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5 Solutions to TRIPLE Fat Loss Results (bootcamp starts Monday)

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Third Miami Beach Bootcamp starts April 19th...hooorahhh I found theis post by by Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri, CSCS, HFS
Metabolic Fat Loss & Fitness Expert

I’m giving you 5 solutions to counteract each of these 5 problems… the kinds of things you can start doing RIGHT NOW & watch your love handles melt away and your results take off. Here they are:
1. Multi-Planar Movement
2. Movement Complexes
3. Muscle Balancing
4. Mindset Shift
5. Motor Learning

Solution #1 - Multi-Planar Movements:

We live in a 3D world. We need to train in a 3D way.

By working on exercises that involve forward/backward motion, side/side motion, and rotational motion, you are training in a real-life way and challenging your muscles and nervous system in a real-life way. The end result is stronger signaling, a stronger connection with your nervous system, and exponentially greater and faster fat loss results.

Solution #2 - Movement Complexes:

Movement complexes involve doing multiple exercises, often times using only 1 exercise modality, without rest before taking a prolonged rest break and repeating again. For example, in the Double Edged Fat Loss method for Neuro Fat Loss, I use the following arrangement of exercises, all without a rest break, and all with the same piece of equipment:


Solution #3 - Muscle Balancing:

Muscle = Your Metabolism.

Unless you effectively balance the muscles around a joint, your body will stop growth and progress dead in its tracks.

Solution #4 - Mindset Shift:

Belief system is everything. You truly do create your own reality. Watch this clip from Will Smith that I think pretty much sums it up:

Solution #5 - Motor Learning:

Basically, it matters how much muscle you recruit in an exercise & how coordinated you move. As we discussed yesterday, if you are doing 10 sets of 10 repetitions, the weakness is compounded 100x by not properly recruiting your entire muscle. In order to properly recruit your muscle, your body must know where it is in space. This is called proprioception, or position sense.

Effective position-sense training will lead to faster nerve conduction, improved signaling, more muscle recruited, and greater strength with each exercise you perform. Your body will recruit everything it has for you, and you will get results (i.e. fat loss) exponentially faster!!


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