Thursday, March 25, 2010

Only 10 people can try this time

(open to both local residents and online clients)

Hey , - It’s time. Are you ready?
I have updated my original 28 day fat MELTING fit Program
Spring is coming and I have developed a 14 Day Fast Fat Loss Program and I need some testers....

THIS is OUR 3rd TEST...we have been testing to make sure we get it right..

And I shouldn't say “some” – I need SERIOUS testers. Real ACTION TAKERS.
Let me make something perfectly clear:

It will involve utilizing old school fat loss methods combined with cutting edge nutritional protocols to deliver superior results. It is a low calorie, low carb full-on body fat attack diet.
Now...I have tested in closed doors, and now it's time to test with the public
Think you can’t make real changes in 14 days...THINK AGAIN

Here’s the deal – I need 10 people (We tested 14 last time) to lose as many inches of their midsection as possible in 14 days...
5 Men
5 Women
I am looking for 10 this time (and only 10) highly motivated people willing to commit to a brand new 14 day rapid fat loss program.

Yes 14 days.!!!
The goal is to jump start your fat loss and create an unmatched program that is so mind blowing in the first 14 days that you will be motivated to continue at an accelerated rate.
This program is for anyone who:
Is Short on time but high on desire
Wants Rapid fat loss with minimal time investment
Is stuck on their current routine
Needs a jumpstart to get back in shape
Needs to augment their current routine with fat burning
Needs a Stepping stone to an on-going fitness plan
This is for people who live locally or across the WORLD... You will receive a training program that can be done at home or at a gym as well as the full Miami Fat Loss Diet nutritional program...all via email
And yes, you will get coaching from me personally.

Is there a catch? Well duh.

The catch is The Program will Sell for $227 when I put it out, but while I am sure it works, I want real people to say "Wow I did it and it worked". I will let you.. if you are 1 of the 14 people try it for just $47....You will be required to comply with the fitness program 100% (consequences apply). And that you provide a before and after picture so I can use it in my marketing once I release this system to the public at a ‘regular’ price
I have created similar programs to this in the past that have yielded MANY MANY pounds lost in one month, I expect nothing less with this just 14 days.

Because these fat loss methods are so unique you will be sworn to secrecy.
So… You want in? Here’s your chance.
Get it here for Just $47

Send an email after you enroll that includes:

Current “before” photo
Body stats (age, height, weight, waist measurement & bodyfat percentage if you know)
The city where you live and work

Again, for the first time this beta test is open for both local residents and online clients.

That’s it come and get it. ==>> JOIN HERE

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

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