Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Is it better to workout on an empty stomach or eat

The debate goes back and forth on whether or not you
should workout in the morning on an empty stomach to
burn more calories as fat or whether you should eat
something light and fast digesting to get you through
the workout.

Metabolism Makeover

Let's do a quick review of the research that is out

First off you are in a fasted state because you haven't
eaten anything since the night before. The theory is
that you will burn more calories as fat because of

The science shows that your workload capacity is
decreased because you don't have the energy that is
needed to push your intensity for your workout.

This results in less overall calories burned. Your
body may also rely on the muscle to be used for energy
because it can take up to 20 minutes for fat burning to
actually begin.

So now you have reduced your metabolism because your
body is burning up muscle and burned less calories
overall because of a reduced workout.

Neither are what you set out to do. Now lets eat
something before our workout and see what advantages it

* You can sustain more intense and longer workouts.
* Burn more overall calories in a given workout.
* Improve lean body mass rather then reduce it.
* Provide the necessary nutrients to start the
recovery process and enhanced progress.

The most common excuse is that you don't have time to
eat something before a morning workout because it is so

Well, here are some foods that destroy that excuse.

* Banana
* Fruit Juice
* Pre-workout Shake
* Yogurt
* Energy Bar

When you have fasted for many hours your body is
craving fast digesting nutrients to get the metabolism
kick started on working properly. So you want to
choose foods that meet that need.

Science has proven that by eating some type of protein
and carb before a workout can actually have anabolic
effects for that workout. All you need is 20-30
minutes before a workout to consume a Pre-workout Shake
such as Progade Varsity. A Pre-workout shake should be
the same nutrient profile as a Post-workout shake.

It's job is to digest quickly and supply the nutrients
your body needs to effectively fuel your workout and
get a jump start on the recovery.

If you have 30-45 minutes before a morning workout then
Prograde Cravers makes a great choice because again it
combines healthy carbohydrates and protein to digest
and be utilized effectively.

To put an end to this theory. You will burn more fat
if you don't eat before a workout is not true!

Eat some type of food that contains carbs and protein
before a workout even if it is first thing in the
by JH

Metabolism Makeover

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