Friday, December 16, 2011

30 Hardcore Days of eating and training



We know you're busy.

We know you want results and FAST - that's why I highly

recommend this program for 2k12. I have recommended

maybe 3 total programs this year that have met my strict


With this program you will:

* Discover the powerful "Targeted Fat Loss Cardio " that

has been scientifically crafted and designed to vaporize

lower abdominal and inner thigh fat.

* Learn how to guarantee that you never lose one ounce of

fat burning muscle (A recent study from the University of

Connecticut showed that if you don't do this you can lose

up to 3.2lbs of muscle)

* The specific training routines from my bootcamp that have been

optimized so you will continue to burn body fat 38 hours

later (even if you are sitting on the couch watching TV).

* The 2 Exercises you don't know about that will turn

your entire body into a Fat Burning Machine.

* The biggest mistake you can make with your weight loss


* The exact cardio prescription that will increase your

fat loss by over 100% while cutting your workout time in


* The 4 letter word that you must master so you can lose

fat light years faster than anyone you know (don't worry

we will tell you what it is and how to easily harness its


* Why you can kiss those excruciatingly long 2 hour

workouts good bye while your burn more fat and get out of

your workout in 45 minutes or less.

* 28 Days of meal plans, listing exactly everything you

need to eat (It doesn't matter if you weigh 130lbs or 215lbs

I have the specific diet plans for you).

* The one trick to shifting your carbohydrate intake that

will fuel your fat burning exercise session while

unleashing your stored bodyfat.

* The shocking truth about how much protein you need to

"protect" your muscle when losing weight.

* How to boost your metabolism by eating certain foods

that's right - just by eating certain types of food you'll

burn more calories than if you didn't).

* How to extract the fat loss benefits from low carb

diets without suffering from the energy lows that plague

most people on them.

FOR 10 7 4 2 Highly HIGHLY Motivated People ONLY

In the next 30 Days I will outline for you how a hybrid modified diet and training are set up so
you can get Fast Results in 1/3 of the time. .
30 Hardcore Days of eating and training...I will need you to be in 100% and I will need testimonials at the end...(this is key)
So as a small bribe I am only charging 1/3 of the price.

$97 for the first 10 7 4 2 people to get this.($397 regular price)

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I know the Holidays are here...We start this program Monday December 26th
The Meal Plan will be printed for you not delivered via email
The workouts will be 3-5 days per week. (NO special class times, you can come any of my workout classes for 30 days).

10 7 4 2 people ONLY

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