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As many of you know and for thos who don't...I like to prove with facts that what we do at my Bootcamps if THE MOST Effective way to Burn Fat and Build Lean Here is
Another study:

Energy expenditure during bench press and squat exercises.
Robergs RA, et al
JSCR 2007 Feb;21(1):123-30.

This study was interesting as compared to most of the other studies on this topic, they used free weight training as opposed to machines. It's probably obvious that you would burn more calories during free weight training because of greater overall muscle recruitment but this has been ignored up until now.

These researchers concluded that weight training (squat and bench press) burned around 15 calories per minute. The interesting thing? This study used loads of 31-57% RM. In other words - reasonably light weights.

These studies might explain what we've seen in our fBootcamps for years - weight training, specifically metabolic resistance training is a superior form of training for fat loss than traditional cardiovascular exercise.

But let's extrapolate further -

What if we used one of our programs at So Flo Fitness Bootcamp - which is multiple joint, multiple set, mutliple muscle free weight dynamic exercise (metabolically more demanding than a bench press or squat) using heavier loads than the studies with shorter rest periods than the studies?

A 40 min session of that type of work (without adding in warm-up, or additional post-workout cardio), based on current research could burn somewhere around 600 - 690 calories.

But when you factor in the actual exercise selection - so that each exercise is more demanding - it would be even higher.

And when you add in any "afterburn" effect , or any changes in resting metabolism as a result of building muscle, or the fact that we know the afterburn is accumulative (it's been shown to be higher with multiple sessions as opposed to one) - we might have the ultimate fat burning program.

The truth is - people keep seeing results at Bootcamp, and this is unchallenged.

You want Results
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