Friday, April 23, 2010

I think you will like this...

Happy Friday

It’s ALWAYS nice to get gifts…

It feels good to receive things…

But how much BETTER is it to GIVE?

Doesn’t feel great to give someone something?

The look on there face when they get it…

At least when you give them something good…J

Let me ask you a question…when was the last time you gave someone something with out expecting anything back???

Well every once in a while I like to give too…

So this is what I’m proposing…

Have you ever told one of your friends about your Bootcamp classes and they say “woo I would like to try that” but they never do…

I know some people are not willing to invest in their health like you have…but it’s time to get them involved and I’m going to help you…

Buy a Friend or family member 1 visit to Bootcamp and I will match your gift.

What that means is, if you but someone a visit to boot camp I will give them one. If you buy them 5 visits I will give them 5. If you but them 10...I will give them 10

How much does 1 visit cost? $22..

If all I want to do is give something, why don’t I just give the visits out? I do..ALL the time.

And what I have learned is, that people that have never been to camp or exercise regularly do not value a complimentary visit to boot camp and they don’t use it.

I want people to use them…so if you buy someone a gift for some visits to your boot camp and I just happen to match your gift…the you get to give someone something unexpected and I get to give the gift of health and fitness.

So this is what you do..

Click on this link: Give the Gift of Bootcamp

Chose how many sessions you would like to buy, and after you purchase them, I will email you directly to find out who these visits are for, I will then let you decide how you want to surprise them…If you would like a gift certificate we can have one made for you, if you would like me to call them I can do that too.

This is your chance to give someone something that will do them good, and get double the value.

There is no time limit on this or limited number of people that can do this…this is just a chance to give a gift.

Here is the link again: Give the Gift of Bootcamp

Have a great weekend.

PS…The March of Dimes walk is tomorrow…9am…I hope to see you there…if you can’t make it please make sure you donate here:

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

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