Wednesday, March 31, 2010

>>>Breaking NEWS!!!!!!!!


I've just inked a deal to help everyone out.

I have partnered with a New company that will help subside some of your FITNESS cost through your health insurance.

Basically depending what insurance plan you have a pretty good discount on your Bootcamp participation.

We will be the ONLY Bootcamp in South Florida offering this.

And the discount will depend on your insurance again so it won't be the same for everyone.

Let me be clear, your health insurance WILL NOT cover bootcamp, but it WILL :) give you a pretty good discount right from your first day.

How much of a discount? Anywhere from 20%-40%...what's that in $$ anywhere from $50-$90

Now this is based on our current $249 price for 4 weeks.

and can not be combined with any other offers we have had in the past.



This is HUUUGE...for you guys.. I said I Just signed this.

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