Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Fitness Savings Event

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Good Ol Alwyn Cosgrove wrote this...and I found it to be true

Well it's here - Memorial Day Weekend. The official start of Summer. The great "unveiling" - when the shirts come off, the swimsuits go on and the entire.World knows exactly how good or bad your dieting and exercising was for the last 3-4 months.

Jason Ferruggia has called this weekend - Judgment Day!

Are you ready? :)

If not - you have two more BIG weekends this Summer in which to dial in your physique and make a huge difference. That's right - it's not over -- you still have two more Judgment Days this year!

Goal setting is all about setting S.M.A.R.T. goals -- and T stands for "Time line". Athletes peak for National Championships, Trials and World events. Just because you're training for fat loss or to look better naked - doesn't change the fact that DEADLINES are extremely effective tools.

So we're going to set two this Summer. (and we have a Weekend Sale for You: )

Your next goal is Independence Day (for my US readers) - July 4th - only five weeks away.

With a combination of a kick start plan, a solid workout and nutritional support program and a healthy dose of motivation - you could easily be 10+ lbs leaner by then.

Your next goal is the end of summer - the Labor Day weekend (first weekend in September). This is currently fourteen weeks away. So if you're looking a little flabby this weekend or feeling a little embarrassed about your body -- you can still make amazing changes. It's never too late.

This is an opportunity for you to look great by Summer's end.

But you still need to start now.

Here's the fat loss basics (if you need more info see below):

You need to create a caloric deficit - no two ways about it - you must burn more than you consume. But that doesn't just mean eat less.
The most effective way to create that deficit is to use a combination of diet and exercise
Your diet should consist of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables.
Keep starches and refined carbs to a minimum.
Keep your fluid intake high (water only), and try to eat at least 4-5 small meals per day.
This will help maintain blood sugar levels and keep you from blowing your diet.
Exercise - interval training and metabolic resistance training will provide the most bang-for-your buck. Steady state aerobic training just doesn't burn enough calories for your goals right now, and a bodypart training split will be less effective than total body training for fat loss.
Try to exercise at least four to six days per week - two to three days of interval based cardio and two to three days of resistance training.
Supplements: there is almost nothing that will make a difference. Sorry. Certain supplements can boost metabolism, or increase your energy somewhat and these may be useful - but in terms of real world "pounds of fat lost" I have yet to see anything that really made a difference. A multivitamin and a fish oil supplement are vital though - but more for your overall health. a protein shake or meal replacement powder can be useful for convenience but are nothing more than high quality food.
Get started now!

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PS -All talk of fat loss aside - enjoy your holiday weekend. But PLEASE remember the point of this weekend - remember our fallen heroes and spare a thought for all the troops who are still fighting for us today. My thanks to all of you.

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