Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What is your Core? + Hollywood Beach Bootcamp


Quick question...

I'm planning on opening a Bootcamp on Tuesday and Thursday on the Beach at 7:15am..

What do you think Ft. Lauderdale...or Hollywood...

Let me know in the comment box below...

I have something SPECIAL for you if you do...


Do you know where your core is?

"Six-pack" abdominals are only a small part of the total core area. Most people are confused when it comes to knowing exactly what their body core consists of. Some think it's just their abdominal muscles, others think it's their back, while others just don't know.

Let's explain it here.

Your body core is made up of the middle section of your entire body. It starts at your shoulders and goes all the way to your groin - in both the front and the back. I like to use the core of an apple as a visual example.

Therefore your core will include your pelvis, abdominal muscles (including the obliques), your upper, middle and lower back and the muscles that make up your chest; not just the "pooch" that women refer to or the beer belly men make fun of!

It is this core that offers stability, balance and flexibility. That's why when you are performing abdominal flattening exercises you must make sure that they are good abdominal exercises that also develop your core.

Just because an abdominal exercise or piece of infomercial abdominal equipment is said to be good for your abs, it may not be if it doesn't help your body core become stronger.

Every time you move your core comes in to play. Even when performing simple tasks, such as rolling over in bed at night, combing your hair or competing in some type of athletic event. If your body core is not properly conditioned through good abdominal exercises in addition to exercises that work the rest of your core, it will limit your physical abilities.

You cannot focus on one aspect of your core such as your abdominal muscles and not pay the same attention to the rest of your core. If you do, you will at the very least end up with a muscle imbalance, which can lead to injury.

Effectively exercising your body core muscles will improve the effectiveness of movements in your limbs. When you create a secure, strong base for all of your muscles you can optimize your results for each one.

Come train your CORE at Bootcamp with us:

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