Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Political Fat Loss????

Hey Everyone,

Do you know who is your worst enemy in the fight against fat?

Well-meaning, politically correct, fitness professionals that don'twant to make you feel bad for being lazy and eating crap. That's who.

They write articles about how "diets are bad", how you can liftsoup cans and get fitness model arms, and how you should exercisein the nice and easy "fat burning zone" to get results. Basically, they give you what want to hear - plenty of excuses foravoiding hard exercise and strict nutrition (the real keys to fatloss).But I don't. You'll get no such excuses from me.Here's the real deal on fat loss. You have to work hard in yourworkouts and even harder on your nutrition if you want results. can take the politically-correct easy way out and have the samebody in 3, 6, and even 12 months from now. Love me or hate me, I promise you results. Let's take a look at whythe PC-solutions don't work...

Q: I've been told to exercise in my "fat burning zone". What's thebest cardio method for weight loss.

Answer: Cardio is not the only solution!!!

Clearly it adds to the energy deficit and overall calorie balancethat favors fat loss. BUT it's not the "be all & end all" of fat loss success - and thatis anecdotally supported by the number of overweight distancerunners. I almost never recommend long, slow cardio...simply because no oneI train or consult with has the time for this, and it doesn't workany better than shorter, less frequent, more intense intervaltraining sessions.

Five or six days of 60-minute cardio sessions in my fat-burningzone? Yeah right, like anyone has time for that.If I told you that you could get the same results (or better, asrecent research suggests) in three 45-minute interval sessionseach week as you could from three or five 60-minute slower cardiosessions each week, which would you choose?

Yes, intervals feel about 10x's harder than regular, slow, boring cardio. And yes, you won't be able to read your people magazinewhen doing intervals. And you might breath a little heavy. So ifyou're worried about sweating, than maybe fat loss isn't for you.But if you don't mind going against the crowd, intervals are worthevery second for the superior results.

Q: Should men and women train differently for fat loss?

Answer: Nope. Next question.

Seriously, the answer is no, but just to add to that, men and womendon't have that many differences when it comes to fat loss, so theyboth do well with the Boot Camp style workouts.

Now here's one reason why Boot Camp may actually work better for women than men... More women tend to start Boot Camp after having spentmonths or years using slow cardio and light (if any) weights.

And I could not be any happier - because when these dedicated womenstart using the shorter, more intense strength and intervalsessions they make rapid progress and make me look like a genius. The accolades come pouring in...I have many testimonials from womenthanking me for saving them TIME while helping them finallybreakthrough stubborn fat loss plateaus (and eliminating the painfrom their overuse injuries that occurred due to high volumes ofcardio).

Their words make me feel like a million bucks because the Boot Campworkouts are making these women feel like a million bucks.

That being said, I sometimes make small changes in the Boot Camp workouts toadapt to a woman's pre-conceived notions about strength training.Some women are very hesitant to lift weights.

But you and I knowthat is necessary for body-sculpting, fat loss, and health benefitssuch as building bones. So what I do is sub a few (not all!) of the weight exercises outand replace them with equal intensity bodyweight exercises.

Somebodyweight exercises can be classified as traditional strengthexercises (i.e. for a woman that can only do 5 full pushups, thepushup exercise is almost a max strength exercise). But women "mentally" deal with this type of strength trainingbetter than putting a dumbbell in their hands. On the other hand, some bodyweight exercises provide more of aninterval training effect (i.e. bodyweight squats).

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Either way, bodyweight exercises can put turbulence (i.e. "stress")on the muscle and boost metabolism and help ALL clients get theresults they want and deserve.

Q: What differentiates Boot Camp from other programs?

Answer: That's a tough question to answer, as there are other systems outthere that give impressive results in an acceptable time frame. I will say this however, I am extremely dedicated to My Boot Camp Style times intervals , the entire "fat loss" cause, and getting in shape NOW!

One of the factors behind my dedication is that I find the generalconcept of fat loss to be so simple, and yet millions and millionsof people around the world have an incredibly difficult timeachieving their goals. I want to give them every possible resource available to them tohelp them succeed.

So I am constantly tinkering with new workouts, exercises, andinterval methods, and interviewing other trainers and nutritionalexperts for every single little fat burning advantage I can find.

And that comes through in what I offer to the Boot Campers and clients that use my programs. I said in a past newsletter that "Fat loss is easy, once yourealize how hard it is." You have to respect that it's notsomething you put on "auto-pilot".

"Taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator, parking 100extra feet away from the door, and subbing 1% milk for 2% milk isnot going to help you lose 13 pounds of fat in a year like thepolitically correct articles suggest.

"You need a politically-incorrect plan to eat right 90% of the time(i.e. saying "no" when an office-mate brings in donuts) and youhave to have the best workout plan available to you if you want toget the most results in the least amount of time. And then you still have to have a plan to help you stick to thoseplans - and that should involve a social support group.

There are many tricks and tips to success, so you always have to keeplearning and trying to improve. And that's what I help with in myprograms and newsletters.

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Use short workouts and enjoy your life!!!!

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