific strategies like THAT, 25 pounds in 25 days starts to sound a LOT more realistic! And it IS. In fact, those are the REAL results from real users of the program, not some hyped up marketing claim. You can check out the testimonials and get $30 OFF at Joel's site, but the promo IS getting ready to end so I'd make my way over to the below link now: ==> Go Get It Here Now

I hope you're ready to lose some serious fat...very, very fast.

Talk soon,


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