Saturday, December 11, 2010

Out with the OLD

From: Rafael... Personal

If you watch too much news, you may find yourself in the corner of the shower, cold water pouring on you, bottle of bourbon clutched in your hand - mewing.

Nuts to 'em. You know how the World can get up off its hind legs? If a bunch of us get busy and eat better foods. Have better workout.We will Lose a helluva lot more weight!

WHAT IF YOU could have a NEW metabolism?

I say: out with the old, in with the new. Let's take a big damn bulldozer to all the mediocrity and ordinariness, and silly excuses we have been making.

I'm gonna tell you a story about YOU.

Over the years, You have eaten a lot of Good foods..and you have also eaten a lot of BAD foods.

Day in and day out, month after month, these Foods have built up in your system and YOU have created a Traffic Jam:

This traffic Jam has slowed down YOUR metabolism. So even when you have tried to "diet" it has not worked as well as you wanted it to.

I know what you might be thinking...but yes YOU to have a history of eating bad foods and as a result have clogged your metabolism.

It is NOT age...the ONLY thing that age has to do with is that...YOU have been doing some damage for longer than when you were younger.

So Solution time...How do ca I make your metabolism Super Fast:


and I can make it happen in 10 Days

That's why I decided to make the 10 Day Metabolism Jump Start and Detox Diet

The plan is easy to follow and SUPER effective. The First thing that we do is Get rid of all the OLD clogging that you have. We will flush it all out in 1 day. THEN I will little by little reintroduce macro nutrients (that's a fancy term for food groups).

What does that do? It teaches your Body how to process each food group individually. After so many years of food combinations and disaster meals, this is the sure fire solution to speeding up your metabolism.

So we repeat this process every 48 hours and at the end of the 10 Days you are eating full meals, and YOUR body has a New understanding of how to process these food faster.

How cool is that?

And you don't need to go anywhere..We do ALL of this through EMAIL.

Well on top of that I will send you workouts you can do at home (via email), and I will send you a Meal plan you can follow for 2 weeks after your 10 day Jump start is over.

So I have 11 spots still open and I can tell you I interact with each person all the time so I really can't take more than 20.

Imagine all those people asking question about there meal plan, me training clients all day..I could never get to 20 is the Cut off.

You can get the 10 Days for $77 and we Start MONDAY..that means you should be 10lbs lighter before Christmas

You can Lock you spot by >>CLICKING HERE<<

It's 10 Days to a new Metabolism..after years of bad food choices. Do it for YOU
So you can get the 10 day program >>here<<


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