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I QUIT!! (you can print this)

 I have SOOOO MUCH To Give you today...


This can and will apply to life and it WILL FOR SURE APPLY TO FITNESS

I Even Listed some things We Do Not Do in my Bootcamp here:

A couple of weeks ago I was reading about Disney and they discussed the concept of getting 1% better. 

1% better. Over and over. 

Most people think about having to get 100% or 200% better and it becomes overwhelming. 

"I need to double my business!" "I need to double my weight loss" "I need to double my progress"

Doubling your progress is BIG. Not something you can do TODAY. 

But you can get 1% better today. 

And tomorrow. 

And if you keep stacking 1% Better Days on top of one another - by year's end your 365% better. 

Today's Workout is at the end of this email and you can print it and use it

But I want to continue discussing this:

"The Battle for Own Our Thoughts 

The battle for our minds is the battle to think on our own terms and on our own timetable. It's the battle for freedom to let our minds wander, because the best thoughts emerge from the most unlikely places, and when we're lavishing ourselves with time. 

The best thoughts happen when we're staring out windows and daydreaming; they happen when we're looking at scenes like this (because we're really there). They happen when we have perspective. 

The best thoughts occur when you don't have to have them, they occur after plenty of rest, they occur when you're grasping the gestalts of life. The best thoughts occur when we're mindful of the full immensity of this beautiful thing called existence. 

The battle for our thoughts is the battle against our ego's desire to gain an "important" job; it's the battle against the very materialism that encourages us to exchange too many of our thoughts for money; and it's a battle against the collective flattery (of society) that sweet talks us into crazy-busy careers. (Note: This paragraph was highly influenced by a great anti-travel guide I'm reading called Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide. It's got loads of perspective and I highly recommend it). 

The battle for our minds really isn't about reclaiming brainpower to do our own taxes or solve more Sudoku puzzles. No. The battle for mind is important because. . . 

We Desperately Lack Perspective 

Raoul Vaneigem once wrote that "Everything has [already] been said [and] all our knowledge is essentially banal." And he's right. If you read the profound thoughts of any great teacher or leader, you'll likely find no new knowledge. What you will find, however, is heaps of timeless perspective. You'll find knowledge deeply rooted in perspective and amplified by perspective

Great thinkers and teachers are great because their perspectiveforces you to take a second glance at the knowledge you alreadyhave. And their perspective is so compelling because it couldn't have come from anywhere except direct experience. "

I think this applies to your fitness results as well

I didn't invent the squat, burpees, push ups, running or carb cycling....But I know I have mastered teaching these and I can MANIPULATE THEM to HELP YOU get RESULTS.


You can Print today's workout and use it

Round 1 had 4 stations
Band shoulder press and tricep ext for 30 seconds each (2x)
Squats and Mountain climbers 30 seconds each (2x)
Cross Leg Reverse Crunch (each leg) 30 seconds each (2x)
KB Swing and Squat to an Upright row 30 seconds each (2x)

Round 2
Push ups and Leg raises
Reverse Pyramid Hybrid
15 reps of each and then in descending order down to 1 and then back up to 15 (480 total reps ;-)

Round 3
10 Station Celebration  
1 Minute Each
Band Rows
Over Hand Battle Ropes
Step Ups
Jump Rope
Mountain Climber
Burpee with a Jump
Sand Bag Squat and Curl
KB Swing
Jump Rope

Tomorrow morning at 10 we are having another 10 station Celebration (Not the one above)
at the PINES location

Not a member? you can come to this class for just $21

I hope you Read this and have a GREAT Saturday


Look at the way this one coach talks to his students:

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt 


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