Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fitness bootcamp still onsale this weekend, till cyber Monday

Hi Everyone,

I've been getting alot of questions about our 10 day detox promo...

Here is some more info:

One major purpose of the colon is to extract residue coming down from the small intestine, taking any remaining nutritional factors and reabsorbing them through the lining of the colon back into the blood stream.Another major purpose of the colon is to eliminate waste. However, due to the stress of modern living, pollution, poor diet, dehydration, and lack of exercise, your body--including your colon--does not operate correctly.When your colon works correctly, the transit of food through your body would be less than 24 hours. In some people, this "stool transit time" is 60 to 70 hours, sometimes longer.When functioning correctly, your body should enjoy incredible energy, sound sleep and ease of awakening. Your memory should be good, and your mind vigorous and precise.When the colon does not operate correctly, due to stress factors, poor diet, and/or dehydration, full and complete elimination of waste becomes impaired.This leads to impacted feces and the creation of a putrefied, fermented, encrusted colon lining, which creates toxemia, as we reabsorb BOTH nutrients and vile toxins from the encrustation of the colon lining.

The 10 Day Detox Program has a Weird Side Effect...You can drop about 10 lbs during the 10 days you are on it...

I normally take new people for $175 for the 10 Days...but we have it for half the price this weekend


If you Need to fit into that nice Dress or Suit in like 10 days or less?
The 10 Day Detox is $175...get it here NOW for $87.50

Get The 10 day Detox Here<==


my Black Friday Promo is still going ON...

Get A Jumpstart on Your 2010 New Year Fitness Resolutions NOW!

Join any of our Boot Camps for the rest of 2009 for just $175...

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That's right! Sign Up Now and get the rest of the Year for Just $175 and You will be secured into that special Rate for 2010..

Come January You Will Have a Secure Spot in our Camps and You will Be locked in to that special Price...meaning it won;t ever go up

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You are free to cancel our 4 week bootcamp anytime you want, but as long as you stay you will be secure your rate won't go up...

Get a jump start on 2010 and don't gain those 10 lbs this holiday season

Join Bootcamp for the rest of 2009 for jusy $175!!! <==

TAKE ADVANTAGE...You can still make it now

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

PS...You can Start MONDAY Nov 30th at any location...:
CAMPS for 2009 are 3 times per week for 4 weeks and are Normally $249. The NEXT BOOT CAMP STARTS MONDAY for YOU!!!!!! In Miami David Kennedy Park 6:15am Tues-ThurIn Miami Lakes at Royal Oaks Park 7:45pm M-W-ThIn Pembroke Pines 6:30pm at Brian Picollo Park M-W-Th
Join Bootcamp for the rest of 2009 for jusy $175!!! <==

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