Sunday, October 28, 2007

Is fitness A goal Or A Dream???

So what is it?

A Goal?

A Dream?

Think about it...

You may want to lose 10lbs of Fat or have 6pack Abs, but....
Is that your GOAL or is it to far fetched that it seems like a Dream?

Starting Boot Camp...Goal or a Dream?

Dream,meaning that you shrug it off and say, 'Pooey...I'm just
dreaming. It will NEVER happen'

Guess what?


Yeah I said it..HA...YOUR RIGHT

If you say it is NEVER going to happen then it isn't..BUT..if you
throw a little 'Commitment' into it, it becomes a actionable goal.

Why would you, WE talk ourselves out of anything?

Why would we say 'NO' to ourselves?

Let everyone else say it, but PLEASE don't say NO to you no matter

Be persistent with YOURSELF and the goals you wish to achieve.

Goals with persistence, hard work and positive thinking,
will always be achieved.

Starting RIGHT NOW think of two of your Fitness goals...

Right them down.

Are they weight loss related or personal health related.

Now, figure out HOW you are going to accomplish them.

What is it going to take? Will it take a month, two months, a year
to accomplish?

Whatever that answer is DO NOT GIVE UP. If it is one-year, then you
are aware of it up front. If you achieve your goal in less than a

Why am I telling you all of this?

That's what We Do at Results 4 Sure Private Fitness Coaching and South Florida Fitness Boot Camps...Help you reach your Goals!!!!

STICK WITH YOUR GOALS, and they WILL come true.

Trust me...the last few weeks have been crazy here and it is all
due to accomplishing goals and NOT giving up.

Don't give up on YOU and don't give up on your goals!

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