Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One on One Fitness Coaching

Hi Everyone...

Really quick I've been getting a lot of request for 1 on 1 coaching...but my schedule has been very tight lately..

However..I have good news...and bad news..

I am working on a new fat loss system, and I need to test it...

I want to see if eating properly and only exercising 2 times per week over 4 weeks will results in significant Fat Loss

So this is what I am offering...

4 One on One sessions (1 time per week).. a $350 value..
Our 10 Day Detox Plan ...$175 Value
20 Follow up Meal Plan...$200 Value
for just $227... =>Get it Here<=

Why am I discounting this? I need proof that my theory Works

So everything will be documented...

What's in it for You? $725 worth of Fitness Know How..

We can work one on one on YOUR specific fitness goals..and since I want this to will get RESULTS in just 4 weeks
working out 2 x per week..

Why only 4 people? Because I teach all over South Florida now...and cant take on any more..

Can't be combined with boot camp...if you go to boot camp now and want to..we can make adjustments

We can start NEXT week!!!

Why should you?
Get a 4 week jump start on getting in shape for the Holiday parties..
Get one on one coaching at a fraction of the cost
Be part of something NEW
Don't need think, Just Eat and Train
Again...I am ONLY taking the first 4 people...We can Start When you need of Next week..and I am sending this to everyone..

If you have been thinking about it for a long time...Here is your chance

Click here...and get it all for just $227..

Your Fitness Coach


PS: If you are not in Florida and would like to Participate...I have an online version as an option as well.
Same here to get it

-- Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

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