Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I made a NEw BABY

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we talked about some cool NEW Rules to lifting and some cool events coming up,

Again I am putting together a team for the March of Dimes...

Team: i-Bootcamp
Walksite: Crandon Park, 4000 Crandon Boulevard, Miami/Key Biscayne
Date: 4/24/2010 9:00:00 AM
Time: 9:00 AM
A March for Babies web page has been created for OUR team at:
I encourage all of you to come walk or donate...

We will have some Cool Bootcamp T's's Fitness for a Good cause..

Sign up or donate...

Next I will be opening up the door tomorrow to a Group of 10 people for the FINAL test to our 14 Day Fat Loss Meal Plan and Workout... for those of you who don't know The 14 day Fat Loss plan is a 14 Day Meal the is delivered to you via email based on your weight, and you get virtual workouts emailed to you during the 14 the end of the 14 days you report your progress back to us.

We are testing this for the 3rd time before we launch it to the public...when it launches the retail price will be $227...if you are one of the 10 testers you can test it for just $ be on the look out for that email tomorrow. We did this a few weeks ago and it got booked up pretty when you get the it right away. It's 14 days a pre planned meals for you.

NEXT...We are ADDDDDing all new Toys to Bootcamp...More Bands, More Kettlebells, and a NEW baby...for those of you who don't know the baby is the SAND Bag...or Sand Bags...
if you havent joined Bootcamp yet:
Go Here>>>

>>>>REMEMBER Miami Beach Bootcamps Starts April 19th....<<<< NEXT...Protein Packed Iced Rasberry Mocha?

Drinking those grande coffee drinks with whipped cream and sugar...well, they really aren't a good idea. Seriously, they pack about a zillion calories that don't do much for you - except pack on the belly flab.

But what if those drinks were nutritious? What if they were chock full of metabolism boosting protein?

Well, my partners over at Prograde just released this killer new Protein Packed Iced Rasberry Mocha recipe that you're going to love.
I'm not kidding, your taste buds won't believe this one! Check it out at:

Yours in health,


PS - And remember, Prograde is having a birthday party this week and celebrating with 15% off all their awesome products!

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

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