Monday, October 22, 2007

Let's Talk

Let's Talk....

First, You might get this a few times, I'm sending it out from different email addresses to make sure that you get it. So Please take a few minutes and read it.


I know when you all get to boot camp your goals are different. And I know that you might have some hesitation in doing everything that I ask you to do, but let's look at the FACTS.

When you go to a Doctor and he/she write you a prescription be it for meds or a cane or therapy, what ever the do it.

Now lets look at FITNESS (that include weight loss,fat loss,more energy, lean muscle), no matter where you read it or who wrote. Fitness has 3 components to get RESULTS:
1. The RIGHT Amount of Cardio
2. Resistance Training

I control the first 2! I plan on you only doing the Boot Camp(if you do more great), so I know what you are doing for Resistance Training and Cardio. I know each class burns 400-500 Calories and I know your HR is in the 130-140 zone(give or take). There is know way around it.

Now The Eating. Everyone gets information on how to eat to support the demands, not only for camp but for the day too.

There is a certain amount of food that your body needs to Function, weight loss or not, You still need this food. Add exercise and that need goes up. If you believe that eating less food will give you results, then that's ok, but you won't be maximizing your Fitness.

What would happen if you ate more? Let say that week (WEIGH YOURSELF WEEKLY NOT DAILY) anyway let say you didn't lose any weight. ate more and didn't gain any either.

How weird do you feel when your clothes fit looser and everyone is telling you, you lost weight but the scale has not budged or says you only lost 1lbs.. Did you ever think that maybe you lost 5lbs of Fat and gained 4 lbs of muscle. That to means says 9lbs change.

I know it's a weird concept, Eat More to Weigh Less, But It Works...Just Do It.

Remember Fitness Is A Lifetime Commitment,

See You At Camp

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