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You DID great Yesterday! + 5 Exercises to make your abs Sore?


A few quick notes today...

Number One GREAT JOB to everyone at Class yesterday...2 reasons.

#1 You Showed up...Mondays are tuff sometimes..but #2 I TESTED yesterdays workout twice...maybe it was not the hardest we have EVER EVER done, but certainly the one that recruited the most amount of combines muscle fusion...oh yeah Muscle fusion is hot hot little term I am going to trademark...but what it means is..we used the most amount of muscle at the same time..why is that good? we used more OXYGEN...and that means more fat burn...so GREAT JOB!

Number TWO...

You need to send this to at least 5 friends:
I have 5 ...FIVE exercise that will make you Abs Sore...
from Fitness GURU Craig Ballantyne..

So here we go, 5 exercises that have given me sore abs in the last
3 weeks...

#1 - Stability Ball Plank
As I mentioned yesterday, it's 30 percent harder than a regular
plank, but last Friday I used it in a weird way that left my abs
sore all weekend.

I did a "3 minute stability ball plank challenge". I set a timer for
3 minutes and got in position. As soon as I started feeling fatigue,
I stopped, rested for 15 seconds, and then got back in position.
I alternated between the Ball Plank and short rests for a full 3
minutes...and tallied up the amount of time I spent in the Ball
Plank - and next week I'll try to beat that time. That challenge is
a great way to make the exercise harder and for the time to fly by.

#2 - Stability Ball Rollout
This is one of my 3 favorite ab exercises, and to make it harder and
for more ab soreness, the key is to do a sloooooow "roll out". That
will put your abs under a loaded stretch - which causes soreness.
Now of course, you MUST train smart and conservatively...but if you
are advanced, you can really extend this to about 5 seconds.
If you are an intermediate, don't roll too far out, but take it
really, really, really slow. You'll get similar benefits.

And you can do all of my favorite stability ball ab exercises with
me in the TT for Abs DVDs here:
=> Abs DVD

#3 - L-Chinup
Okay, this one is super advanced, but for all of my bodyweight
compadres out there, dig this:
You're basically going to do a chin-up while holding the top position
of a hanging leg raise. Do all your reps like this. At first it will
be really tough, but your reps will increase big time after a couple
of sessions.

If that's too tough, I still love the Chin-up with Knee-up exercise
that I show you in the TT for Abs DVDs.

#4 - Regular Plank done to failure AFTER a hard upper body workout
I know what you're thinking...how could a regular plank make your
abs sore?

Well, there's a little trick to this one...and that is to do the
plank at the end of a really tough upper body workout when your arms
are pumped and fatigued.

Why? Because it will force your abs to work extra hard, because it
takes away a lot of the support that your arms give to a regular
plank. So tack a regular plank on to the end of a biceps/triceps
superset, and your abs will be pleasantly surprised.
And remember what I said yesterday about needing to be
able to do
the plank for 2 minutes straight. So go for as long as you can with
good form, rest 30-60 seconds, and repeat.

#5 - Strict Hanging Leg Raise and Leg Pike
Most folks are familiar with the hanging leg raise. You might even
have tried it yourself. But you won't get maximum results from this
exercise unless you do it with strict form.

That simply means removing as much momentum from the exercise as
possible - basically, don't SWING your body and your legs. Instead,
brace your abs as hard as possible, start from a "dead hang" position
and raise your legs with muscular control - not momentum.

And what's the ab pike? Well, it's an advanced leg raise. In the
pike, you'll continue the movement to take your feet all the way to
where your hands are holding the bar. Super advanced.

(By the way, I know these all need video demonstrations, and most of
them are in the TT for Abs DVDs...but I'll try and film a new video
of all them soon.)

BONUS EXERCISE - Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extensions
Yes, the simple lying dumbbell triceps extension exercise can cause
ab soreness. How? By emphasizing the stretch in your abs at the
bottom of the movement.

You'll need to have your head at the very end of the bench and
you'll need to drop the dumbbells a little lower than normal beside
your head to get maximum ab stretching benefits...but done right,
this will cause soreness and more sculpted abs if done consistently.
Ok, that's it for today. When I find more "sore abs" exercises, I'll
be sure to pass them along.

Hitting your abs hard without crunches or situps,

Number THREE...The March of Dimes walk is this Saturday...lets go people...If you are walking let me know TODAY...not tomorrow..Right now..email me back..text me (754)244-9102..what ever..Let get a head count for Saturday.

"To change your results you must change how you
feel - and how you feel is based on how you picture
things in your mind."
Matt Furey

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

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