Thursday, December 7, 2017

So You Want To Start Working Out...But You Haven't...Now What?

Have you felt this way?
Not sure what diet?
Not sure what workout?
So you end up not doing anything...
Did you watch the "What the Health" documentary and want to try a vegan lifestyle because meat was going to kill you
Did you catch a glimpse of the athletes competing in the crossfit games and say "wow I want to do that"
But then someone at work joined Orange Theory and started a paleo diet and you want to try that.

More than 20 years coaching..and I think this year my opinion has changed(kind of) the most.

Want to know what diet works best: The one that will help you reach your goal that you can follow consistently.

Want to know what workout works best: The one you show up to consistently

​​​​​​​How many diets have you many have you many have you stuck to, lost weight and just went the other way and gained the weight back? many workout programs have you started P90X, walking in the morning, maybe worked with a trainer...maybe even our Bootcamp...and not shown up after a week..
or..gotten results..and then just stopped...and lost everything you worked for?

It's a very interesting cycle, and while I believe we can help you with your short term goal at our bootcamp, I also know we can help you with your long term goal..which should be a healthy and fit life...
While I know we can manipulate calories, and help you lose weight, I also know we can help you keep the weight off, bounce back if you fall off, or just live a life full of energy and no deprivation...

That is what we are going for...That is what I am creating...

Want to know the BEST way to get going....Stop waiting for everything to be perfect..We are all busy and life will always get in the way...and until working out is a habit and part of your lifestyle you will need to work and making time and getting yourself to do it....

Like NIKE says...Just Do It

Just many diets have you tried?
or how many workouts have you tired?

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