Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's holding you back?

Happy Sunday,

We all have Goals..would you agree?

Life goals, career goals, family goals, and of course health and fitness goals...

Would you say sometimes you feel something is holding you back?

Maybe...lack of time, work gets in the way, the kids, your wife, your husband...what ever the case is..or you.

Maybe you get in the way, have you ever wanted to do something and said "YES! I want to do that, but I can't now, because..."

Simple things...

"I want to go on a vacation, but I'll wait till the kids are older"
"I want to join the gym but I need to lose weight first"
"I want that promotion at work but I cant now cause I don't want to stay at work late"
"I want to start eating better but I can't afford to go on a diet"
or one of my favorites..."I want to join your Bootcamp but I need to get in shape FIRST"

Really?....REALLY?...I want to ...but.,..I want to...but ,I want to...BUT

I was reading this on Christopher Guerriero's site today:

"Every great man or woman in history has become great because they knew how to focus their efforts and reach a few strategic goals in their life.
Most of those people became great by taking small daily actions towards those goals, then leading-by-example.

A mother of 4 learns to eat healthy, and her daily actions instill that greatness into her children, who use that to lead healthy, energetic, successful lives.

A father of 2 young girls decides to cut out television from his life and replaces that time with reading inspirational books and playing with his kids. His daily actions teach his girls to lead enriching, fulfilling lives.

An entrepreneur decides to write a book, and his daily actions leave a lasting legacy and guide his employees to become leaders within his company.

But all of that sounds like a lot of work. Here’s how to make living a life of greatness – easy…

Stop focusing on the big picture, and simply live your life according to your Theme.

Don’t have a Theme for your life? Then it’s time to get one – and make it something that will drive you forward.

Starbucks theme is “Rewarding Everyday Moments”.
Nike = “Authentic Athletic Performance”
Whether you know it or not, you’re living your life according to a theme – and your current theme has you caught in a cycle of results.

Your theme might be “eat until I burst” – so your results are going to be less then healthy :-)

…or your theme might be “leave the office 10 minutes early”. But again, that theme won’t bring you success.

Here’s what I propose – we all create a new Theme for this year. A fun theme that’s going to keep us chugging when all the other little engines are calling it quits.

Want to know what this year’s theme is for me?

"Keep Moving Forward"

When you’re working on a dream, you’re living on the edge. There are going to be long days, probably some sleepless nights, and plenty of times that you’ll doubt yourself and want to give up."

So, you have been planning on starting and exercise program, but haven't...
Go to click on the payment options...I have added NEW options.

You know someone who is putting it off but wants it and needs it... go to my blog:

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Need help with your eating...we have a 10 Day Detox Meal Plan...A 14 Day Fat Loss Meal Plan...and A 28 Day Extreme Fat loss Meal Plan...

You have options,

So what you tried other stuff and it failed, so what you joined the gym and you don't what you deep down inside are sabotaging yourself and think you can't do it.
Think about this...I have been a fitness coach for 15 years...this is what I do for a's how I earn my income...if I could not deliver results, don't you think I would have gone under a long time ago..

I really enjoy what I do...and it gives me a GREAT sense of satisfaction to hear results people get..


I feel so much better
I fit into my dress
I'm sleeping at night, now
I have more energy
or the occasional I really like coming to camp
This email today is more than just a come join Bootcamp cause you want to get in shape by the summer, this is about putting and end to making excuses.

Stop letting things hold you back.

and if you want to get a start on your fitness goals...yes join Bootcamp now ( ) can start tomorrow

But everything now..even if it's just a small step toward it.

Don't let ANYTHING Hold you Back anymore..


Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

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