Tuesday, July 17, 2018

How About A Leg Workout?

Master Trainer Rafael, Head Coach

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday the 13th Workout - The Test - T-shirts and Weekend Schedule

Hello and TGIF!

Alright people...it's Friday!!!!

So I have a few things for you today...

#1...make sure you are following my Instagram and IGTV pages at @mr_bootcamp 
Today i will be recording a bunch of videos...kind of like a day in the life...so you can follow along

#2 Today is Friday the 13th...so we are going to rock the house at Bootcamp...hmm  could be just about anything from 7 to 13 moves..could be a 7/13/18 rep workout...you just never know...see you this afternoon at 5pm or 6pm

#3 The weekend workouts:
5pm and 6pm today
8am and 9am Saturday
11am on Sunday

#4 that brings me to THE TEST....This Sunday July 15th is THE TEST....Not FitranX...but THE TEST...this is something I created just for our Bootcamp...and a little secret...will be the subject of my next Book..so for some of you this will be the 1st time you do it..for some the 2nd or 3rd..but the goal here was for you to be able to see how much your fitness could improve in just 30 Days

and #5 T- Shirts....so today is the last day to pre-order The New "Addicted to Bootcamp" T-shirts...we have 3 options...All Black T's...Next Level is the brand

Mens T Shirt
Ladies T Shirt
Ladies Tank Top

​​​​​​​Shirts are $20....you can pre order with cash, cash app, or I will send you a square invoice...for everyone that requested a shirt...I will be sending those out today...and placing the order tonight...

Last thing for today...the weekends can be a real difference maker in your fitness goals

If you eat well all week and then take the weekend off..that might not serve you
If you skip your weekend workouts when you are just building some momentum...that might not serve you...

If you are waiting till Monday to start for no reason other than...that's what people do...that might not serve you either...it's ok to start today..it's ok to start on a Saturday...it's ok to workout on the weekend

If you can...do it!

Happy Friday!!!

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2. Become part of our exclusive Private coaching group 
My favorite thing to do is help people define and reach their fitness goals. This coaching platform is just for YOU. Your time, your schedule and a workout designed just for YOU. Reply to this email and let me know this is what you are interested in.

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Master Trainer Rafael, Head Coach

2420 W 78th st
Hialeah Fl 33016

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

15 Minute Mini Bootcamp Circuits

15 Minute Mini Bootcamp Circuits
These Circuits can be used as a stand alone quick workout
They can be in the body of a longer workout by adding a warm up and finisher
or they can be stacked 
Use 2 for a 30 minute workout
Use 3 for a 45 minute workout
Use for for a 60 minute workout

Circuit #1
Push Ups
Dumbbell or Band Biceps Curl
Jumping Jacks
35 seconds of each 
15 Seconds in between each move
3 Rounds

Circuit #2
Mountain Climbers
Kettlebell Swings
Dumbbell or Band Biceps Rows
Leg Raises
Jump Rope
35 seconds of each 
15 Seconds in between each move
3 Rounds

Circuit #3
Kettlebell Upright Rows
Dumbbell or Band Biceps Triceps Ext
Alternating Leg Side Lunges
Stir-The-Pot Stability Ball or Power Planks
Seal Jacks
Bear Crawl
35 seconds of each 
15 Seconds in between each move
3 Rounds

Circuit #4
Squat Jumps
Diamond Push Ups
X-Body Mountain Climbers
DB or KB Squat and Press
Farmers Walks
Side Planks
35 seconds of each 
15 Seconds in between each move
3 Rounds
We have tested these circuits at our Bootcamp in the Miami Lakes and Hialeah area and they have proven to burn north of 200 calories per circuit and when stacked even more and a cumulative effect. 

Master Trainer Rafael, Head Coach

2420 W 78th St
Hialeah Gardens Fl 33016