Monday, December 6, 2010

Pre and Post workout Meal

"Discover How to Utilize the Most Important 60 Minutes of the Day, Priming Your Body to Burn Calories 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week While Building Lean, Rock-Hard Solid Muscle, and Catapulting Your Athletic Performance Through the Roof... Using the Exact Formula of the Most Determined Fitness Enthusiasts and World's Most Elite Athletes!"

Dear Friend,
If you've been struggling to break through the barrier that's been holding you back, whether it's to gain a competitive edge, build muscle, shed fat, or simply have more energy...
And you're trying to do it through your nutrition program...

You could be making a HUGE mistake...

Many people know that nutrition is the key to achieve the results they want. You need to consume balanced meals and spread them throughout the day. That's a no-brainer. But what many people don't know, or tend to forget, is that the absolute Most Important meal of the day is the recovery (or post- competition) meal.

Within the first 60 minutes of finishing your workout, you should consume a meal consisting of a precisely formulated mixture of fast-absorbing carbohydrates combined with high-concentration proteins. Get this wrong and ...

Suffer the Consequences

Deprive your body of the nutrients it needs immediately after your workout, and you may as well flush your training efforts down the toilet. Your performance will suffer the next time you train, you'll likely lose muscle along the way, plus you risk destroying your fat-burning metabolism, losing 20% of the gains you otherwise would have made. The simple fix is to consume a precisely calculated meal immediately after your workout to support your goals - whether it's burning fat, building muscle, or dramatically improving your athletic performance.

... and most people fail to consume the most important meal of the day because of one or more of the following reasons:

1. They don’t have time to prepare a workout recovery meal. Let’s face it: in today’s fast paced world, who does? It’s downright difficult to remember to pre-cook and pre-package a meal the day before, then remember to carry it with you to the gym every single day. Those that tried to “cook as you go,” found it extremely difficult to rush home to prepare food within the time frame needed to reap the rewards of a post-workout meal. So at best, their post workout meals were really late (providing no real benefit) or were skipped altogether.
2. They hate eating cold cooked meals. There’s nothing worse than finishing up your workout or training session then sitting down to a cold, nasty chicken breast. Frankly, it’s dry and disgusting - might as well be eating mud. And for those who “could” force down cold meals, they could only do it for a short amount of time. The unappetizing taste usually made them begin to dread even looking at the food anymore.
3. They can't stand the taste of 99% of all meal replacement shakes. Pick up 10 different meal replacement shakes off the shelves, and 9 out of 10 will be downright disgusting. Many taste like watered down chalk water disguised as a protein supplement - or worse. The very thought of drinking this stuff has most people cringing.

Does any of this sound familiar?

...if you answered, "Yes," pay close attention to what we are about to reveal to you. Because there is a very extraordinary post-workout formula about to be unleashed - And We Guarantee You Don't Want to Miss the Boat.

Introducing Prograde Workout

"The Most Complete, Scientifically Proven, Field Tested Workout Recovery Formula Ever Created, to Dramatically Improve Recovery Time, Build Muscle and Send Your Athletic Performance Into Super-Overdrive!"*

  • Protein blend containing the highest quality protein available today

  • Precise protein/carb mixture for optimal results

  • Road tested

  • Delicious shake takes less than 30 seconds to mix

  • Perfect post-workout meal on the go

  • Rapid absorption designed for maximum muscle recovery

  • 200 Calories, 14gms protein, 31gms carbs: it takes the guesswork out of planning your post- workout/activity meal

  • A formulated 2:1 blend of quick digesting carbohydrates to protein

Here's just a glimpse at what this mind boggling formula will help you do:

  • Prime your metabolism to burn calories 24 hours a day, 7 days a week*

  • Dramatically improve your recovery time to never enter a gym dead-tired again*

  • Increase your lean muscle within weeks* 

  • Prep your body to burn calories like a smoldering hot furnace*

  • Save time with its easy absorbing formula

  • Never have to eat a cold chicken breast again

  • Break through plateaus that catapult you past your personal records week after week*

  • Make your life easier: This delicious post-workout formula is easy to carry with you to the gym

  • Use this simple formula immediately after your workout to help turn your body into a muscle-building, calorie-burning machine

  • Powder so fine that you can even use a spoon to mix it with

  • Generate energy that will make even a 20-year-old envious *

  • and much, much more...


And take the gues work out of planning your pre and post workout meals

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