Monday, December 18, 2017

Making those 10 pounds go away.

From JC Santana

So you want to get rid of those last 10lbs or the first 10lbs 
OK, here we go.  First, decide how you will add one hour of movement to your daily life .  You can split it up in two, half-hour sessions.   Nothing less than steady walking, or fast bike riding counts - no gardening, no bowling, or other low calorie burning activities count.  Don't even think about counting golf, unless you are walking the course.  You don't need to join a gym or buy equipment.  However, most people find the training environment of a professional facility encouraging and motivating.  If that describes you, join a fitness center. 

If you don't know where to start, then hire a coach or join a program like our Bootcamp.  Research has shown that individuals training under the guidance of a trainer have better compliance and results. 

If weight loss is your main objective and what the scale reads represents the final word - lots of movement and fewer calories then your body needs is the name of the game. So first you have to make sure you are consuming the right amount to begin's not just a matter of eating less.

Walking, jogging, cycling are great ways to sustain movement for long periods of time.  Circuit training is also a great alternative for burning calories, while building muscle and developing strength. 

If you want to get tight and toned, which really means increasing muscle and losing fat is what you want, then forget about what the scale says.  It is very possible to drop a couple of sizes without dropping a single pound .  A good muscle-building program with some cardio thrown in is your best bet for the big muscle gains with reductions in body fat.

Now, here is where most people lose the game - the food.  Anybody can workout for an hour a day, it's the other 23 hours that kill you.  Hunger in the late evening is the worst feeling to overcome, especially the first two weeks....another reason we created our Protein Donuts  

You have to survive the first two weeks - it gets much easier from there on.  Here are some very general guidelines to follow if you are about 10-15 overweight.  For other situations consult a nutritionist (that's why I'm here). 

If you are not exercising and just sitting around, consume about 12 calories per pound of desired body weight.  For example, if a 130 lb. female wanted to weight 120 lbs, she would consume about 1440 calories.   Although this approach would allow her to drop weight, it is NOT the preferred method.   The preferred method is by moving one hour per day, while consuming about 15 calories per pound of desired body weight.  Using this approach, a 170 lb. man wanting to weight 160lbs would consume about 2400 calories. 

Taking a good multi-vitamin/mineral (like this one) and an essential fatty acid supplement (like this one) are a good idea to make sure you have everything you need.   

Now - what are you waiting for, another Monday or New Year's resolution?  Start now and change your life - only you can do this....oh wait...that is in 2 weeks..


I've looked at a lot of my 2017 goals and I want to make sure I finish this year better than I instead of taking the next 2 weeks off and slowing down...I am kicking it up a notch...more workouts, training harder..working more and longer!!!

You can just as easily gain 10lbs in the next 2 weeks or you can lose 2 or 3 more....what side of that do you want to be on?

How are you setting yourself up close this year strong and to win in 2018?


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