Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Do you deserve it?

Happy Hump Day,

I was just reading this email I got...and it got me thinking...

Read some of it and then look at my notes:

From: Matt Furey

In his email he talked about how people may WANT
success, a new car, money, fame, a great body - and
so on - but the honors don't go to those who WANT

Instead, they go to those who believe they DESERVE
to have them.

Ain't that the truth.

Yet, in my talks with many people who are "working
hard" to become successful, a lot of them simultaneously
carry a belief of not being worthy or deserving of it.

.... Some people
want to be great athletes, accomplished writers, artists,
musicians, doctors, engineers and so on - but they don't
believe they deserve success.

A year ago a young man told me, "There is no such thing
as actually deserving anything."

I said, "You are right. And if you said the opposite, you
would also be right. Sort of like how Henry Ford once
said, 'If you think you can do a thing or think you can't
do a thing, you're right."

To spell it out specifically, "If you think you are deserving
of a thing or think you are not deserving of a thing, you
are right."

... it all comes back to YOU.

Why not suddenly become deserving of what you want -
just to see how much good you begin to attract?

Consider it a fun excursion into the great forest of your

Now think about many times do you think about starting to clean up your diet and say "NAH, I'm just going to end up cheating"
or how many times do you think "I'll start working out on Monday again" but don't because you "know you will quit again"

Are you setting yourself up to fail without even Trying?

Yes, some people want six pack ABS, some want toned arms and legs...some of you should be thinking..."Man I want to get off this High Blood Preassure medication"

or "Wow I used to Feel great when I was working out, now I'm always tired"

You deserve EVERYTHING you want...and you deserve to look and feel your BEST

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