Wednesday, December 29, 2010

30 Day New Body Project


CAUTION: Only 18 (MAX) Individuals Will Be Selected

Do You Qualify to Be One of Them?



With 2010 winding down - you might be considering what you are going to

do to take your body and your health to the next level.

Quite frankly, I foresee in the next year (and beyond) that it will be even

more important to continually surround yourself with the right kind of information,

with the truth and with positive mindsets. It's my firm belief that the major shifts in the health and fitness industry occurring right now are the 'new normal' regardless of how much BS is out there. And the people in our group, collectively, will be in the best position to take advantage of these changes,

burn the most amount of fat, and develop NEW lean muscle tissue.

I look around the classes and my one on one clients and see Bodies changing and people getting healthier and having a better quality life style.

Many of which are having their best years ever. I don't think it's a coincidence or accident.

And I'd like to invite you to join us those people...if you qualify.

First off, you must already be SURE you want to change the way you look.

You must be certain that you are tired of being tired and feeling weak. You must be sure and ready

to take action and do the things you need to do to make those changes in your body you want.
The 30 Day New Body Project brings together 19 (18 of you + Me) , forward-thinking people with one transform the way they look in just 30 DAYS

For 2011 we do NOT think we need to waste anyones time and drag out results we have Now figured out can happen in weeks...Not months.

We're going to plan EVERY meal over the 30 Days, Delver the Most effective workouts that don't take 2 hours to complete. Track everything that we are doing, every meal, every workout, and MOST important interact everyday during the 30 days.

You can Join Here for just $397

Originally I thought of just testing this out on myself, but it's January and I know a lot of people wait till this time of year to make changes in the way they look, in the way they eat and try to embrace a new health lifstyle.

I have been researching for months, testing over and over..and NOW I know for sure I have found the answers I was looking for.

This will not be a fun and games diet and exercise plan. This will be the most advanced eating system I have created. That's why I am doing it too.

This is NOT for people who don't want to burn fat quick and might seem unconventional to some..

But guess what, what everyone else is doing works..but take months.

I want to go to Mexico in the I need to burn fat and build muscle in 30 days.

So here it is an invitation to you to join the Group and transform the way you look in 30 Days

I will send all of the DATA via email..The meals, the workouts..we will communicate everyday.

I need to know what you are eating, I need to know if you are hungry, I need to know how much fat you are burning.

I will be ready to answer all you questions, and will create an email just for the group in the program.

Some might say $397 for a 30 day meal plan is to much..well that's NOT what this is and this is NOT for them.

You will have access to everythng I have for 30 days, You will have access to me for 30 Days, Your body will be changing and that's what you are paying for..RESULTS.

I originally thought of pricing this between $500-$700...and I will..but I have an intro price for those who are READY to take action and get in NOW

Join our group of 18 Strong for Just $397..price goes up to $500 Saturday January 1st

So if last years resoluions were a bust, do yourself a favor and invest in YOURSELF


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